Alctron CP52a - 500 Series

500-serie micpreamp med kompressor
Solid State Logic 500-Series Dynamic Module

Solid State Logic 500-Series Dynamic Module

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500-serie micpreamp med kompressor
Alctron CP52a er en mikrofonpreamp med kompressor innebygget. Plassbesparende og prisgunstig løsning som gir deg gode opptak uten stress.  Kompressoren gir deg kontroll over ratio og threshold, og har en slow/fast bryter. Alctron har også funnet plass til høypassfilter med bryter og fasevending. En god preamp med en fullt funksjonell kompressor i en 500-serie boks til en slik pris sparer både lommeboka og plassen i studioet.


  • Ren og naturlig lydkvalitet
  • Kompressor med kontroll over Ratio og Treshold
  • Slow/fast bryter på kompressor
  • Accustate gain kontrol for lav støy
  • Høypassfilter med bryter
  • Fasevender

500 Series Mono Microphone Compressor
The CP52a is a 500 series module with a fully variable, full function compressor. With its minimalist design, the above and below LED's help set the threshold leaving your compression decisions up to your ears instead of your eyes.

Excellent Design
There is a "clip" LED to tell you when your signal is getting too hot. The "fast/slow" switch allows for a quick and easy choice of attack and release settings. The threshold, ratio, and output gain are fully variable. There is also a HPF at 100Hz, a polarity switch, bypass, and 48v on board. The 48v switch is a rather unique feature for a compressor that pairs nicely with in-line preamps such as Alctron's MA-1.

500 Series Modules
The popularity of 500 Series modules has increased greatly over the past 10 years. How wonderful to have various classic gear and put them in one portable rack. With the CP52a, this compact all-in-one module is particularly beneficial for high-density setups such as live recording where you want to capture the natural sound of the instrument while ensuring it does not go into the red. Those equipped with a rack power supplier can use the Omni port to access the preamp and compressor separately using them as two separate modules.


  • Exceptionally wide frequency response from 20hz to 20khz
  • The chassis is made from 14-gauge steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF
  • The circuit adopts high-quality component ensures low distortion and pure sound quality
  • Full-function compressor for dynamic control
  • Level stage meter lets you know when a signal is active, near threshold and compression is being applied
  • Features ratio and gain 3 knobs to deal with input signal ensures high-quality output
  • Four selectable inputs with trim adjustment
  • Straight wire distortion-free signal path.
  • A compressor in a single wide 500 Series module
  • Accustate gain control for low noise
  • Full function compressor for dynamic control
  • Each processor may be accessed separately
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