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Barefoot MiniMain 12

2x12" - 2x7" - 2x2,5" - 4 veis aktive studio monitorer (par) - 20Hz-40kHz

Barefoot MiniMain 12
Varenr.: 103504
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 275 000 inkl. mva. kr 220 000 eks. mva.
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Den ultimate høytaleroppgraderingen !!
Sansynligvis den mest nøyaktige, avslørende og mest teknologisk avanserte studiomonitor som noengang er konstruert! Barefoot Sound MiniMain 12 er en kompromissløs 4-veis titan som benytter hele 7 høytalerelementer. Barefoot plasserte septetten av drivere i MM12s lukkede kabinett, og de leverer 20Hz-40kHz med forsvinnende lav forvrengning, utrolig dynamisk omfang, og ultrarask transientrespons. Ingen “hype” - bokstavelig talt.

Barefoots kontinuerlige jakt på ekstrem kvalitet og teknisk overlegenhet kommer tydelig fram når du lytter på alle modellene deres, men MiniMain12 tar det hele til neste nivå. Bare det DSP-styrte delefilteret tok Thomas Barefoot mer enn 4 år å utvikle. I tillegg til MiniMain 12 sin overflod av innovative tekniske løsninger som leverer dens enestående lineære og transparente lydkvalitet, har MM12 enda et ess i ermet - den kan emulere andre studiomonitorer.

Barefoot har forståelse for at de fleste av oss har trent opp ørene på et sett med sekundære monitorer. Ved hjelp av MM12s utvalg av klassikere innen monitorer, kan du pakke ned dine gamle NS-10 eller Auratone og frigjøre plass. Ikke minst kan du kvitte deg med akustiske problemer mange sett høytalere kan gi i form av uønskede refleksjoner og vanskelig plassering. Ved å tilby hovedlytting og referanselytting fra samme kilde, gir MM12 deg den mest elegante lytteløsningen på markedet. Ventetiden er over! Gi studioet ditt de beste monitorene du kan tenke deg og emuler monitorene du eier fra før med Barefoot Sound MiniMain 12.

  • Det beste fra de beste: Barefoot Sounds ultimate referansemonitor
  • Høytaleremulering eliminerer behovet for sekundære referansemonitorer
  • Syv spesialutviklede høytalerelementer leverer 20Hz-40kHz helt lineært
  • Fire års utviklingsarbeid bak den sømløse DSP-baserte delefilter-teknologien

The ultimate next step !!
Arguably the most accurate, revealing, and technologically advanced recording monitor ever made, the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 is a no-compromise four-way titan packed with no fewer than seven drive units. Barefoot housed the septet of drivers inside the MM12's sealed enclosures, effortlessly delivering 20Hz to 40kHz with vanishing low distortion, unbelievably wide dynamic range, and ultra-fast transient response. No hype, literally. Barefoot's commitment to supreme quality and technical sophistication is evident throughout their monitor lineup, but the MiniMain12 significantly raises the bar. Just the DSP crossover took Thomas Barefoot more than four years of meticulous R&D to develop. What's more, beyond the MiniMain12's abundance of innovative tech that delivers its matchless linearity and transparency, the MM12 can even emulate other speakers. Barefoot understands that most of us have trained our ears on a set of secondary references. Using the MM12's selection of classic-voiced speaker emulations, you can pack up your Cubes or NS-10s, ultimately streamlining your space, eliminating the problematic reflections attendant with multiple sets of monitors, and getting all your main and referencing done in the most sophisticated manner possible. The wait is over, give your studio all the monitor you can imagine—and the monitors you already own—in the standard-setting Barefoot Sound MiniMain12. Read on to learn more.

  • The best from the best: Barefoot Sound's ultimate reference monitor
  • Speaker emulation technology eliminates your need for secondary references
  • Seven meticulously designed drivers deliver a linear 20Hz-40kHz
  • Four years of R&D behind the seamless DSP crossover technology

The best from the best: Barefoot Sound's ultimate reference monitor
If you've followed the trajectory of Thomas Barefoot and Barefoot Sound, then you know the number "12" has near-mythical origins among monitor aficionados. Barefoot originally made his widely acclaimed monitors one by one in his garage, branding them with the number "12" which has always signified his best-of-the-best. As technology marched on, Barefoot retired the flagship number and went to work re-envisioning monitor technology to release the "12" of today. Thomas Barefoot and the Barefoot Sound team chased down every idea, teamed with the best and brightest, and have been hard at work for nearly half a decade bringing you the MiniMain12 you see today. It's already creating a tidal wave in studios familiar with the Barefoot story and among pros who demand nothing but the best.

