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UFIP Class 19" Crash Light

Class 19" Crash Light

UFIP Class 19" Crash Light
Varenr.: 107974
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kr 2 781 inkl. mva. kr 2 224 eks. mva.
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Class-serien fra UFIP låter som navnet tilsier tradisjonelt med ballansert klang og fin stikkedefinisjon, i tråd med instrumentene fra de gamle cymbal-mestrene. Class-serien er laget med B20-legering formet med UFIPs unike Rotocasting®-teknikk, hamret for hånd og ferdigstilt av erfarne cymbal-makere med trent øre. Noen av instrumentene er delt inn i tre varianter: Light, Medium og Heavy som gjenspeiler tonekvalitetene lav, medium og høy. Gjør deg selv en tjeneste: lytt til UFIP og la ørene bestemme neste gang du handler. 
UFIP - Earcreated Cymbals

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The origins of our company date back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Originally organized as a distribution company, only adopting a selling role, over the years the structure of UFIP has evolved to meet different market needs and requests.

Today, UFIP is a small and dynamic company, producing only the finest instruments to satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional drummers alike. UFIP represents something totally unique and original in the current crowded and mass produced world cymbal market. What sets UFIP apart from all the rest, is our casting process that ensures the finest and the most sonorous sounding cymbal in the world. We are talking about Rotocasting®.

Rotocasting® is what makes UFIP different from all the rest. While every other cymbal available on the market is the result of a process of rolling and subsequent force pressing, UFIP professional B20 Rotocast cymbals are created through a procedure of centrifuge-casting. This process ensure the removal of all the impurities present in the alloy bron-ze, granting at the same time a greater thickness of the bell compared to those cymbals obtained by simple rolling and pressing.

The Bell is King!
The bell is the most important part of the cymbal tonally; it determines the level of projection, tonal character and the dyna- mic range of your cymbal.The sonorous result achieved through a rolling and force pressing process, cannot be compared in any way to the sound of a “Rotocast” cymbal.

UFIP cymbal is a truly unique instrument; from casting to tempering, hammering to finishing every process is completed by hand, with machinery only ever being used in support of our skilled and dedicated cymbal smiths. The result is an instruments that is as individual as you are as a player.

UFIP is not a mass product; it has been created using the finest, purest and most resonanant bell bronze B20 (20% Tin, 80% Copper). No other alloy can offer such tonal character and dynamic range. For your next cymbal, don’t choose by your ears! 

Class is UFIP!  This series is the result of almost 80 years of cymbals manufacturing, making Class  the most complete and versatile range available. The SCS (Sound Control System) allows us to classify every cymbal based on its final weight using three categories – High, Medium and Low, giving the drummer a complete coverage of pitches. The Class range for 2012 introduced Brilliant finish, only available in the light weights. 

Main Features:

  • Alloy - Cast Bronze B20.
  • Production - Cast using the “Rotocasting”® procedure, completely hand made, cross hammered, hand finished.
  • Level - Professional.
  • Applications - Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Fusion, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Latin, World Music.
  • Sound - Versatile sound range, powerful but controlled, glassy and brilliant with a wide dynamic range.