Alctron S8

500-serie rack med 8 slots
Alctron MPS-1 Power Supply

Alctron MPS-1 Power Supply

Alctron S3 MK2

Alctron S3 MK2

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S8 is an 8 slot high current lunchbox. The innovative eight-module design allows you put mic preamp, equalizer and compressor together in one rack. The feed switch on panel allows you connecting one module into the next to set up elaborate channel strips without having to hard patch modules using cables. Whether you are producing music in your studio or recording a live performance, your S8 always goes smoother.


  • 500 series 8 slot power supply
  • Fully compatible with old and new 500 series modules
  • The chassis is made from 14-gauge steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF
  • The circuit adopts high quality component ensures low distortion and purity sound quality
  • Enable mic amp, EQ, compressor put together in one rack power
  • Features FEED and LINK switches enhance performance speed
  • Connects all modules into a single signal chain
  • Signal input: 3-pin balanced XLR
  • Signal output: 3-pin balanced XLR
  • Power output: 5-pin aviation plug
  • Input voltage: 16V,48V
  • Working amp: 1.6A
  • Output power: 64W
  • Dimensions L*W*H: 484mm*172mm*156mm
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