Cameo Flat Pro 12

12 x 10 W FLAT LED RGBWA PAR light in black housing
Cameo F2 D - Demo

Cameo F2 D - Demo

Cameo TS 60 RGBW

Cameo TS 60 RGBW

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12 x 10 W FLAT LED RGBWA PAR light in black housing
The Cameo CLPFLATPRO12 professional PAR light's super slim design thanks to its convection cooling construction makes it most suitable where space is limited and silent operation is required. 12 high performance 10 watt LEDs produce impressive RGBWA colour mixes from soft pastel hues to rich, warm tints with 16,000 lux and a 30° beam angle while the 3,000 Hz refresh rate eliminates flicker.

The CLPFLATPRO12 features 5 DMX modes with numerous functions, integrated programs and a built-in microphone for sound control. The illuminated LC display with 4 controls facilitates manual operation. The CLPFLATPRO12 also provides master, slave and standalone capability.

The Cameo CLPFLATPRO12 sports a black die-cast enclosure with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR inputs and outputs for the DMX signal and Neutrik PowerCon sockets for mains supply and daisy-chaining. Its multifunctional bracket allows for a wide variety of mounting solutions.


  • High performance ultra-bright 10W LEDs
  • Absolutely silent operation due to efficient convection cooling
  • RGBWA colour spectrum for more flexible colour mixing reaching from warm, rich to solid and pastel colours
  • Flicker free
  • Professional connectivity with Neutrik PowerCon in/out and 3 and 5-pol DMX IN and Outputs
  • Rugged flat and compact metal housing
Product number: CLPFLATPRO12
Product type: LED PAR Can
Colour spectrum: RGBWA
Number of LEDs: 12
LED type: 10 W
Dispersion: 30°
DMX input: XLR 3-pin male, XLR 5-pin male
DMX output: XLR 5-pin female, XLR 3-pin female
DMX mode: 3-channel 1, 3-channel 2, 5-channel, 8-channel, 2-channel
DMX Functions: colour jump, colour fade, strobe, sound control, RGBWA, master dimmer
Standalone modes: colour jump, colour macro, slave mode, sound control, static colour, colour fade
Controls: Enter, Value Down, mode, Value Up
Indicators: backlit LCD
Operating voltage: 110 V AC - 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 140W
Power connector: Neutrik PowerCon
Housing material: metal
Cabinet colour: black
Cooling: Convection
Illuminance: 16000lx @ 1m
Dimensions without mounting bracket
Width: 230mm
Height: 230mm
Length: 135mm
Weight: 5.5kg
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