Alctron HP800 V2

8-kanals profesjonell hodetelefonforsterker med total 16 utganger
Alctron H8n

Alctron H8n

Alctron HP400 V2

Alctron HP400 V2

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8-kanals profesjonell hodetelefonforsterker
Alctron HP800 V2 er en profesjonell 8 kanals hodetelefonforsterker. Den har 8 separate stereoforsterkere i et solid 1u rack med 2 separate innganger. Hver av de 8 kanalene har to hodetelefonutganger og en egen direkte inngangskanal. Den tilbyr høy lydkvalitet for alle typer hodetelefoner selv ved høyt lydnivå.


  • Innganger: 1/4" balanserte jackplugger
  • Impedanse: 40k Ohm
  • Peak inngangsnivå: +25dB
  • Gain: +35dB
  • Separat volumkontroll for hver kanal
  • Mono/stereo bryter for hver kanal
  • Totalt 16 headsett utganger

8-Channel Headphone Amplifier
Alctron HP800 V2 is a headphone amplifier which features 8 independent stereo headphone channels. Each channel has its own volume control knob, adjusting the volume when it is too high or too low. The 7-level indicator indicates the output level, if the red light lit, you should lower the volume to avoid distortion. Also the Mono/stereo and channel choose button help you to monitor an ideal music sound you wanted.


  • 1U rack shell helps headphone amplifier fixed on rack easily
  • Mono/stereo switch per channel for more flexibility
  • Output level control and accurate 7-digit LED output meter per channel avoids sound distortion
  • Direct input connector on each channel for easy connection of any sound source
  • Independent amplify circuit rejects interference and mix of each channel and makes each channel input purity signal
  • Adopts JRC performance chip to amplify the signal, also ensures low distortion and low noise
  • Rich ports suitable for various applications

Audio input

  • Main input: 1/4"TRS balance connector
  • Input impedance: 40KΩ(balance)/ 20KΩ(unbalance)
  • Max input level: 16dBu
  • CMRR: >55dB@1KHz
  • Aux input: 1/4"TRS stereo connector
  • Input impedance: 15KΩ

Audio output

  • Main output: 1/4"TRS balance connector
  • Headphone output: 1/4"TRS stereo connector


  • Max output amp: +24dBm(load impedance 100Ω)/ +21dBm(load impedance 80Ω)
  • Min load impedance: 8Ω

Basic specification

  • Frequency response: 10Hz-80KHz +/-2dB
  • Noise: 22Hz-22KHz >90dB@0dBu
  • Dynamic range: 22Hz-22KHz  110dB
  • Distortion: 0.006% typically, @+4dBu  1KHz


  • Main input 1/main input 2: switch can choose Main input 1 or main input 2
  • Stereo/mono: press the button, monitor mono sound


  • Input level: 7-digital LED display: -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB
  • Output level: 7-digital LED display: -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB


  • Voltage: 100-120V AC, 200-240V AC, 50-60HZ optional
  • Connection cable: standard IEC
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