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HEDD Type 05

5" nærfeltsmonitor i superklassen (pris pr. stk)

HEDD Type 05
Varenr.: 110482
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 4 695 inkl. mva. kr 3 756 eks. mva.
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  • HEDD AMT (Air motion transformer)
  • Nyutviklet element med ekstreme egenskaper

Type 05 er en sann multikunstner som med sin kompakte størrelse og svært detaljerte lyd passer alle former for lydstudio, mobile studio, surround-oppsett og broadcast. Med sitt store utvalg digitale tilkoblinger vil den passe inn i nesten alle tenkelige situasjoner. Type 05 er en to-veishøyttaler som gir deg et solid fundament med høy grad av nøyaktighet i frekvensområdet 44 Hz til 50 KHz. Nyutviklet, superstivt element i kombinasjon med den presise HEDD AMT-diskanten gjør Type 05 til en svært nøyaktig, kvikk og effektiv høyttaler. Klaus Heinz var grunnlegger og sjefsdesigner hos ADAM. Series One er neste, forbedrede steg i utviklingen.


  • 6" bass-/mellomtone-element
  • Nyutviklet, ekstra stivt materiale i bass-/mellomtone-elementet
  • HEDD AMT (Air Motion Transformer) diskant. Beregnet diameter 2"
  • ICEpower® 2 x 50 watt forsterkere
  • Ekstra sterk konstruksjon reduserer uønsket resonans
  • Slitesterkt, sonisk og visuelt "nytenkt" materiale dekker kassen
  • Analog tilkobling via XLR (balansert) og RCA (ubalansert)
  • Digital tilkobling som opsjon via HEDD Bridge (Dante, AES67 Ravenna, AES3/EBU m.fl.)
  • Gain på inngangen: -10dB til + 6dB
  • EQ for romkorreksjon (Bass <300Hz og diskant >5KHz: ±4 dB)
  • Tweeter gain-kontroll
  • Frekvensområde: 44Hz - 50KHz
  • THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz: ≤0.5 %
  • Max SPL sinustone @ 100Hz - 3kH /1m: ≥103 dB
  • Max SPL peak pr. par @ 1m: ≥111 dB
  • Delefilter krysspunkt @ 2.6 KHz
  • Inngangs-impedanse: 10 KOhm
  • Vekt: 7kg
  • Mål: H:308mm, B:180mm, D: 228mm

Alle høyttalere i Series One er utstyrt med et modulært system om gjør det mulig å tilpasse digital tilkobling etter behov: HEDD Bridge innstikkskort. Kortene vil være tilgjengelige som Dante og AES67 Ravenna. AES3/EBU og flere digitale formater vil bli annonsert etterhvert.

The Type 05 model is a real multitasker. Its strong performance, digital connectivity, and compact size turn it into the ideal choice for mobile broadcast stations, recording studios, multichannel-setups, and VoIP conferences. The Type 05 is based on a 2-way-system that provides a solid fundament and a high degree of accuracy in the frequency range between 44Hz and 50kHZ by coordinating the interplay between a 5“-woofer and a high-resolution Air Motion Transformer (HEDD AMT).

Type 05 is, like all of our Series ONE studio monitors, additionally equipped with a modular connection system. Besides standard analog XLR and RCA connections, the Type 05 features an empty card slot that we have specifically designed to read AES3/EBU, Dante, or Ravenna Network (AES67) input cards.

Analog Studio Monitors with Digital Minds by HEDD
HEDD’s innovative studio monitors connect newest analog loudspeaker technology with the requirements of a contemporary, that is, hybrid digital/analog audio workspace. Regardless of its particular design, we believe that a studio monitor should be suited to function as a tool that, marking the last link of the signal chain, can evaluate raw recordings and mixes-in-progress with the same precision that it would bring to already mastered productions. In order to guarantee a sound that transports a music production’s sonic pattern in its utmost transparency, Klaus Heinz has selected only the most professional and powerful components. We have chosen particularly stable, matt black and unibody-like casings, which come with front panels of up to 38mm thickness. These super solid casings ensure that the sound remains stable and effortless even at the full capacity of the powerful amplifier modules that the Danish manufacturer ICEpower® provides. These amplifiers offer first-rate measurements, high efficiency, and of course: great sound.

It is for this reason that we have chosen powerful ICEpower® modules to drive the chassis of our Series ONE studio monitors. While our trademark feature, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer (HEDD AMT) reproduces high-frequency material in unbelievably detailed and dynamic accuracy, our brand-new woofer takes over in the mids and bass range. This woofer is of an unheard-of quality. The honeycomb-sandwich-material used for the diaphragm is based on the most advanced resin system and is therefore around three times stiffer than in previous woofer designs (measured in Young’s modulus). This increases the accuracy between the moving of the voice coil and the resulting oscillation of air pressure, and thus, lowers side effects when listening to audio material. The sound becomes more transparent and three-dimensional. Every aspect of this woofer, it’s electromechanical parameters (Thiele/Small), the way it is fixated in the chassis and reacts to equalizers, is laid out to perform optimally: Big voice coils, linearized perfectly aligned magnetic systems make it possible to reproduce bass- and midrange material with great dynamic and precision.

This combination of unique and expertly chosen components and analog filters as well as our longstanding experience in attuning these various components to perfectly complement each other results in a nearly linear frequency response and an outstanding signal fidelity of HEDD’s studio monitors. And there is more: Perhaps the greatest highlight that our new models come with is the input-card system that can be found on each monitor’s back panel: our three optionally obtainable HEDD Bridge modules allow our loudspeakers to read either AES3/EBU or – and this is a truly innovative – even the newest Audio-over-IP protocols like Dante Audio or Ravenna Network/AES67. In the course of 2016, we will in addition introduce USB2 and Wireless cards in order to further optimize your audio workspace and make our products future-proof in every aspect.

Woofer 1
Basket Ø 5,5" (152 mm)
Voice coil Ø 1,5" (38 mm)
Cone material UHC cone (Ultra Honeycomb Composite)
Tweeter 1
Type HEDD AMT (HEDD Air Motion Transformer)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 2" (56 mm)

Input connectors
Analog balanced/ unbalanced XLR / RCA
Digital/HEDD Bridge Options AES67 Ravenna, Dante, AES3/EBU

General data
Amplification (ICEpower®) 2 x 50 W
Input gain -10 dB … +6 dB
High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz ±4 dB
Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz ±4 dB
Tweeter gain ±4 dB
Frequency response 45 Hz - 50 kHz
THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz ≤0.5 %
Max SPL sine wave 100Hz - 3kH /1m ≥103 dB
Max SPL peak per pair at 1m ≥111 dB
Crossover frequencies 2.600 Hz
Input impedance 10 KOhm
Weight 7 kg
Height x Width x Depth 308 mm x 180 mm x 228 mm
Warranty 2 years