Cameo Instant Hazer 1400 Pro

1400 watts mikroprosessorstyrt røykmaskin - standalone- eller DMX-styring
Cameo Instant Hazer 1500 T Pro

Cameo Instant Hazer 1500 T Pro

StageLine FM-1510 Røykmaskin

StageLine FM-1510 Røykmaskin

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1400 watts mikroprosessorstyrt røykaskin med standalone- eller DMX-styring. Inkl. infrarød fjernkontroll.
Cameo 1400 PRO er en røykmaskin med høy ytelse for teater, moteshow, film, klubber, diskoteker, fornøyelsesparker, livemusikk osv. Med en maksimal luftstrøm på 56 m³ i minuttet og trinnløs justerbar blåsehastighet lager den effekter fra svake vindpust til sterke og tunge vindkast. Utgangen er trinnløs og gjør det mulig å styre direkte eller spredning med 21 m og 180°. Enheten styres med DMX, stand-alone eller IR-fjernkontroll, og er utstyrt med 3-pin og 5-pin DMX inn- og utganger, et LED-display og støysvak vifte. For best resultat anbefales Cameo Haze Fluid, spesielt designet for Cameo Hazer.


  • Mikroprosessorstyrt 1400 watts Hazer
  • Maks. output er 991 m³ pr. minutt
  • Langtidsholdbart fordampningsrør laget av rustfritt stål
  • Automatisk selvrensende
  • Utgang og vifte er justerbare i 100 intervaller
  • 2-kanals DMX-kontroll og standalone-drift
  • Intern plass til 5 liters væskebeholdere
  • Lavstøyende
  • Dimensjoner: 345 x 300 x 365 mm
  • Vekt: 20.1 kg

Hazer with microprocessor control
The Cameo Instant Series Air 1000 Pro is a high-performance wind machine for applications in theaters, fashion shows, motion pictures, clubs, discotheques, theme parks and live music. With a maximum air flow of 56 m³ per minute and continuously adjustable fan speed it creates a wide range of wind effects from the slightest breeze to strong, heavy gusts. The air stream exhaust port is continuously variable to allow for precise directional throw or widespread diffusion up to 21 m and 180°.

The Air 1000 Pro is DMX-controllable, provides standalone functionality and includes a convenient handheld infrared remote. It features 3-pin and 5-pin DMX inputs and outputs, a 3-segment LED display and low-noise fan motor for whisper-quiet operation.

Designed for floor and truss mounting the Cameo Air 1000 Pro can be used on its own or as an ideal addition to a fog, smoke or haze system.

For best results, use only Cameo Instant Haze Fluid, which is specially designed for Cameo hazer. Using other fluids will void the warranty and can damage the device.


  • Microprocessor controlled 1400 Watt Hazer
  • Max. output volume 991 m³ per minute
  • Long-lasting evaporation tube made of stainless steel 316
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Output and fan individually adjustable in 100 increments
  • 2-channel DMX control and standalone mode
  • Built-in insert for fluid canisters up to 5 L
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Ideal for TV, film, theatre, discos and live events
  • Enriches the effect of any light show
Product number: CLIH1400PRO
Product type: Fog and Wind Machines
Type: hazer
Power: 1400W
Max. Output: 991 m³/min
Warm-up Time: 45 sec.
Fluid Consumption: 17 ml/min (100% Output)
DMX input: XLR 3-pin male, XLR 5-pin male
DMX output: XLR 3-pin female, XLR 5-pin male
DMX mode: 2-channel
DMX Functions: fan, Vapour Volume
Standalone modes: Vapour Volume, fan
Controls: Value Down, Start/Stop/Mode, Value Up
Indicators: 3-segment LED display
Operating voltage: 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1400W
Overheating Protection: heating element with thermostat
Power connector: Power cord with safety plug (Type E / CEE 7/7)
Cabinet colour: black
Recommended Fluid: INSTANT HAZE (not included)
Total dimensions
Width: 345mm
Height: 300mm
Depth: 365mm
Weight: 20.1kg