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Clearsonic ISO Pac F

Komplett opptaksrom for vokal, vokalgrupper og solo-instrumenter.

Clearsonic ISO Pac F
Varenr.: 101760
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 22 995 inkl. mva. kr 18 396 eks. mva.
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Clearsonic ISO Pac F er en komplett løsning for opptak av vokal, solo-instrumenter eller vokalgrupper. Systemet leveres komplett med tak og vegger og akustisk demping (Sorbere). Overraksende effektiv løsning som gjør det mulig å ta opp eksempelvis vokal i et rom med andre instrumenter, eller hvor opptaksrom og kontrollrom må dele plass. I tillegg gir den et godt akustisk utgangspunkt for selve opptaket. Lydreduksjonen ligger på 50-60% av det opprinnelige lydnivået.

IsoPac F is a medium vocal booth that is also great for isolating and recording guitars, brass, woodwinds, and other acoustic instruments. If reflections off the front shields during recording are a problem, a few S2 SORBER baffles can be Velcroed to the offending shields. Attach them at the same height of the mic.

IsoPac F uses the STC4 and STS4 lid sections. These lid sections are 4' deep and work well on a booth of this size.

ClearSonic Panels are a reflective sound barrier but do not absorb sound while SORBER is a great sound absorber but not a great barrier. Therefore, our most effective systems, such as MegaPac, use ClearSonic Panels all the way around the perimeter. Having ClearSonic Panels with Height Extenders in the back also greatly reduces the size of the open area where sound can escape. Because of this, MegaPac and similar booths will reduce sound leakage up to 70% while systems with only SORBER in the back will reduce leakage around 50%. The rear panels are usually not attached to the front panels. They simply butt together or overlap a bit. An access "door" panel is created at the overlap location.

Sound System Considerations

Although easy to use, successful use of the ClearSonic Panel may require some adjustments to your sound system. Sound absorbing material placed behind the drums, as well as on the lower half of your ClearSonic Panel is desirable and sometimes necessary to reduce the amount of sound reflecting off the ClearSonic Panel, off the wall surface behind the drummer and back into the performance and audience areas. We recommend the use of our new SORBER panel systems. They are designed for this precise application.

Monitors: With properly placed panels, overall stage volume can be considerably reduced, cleaned up, and focused. Care must be taken to ensure that enclosed musicians have an effective way to hear other musicians, vocalists, etc. This might require the addition of a stage monitor speaker, headphone monitor, or an "in the ear" monitor. Because of an increase in volume levels on the musician side of the panel, an enclosed musician would be wise to use some type of effective ear protection or monitor on headphones.

PA: Use of the panels may also require the use of additional microphones on the enclosed instrument. This in turn will give the sound person much more control over the relative instrument and vocal levels. This will also allow the enclosed instrument to be more effectively processed and EQ'd, thus producing a much better sound overall.


1/4" Acrylic dB Reduction:

Frequency: 100Hz 1000Hz 10K
dB Reduction: -7 dB -13dB -28dB

Systemet inneholder:

  •  (1) A5-4 - 4-section CSP
  •  (4) AX12 - 12" height extenders
  •  (2) S5-2 - 4'W x 5.5'H SORBER baffle
  •  (1) STC4 - 2'W x 4'D center lid section
  •  (2) STS4 - 2'W x 4'D side lid section


Klikk  for å høre MiniMega i bruk. Første halvdelen er et tromme-opptak uten bruk av MiniMega. Andre halvdelen av opptaket er med MiniMega satt rundt trommesettet.

Opptaket ble gjort med en omni-mikrofon plassert omtrent 3 meter i front av trommesettet. Ingen volum og gainsettinger ble endret underveis.