Alctron EQ75a - 500 Series

Equaliser for 500-serie rack i vintage-stil
Solid State Logic 500-Series Bus Compressor

Solid State Logic 500-Series Bus Compressor

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Equaliser for 500-serie rack i vintage-stil
EQ75a er en 3-bånds vintagelydende EQ til 500-serie i meget god kvalitet til en fantastisk pris. Klasse-A konstruksjon med bare diskrete komponenter og velvalgte frekvensvalg gir denne en varm og punchy lydkarakter som kan polere de fleste lydkilder på en meget god måte. Hver av de tre båndene har nøye utvalgte frekvenser som oppleves som musikalske, og kan justeres +/- 15dB. Et så godt studioverktøy til en slik pris finner man ikke hver dag.


  • Equaliser for 500-serie rack i vintagestil
  • Vintage-type konstruksjon, ingen IC-er i signalgangen
  • 3 bånd med induksjonbasert mid
  • Induksjonsbasert høypassfilter med valgbare frekvenser
  • Gain +/- 15 dB.
  • Bredt utvalg av frekvenser fra 33Hz to 20kHz.
  • EQ inn/ut bryter
  • For 500-serie rack

500 Series Mic Equalizer
The EQ75a adopts class-A circuitry, whilst additional frequencies have been added to the mid and high-frequency sections. With only discrete components included in the signal’s path, the EQ75a has a warm, punchy, sweet and musical characteristic.

Classic Series
Modeled after the legendary NEVE 1073 EQ module, the EQ75a is a vintage style equalizer that is made to fit into your 500 series rack. The EQ75a is also very versatile and will work on most sound sources in almost any genre. The output line adopts A type transformer push-pull circuit. It eliminates crossover distortion to keep the original sound quality and its wide output load applying to various devices. EQ75a features with independent input and output connectors.

500 Series Modules
The popularity of 500 Series modules has increased greatly over the past 10 years. How wonderful to have various combinations of classic gear and put them in one portable rack. 


  • Vintage Style electronics, no integrated circuits in the signal path 
  • 3-band with a dual inductor based mid frequency band 
  • Inductor based high pass filter 
  • Stepped frequency selection 
  • Control range up to +/- 18 dB 
  • A wide selection of frequencies from 33Hz to 20kHz 
  • Each section can be bypassed individually 
  • Master Bypass switch 
  • Tantalum capacitors in the signal path 
  • Circuit board star grounding scheme 
  • Solid build quality that will last many years
  • Combination preamp and compressor
  • The chassis is made from 14-gauge steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF
  • The circuit adopts class-a and high-quality component ensures low distortion and pure sound quality
  • Gain control for low noise operation
  • High pass filter eliminates excessive resonance
  • Vintage style electronics no integrated circuits in the signal path
  • 3-band with a dual inductor based mid frequency band
  • Inductor based high pass filter
  • Control range up to ±15dB
  • A wide selection of frequencies from 33hz to 20khz
  • Each section can be switched off individually
  • ON/OFF engages and disengages EQ
  • Apply to various sound and with high performance
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