Alctron DB-4C

Kabeltester for en mengde type kabler. Allle teknikere bør ha
Nova VB 12

Nova VB 12

LD Systems MAUI 5 GO BC Exchangeable

LD Systems MAUI 5 GO BC Exchangeable

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Alctron DB-4C er en kabeltester for en mengde type kabler. Allle teknikere bør ha en i bagen.


  • Kabeltester med følgende tilkoblinger:
  • 1/4 TRS
  • XLR
  • Phono/RCA
  • Bananplug
  • Speakon
  • GND
  • CAT5
  • DIN
  • 8-veis bryter for å velge type kabel og sjekke batteristatus
  • 9V batteridrift

DB-4C is a kind of multi audio cable tester. Whether you are specialized in stage or recording studio installation, facing to intact stage or equipment but the equipments have no sound or the sound is distortion inexplicable. DB-4C helps you to check every cable or jack if they connecting properly (short circuit or poor contact test) to eliminate and solve the problem.

Tests Types of Audio Cables Including

  • CAT5
  • XLR (3 & 5 Pin) Male & Female
  • 1/4 inch TRS Balanced, 1/4-inch Unbalanced
  • 1/8 inch TRS
  • RCA
  • Speakon 2, 4 & 8 Conductor
  • Banana Plug
  • Easy to use 8-way rotary control
  • Individual LEDs Confirm Continuity of Each Conductor as  well as Proper Phase Connections
  • Rugged and compact all metal chassis
  • Probe Pens or battery are available
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