Speaker emulation technology eliminates your need for secondary references
With the MM12, you can box up your secondary reference monitors for good. Thomas Barefoot realizes that despite the advantages of high-resolution monitors, many engineers still use their NS-10s and Auratones as secondary references. These speakers have long traditions and people find them familiar and useful for focusing in on certain aspects of their mix. However, it's also a fact that crowding your console with those extra boxes degrades the sound field of the primary reference monitors—not to mention, they're no longer manufactured, need amplifiers, require cable runs, and consume more studio space. To offer an elegant solution, while streamlining the studio at the same time, Thomas Barefoot made the MM12 sound and translate like those classic speakers, too. With the turn of a knob, you can switch from the MiniMain12's brutally revealing "Flat" response to the warmer and sweeter "Hi-Fi" setting, the "Old School" sound of the NS-10M, or the mid-centric "Cube" sound of the Auratone 5C. The idea was not to perfectly replicate every subtle quirk of those venerable old speakers—that would be impossible. Rather, the MiniMain12 can capture the essence of how they behave and translate, modeling their frequency, phase, and transient responses, along with their dynamic compression and even some of their distortion components. If you know how to work on NS-10s or Auratones, then you'll feel very comfortable working on the MM12's emulation settings.

Seven meticulously designed drivers deliver a linear 20Hz-40kHz
The Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 boldly brings you a four-way active system with seven drivers, all housed in sealed enclosures, delivering unbelievably low distortion, wide dynamic range, and ultra-fast transient response. Every driver has an under-hung voice coil moving inside an advanced geometry motor that enables it to make extremely long linear excursions. What's more, the ring radiator tweeter is incredibly detailed and produces very wide dispersion out to its highest frequencies. As for the aluminum cone subwoofers, woofers, and midranges, they radiate as perfect pistons to at least two and a half octaves beyond their respective bandwidths. To ensure the MM12 pushed the technology as far as possible and set the standard yet again, Barefoot teamed up with the brilliant Bruno Putzeys of Hypex to develop the powerful and completely transparent amplifier stage of the MM12.

Four years of R&D behind the seamless DSP crossover technology
Most products are designed in well under four years. Barefoot Sound spent four years just on the MM12's crossovers. This kind of above-and-beyond, unmatched brand of passion shows. With beautifully designed high-end converters and cutting-edge proprietary filtering techniques, the MiniMain12 produces such a seamless and coherent wavefront that, if you dare, you can actually listen to this speaker from fewer than three feet away, with no sonic compromise. And, yes, the MM12 works perfectly out to far field distances as well, producing SPLs equivalent to big mains.

Reviews and Testimonials


Butch Vig

"The MicroMain 27's sound amazing! I feel like I'm listening to the music, not the speakers, and I can hear everything from top to bottom with incredible detail. There are no surprises when the mixes leave my studio, and they translate extremely well to the real world."

Producer/Engineer/Musician Butch Vig's discography includes albums for Nirvana, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Urge Overkill, Jimmy Eat World, AFI and Soul Asylum, as well as many others. He is also the drummer for Garbage. But you already knew that, didn't you?


Jason Livermore

"I was originally looking for a speaker with enough low end that they wouldn't need an additional sub woofer. The Barefoot's gave me exactly that. I can now tell how much low end there is, what kind, and how it will react to other systems. They are loud enough to track a rock band, detailed and accurate enough to master on, and also work great at low volumes when mixing. They have eliminated the need for multiple listening devices, and have cut out the trips to the car! They are a great time saver and are also a blast to just enjoy listening to music with!!"

Jason Livermore produces, engineers, mixes and masters at Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado. His credits include: Rise Against, NOFX, The Lemonheads, Descendents and Puddle of Mudd.


