Alctron S3 MK2

500 Series 3-slot Rack
Alctron S8

Alctron S8

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500 Series 3-Slot Rack Power Supply
The Alctron S3 MKII is a triple channel power rack enclosure for 500-series modules, using an external power supply. Its design allows you to put three modules into one rack power. Link and FEED switches are located on the front for easy use. Perfect chassis for Alctron’s MP73A mic pre-amp, EQ75A equaliser and CP52A compressor.

High Quality Build
The chassis is made from 14-gauge steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF. The bottom rubber pad reduces mechanical noise and there’s a strong carrying hand for portability.

500 Series Benefits
Easy to transport, convenient and flexible. Collect your chosen signal processors and modules, such as compressors, EQs, and preamps, and personalise your complete signal flow lined up in a single rack. Keeping all of your controls in one place greatly improves your workflow. A 500 series chassis holds the units, supplies power to the units, and supplies input and output routing to each unit that you snap into it. A fancier chassis might have additional options such as stereo linking, and extra routing choices or summing capabilities for the multiple units hooked into it.


  • 500 series 3 slot power supply
  • Fully compatible with old and new 500 series modules
  • The chassis is made from 14-gauge steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF
  • The circuit adopts high-quality components, ensuring low distortion and pure sound quality
  • Enable mic amp, EQ, compressor put together in one rack power
  • Features FEED and LINK switches enhance performance speed
  • Bottom rubber pad reduces mechanical noise and carrying hand for portable
  • Signal input: 3-pin balanced XLR
  • Signal output: 3-pin balanced XLR
  • Power output: 5-pin aviation plug
  • Input voltage:16V,48V
  • Working amp:1.6A
  • Output power: 64W
  • Dimensions L*W*H: 194mm*172mm*156mm
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