Alctron RE660

Handheld interview and presentation Microphone
Electro-Voice ND68

Electro-Voice ND68

Telefunken M80 Custom White

Telefunken M80 Custom White

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onmi polar pattern dynamic mic
RE660 designed for handheld interview and presentation applications, features an omni dynamic capsule that is designed to allow freedom of use. Additionally its frequency response has been specially tailored for voice reproduction to minimize intelligibility and deliver crisp, clear tone in most condition. It features a durable alum and copper body and an innovative dual layer mesh protects the mic from environmental noise.

Small body, concise and beautiful
It adopts high quality alum and copper pressing process which features high anti-pressure function. All housing meshes feeling, classic and modern.

Longer clutch
It special designed for interview/speech, slim housing and lightweight, uses mic without any pressure. 205mm length housing, anti fingerprint processing, it is neat and fashion.

Onmi polar pattern dynamic capsule
All direction collective, no matter in which direction, RE660 pick up your tone effectively.

Dual layer mesh to reduce unwanted noise
It uses dual layer mesh design which features moisture proof and rust proof. Its built-in pop filter reduces wind noise and vocal popping effectively. It fits to outside closer vocal interview.

Smooth frequency response transmission better vocal
Special designed for smooth frequency response ensures purity and clear tone. Low noise combines with outstanding sensitivity and clearance creating a original tone quality.


  • High quality alum and copper pressing process, sturdy and durable
  • Onmi polar pattern dynamic capsule, easy to collect
  • 205mm super longer clutch design, comfort handle
  • Vocal tone frequency response, pick up original sound
  • Dual layer mesh design, moisture proof and rust proof
  • Type: dynamic mic
  • Polar pattern: omni-directional
  • Frequency response: 70hz-15khz
  • Sensitivity: -56dB±3dB
  • Output impedance: 150Ω±30% at 1khz
  • Output connection: XLR
  • Net weight: 284g
  • Length: 265mm



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