Stephan Jenkins

"I did an extensive shootout with all the top nearfields. What ultimately sold me on the Barefoots was hearing pop singer Vanessa Carlton just like she sounds in person. With every other monitor I could always hear some of the 'box'. With the MM27s there was just her voice. As far as I'm concerned the Barefoots are the most accurate speakers in the world."

Stephan Jenkins is a singer, songwriter, musician, actor and the driving force behind Third Eye Blind. He produces major rock and pop artists such as Vanessa Carlton and is putting the final touches on his Victorian mansion/studio in San Francisco.


Mark Linett

"I'd been using the same monitors for over 10 years when Ted convinced me to try the Barefoot MM27s. The test mixes I did were so good that I ordered a pair, and the three weeks that I had to go back to using my old monitors while waiting for my MM27s to be delivered was torture."

Engineer/Mixer/Producer Mark Linett has worked closely with such seminal artists as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Love, and, most recently, the New Cars.


Kevin Augunas

"The MM27 is such a major step forward that it could easily become the must-have speaker in every studio. It's the NS10 of our generation."

Kevin Augunas has been producing/engineering for more than ten years. His eclectic list of work includes Jon Brion, Sinead O'Connor, Smashmouth, Lost Prophets, Melissa Auf der Maur, Andy Dick, Persephone's Bees, Mandy Moore, The Vandals and most recently, Cold War Kids. His credits also include soundtrack work on "Serendipity," "Spy Kids," and "Spider-Man 2."


Dave Trumfio

"These things are almost too really hear what you got, like it or not. I love the built in sub action! I'm somewhat of a "bass-aholic" and these really keep me in check. Also, I don't need to deal with bass management & crossovers."

Dave Trumfio currently runs his long time project studio Kingsize Soundlabs in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles where in conjunction with his newly acquired mix room Chateau Trumfio, he engineers and mixes most of the projects he works on. Dave has worked with Wilco, Billy Bragg, My Morning Jacket and many others.


Armando Avila

"I installed the MM27s, and the first thing I noticed was their weight, oh my god they weigh a lot!! Also, their construction is amazing, built like a tank but at the same time the design is so beautiful.... So I finished my mix and after some listening in my car and my boombox I send it to the label without surprises, the mix was exactly as I mixed it at my place. C'mon! this was my first time with those speakers and I was able to deliver a mix that translate really well to other systems!!!

Latin Grammy Award Winning producer Armando Avila has worked with RBD, Aleks Syntek, La 5a. Estacion, Belinda, Allison, Moderatto, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Lafourcade, Alejandra Guzman, OV7 and many others.


Kent Heckman

"In my world, I travel between rock, classical and jazz. No speaker I have ever used has sounded so true for every style. Simply amazing!"

Engineer and Red Rock Recording owner Kent Heckman has worked with Phil Woods, Nellie McKay, Dave Liebman, Galactic to name a few.



Description: 4-way active monitor with Speaker Emulation
Controls: Analog/AES3 input select, AES3 L/R channels select, Input level stepped attenuator, Subwoofer level, Emulation voice select
Input Impedance: 50k Ohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 50kHz (±3dB),
28Hz - 40kHz (±1dB)
Bass Response: -3 dB @ 20Hz, Q = 0.707
Slope = 12 dB/octave
Cabinet: 90 liters total internal volume, Sealed sub enclosure, Sealed woofer enclosures, Sealed woofer enclosure, Machined aluminum baffle plate, Aluminum subwoofer frames function as lateral cabinet bracing, Long fiber wool acoustic damping throughout.
Crossover Frequencies: 80 / 800 / 4000 Hz
Tweeter: 1" ring radiator, Advanced geometry motor, Rear waveguide chamber
Amplifier: 250W Hypex
Midranges: 2 x 2.5" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 2 mm linear excursion
Amplifier: 250W Hypex
Woofers: 2 x 7" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 13 mm linear excursion
Amplifier: 250W Hypex
Subwoofers: 2 x 12" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 25 mm linear excursion
Amplifier: 1200W Hypex
AC Power Input: Nominal 115 VAC or 230 VAC selectable
Power Consumption: Idle: 50W, Maximum: 1500W
Weight: Speaker: each 54 kg - no handles
Shipping: 61 kg- no handles
Dimensions HxWxD: 2660 x 366 x 556 mm