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Alctron MAS006

Justerbar skinne for opptil 3 mikrofoner i meget bra kvalitet

Alctron MAS006
Varenr.: 113123
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 1 099 inkl. mva. kr 879 eks. mva.
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Justerbar stereoskinne for mikrofoner
Alctron MAS006 er en genialøt og tidsbesparende verktøy når du bruker 2 eller tre mikrofoner og ønsker nøyaktig kontroll over plasseringen. Markeringer for avstand, vinkel og rotasjon gjør det enkelt å repetere oppsettet og raskerer å sette opp mikrofonene.


  • Holder for opptil tre mikrofoner
  • Leveres med to mikrofonfester
  • Markeringer for avstand, vinkel og rotasjon
  • Avstand mellom mikrofoner 7-28 cm
  • Høykvalitets konstruksjon i aluminium og stål
  • Svært presise justeringer
  • Merkinger er gravert

Heavy Duty Adjustable Microphone Bracket
Also referred to as a "stereo bar", the MAS006 is an incredibly solid, and versatile steel bracket for dual microphone set ups. Use this bar when two microphones are required to cover the same source, such as an X/Y position for overheads on drums, double mic set ups on guitar cabinets, or even for ambient room microphones.

Completely Adjustable for Variable Positioning
Arguably the most impressive feature of this bracket bar is the ability to adjust it into almost any angle you require. Not only does each bracket mount on either side of the bar, slide along a guide over a distance of 14cm, (measurements engraved on the bar) the entire bar can be rotated. With a revolving centre piece that can be locked into position, the actual bar can be rotated a full 180 degrees, so that you can approach your source from above, underneath of off axis to either side. This is especially valuable when attempting to capture different elements of an instrument's sound such as an acoustic guitar, percussion or string instrument.

Steel and Aluminium Construction
The MAS006 is a very tough, and strong item, made from a combination of aluminium and stainless steel. Despite the weight of the it, the dual bar could be just as easily used in a live, or touring application as it is in the studio. It's tough make up actually lends itself to live use as you know this thing will withstand the rigours of being bumped, dropped, and thrown around, and will save space and demands on the number of mic stands required.


  • Two microphone holder assemblies
  • Adjustable and rotational bar
  • Printed measurements
  • Screw locks
  • Fits all standard mic stands and booms (5/8" thread)
  • Heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Great for live or studio application
  • Minimum Spacing" 8cm
  • Maximum Spacing: 28cm