DiGiGrid MGO

MADI-interface (optisk) 128 kanaler
Adam Hall L8PP-0300

Adam Hall L8PP-0300

Adam Hall TCC-0150 - 4 Star Series

Adam Hall TCC-0150 - 4 Star Series

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MADI I/O via nettverksporten - et lydkort med 128 kanaler.
Med DiGiGrid MGO kan du spille inn og av inntil 128 kanaler med super-lav latency. Man kan sende alle kanalene til og fra flere computere samtidig (inntil 8 maskiner, Mac og PC) med en enkel nettverkswitch. Med en SoundGrid DSP-server i nettverket kan du prosessere plug-ins med superlav latency.


  • MADI optisk til SoundGrid Interface/ lydkort
  • 2 sett optiske-kontakter x 64 kanaler (LC)
  • Inntil 128 kanaler @48kHz / 64 kanaler @96kHz
  • Stream til flere computere samtidig (8 computere via switch)
  • Super-lav latency: 0.8 ms
  • Tilkobling via nettverkskabel* (Cat 5e/Cat 6)
  • ASIO og Core Audio-drivere

*Vi anbefaler Cat6 dersom du har behov for lange strekk.

The DiGiGrid MGO interface gives you the ability to connect any optical MADI-enabled device to Waves SoundGrid, for networking and processing. Use hundreds of Waves and third-party plugins to record, process and playback up to 128 audio channels, with super-low latency of only 0.8 milliseconds. This compact and portable MADI interface even lets you record to two computers at the same time, so you can use one for virtual soundcheck, the other for backup. Whether you’re in a hotel room, on the tour bus or between flights, you can get to work setting up your next show – on your laptop.

With a DiGiGrid MGO MADI-to-SoundGrid interface and an Ethernet cable, real-time low-latency networking and processing is at your fingertips.

In its most basic mode, connect the MGO straight to your laptop or desktop: You can now record up to 128 channels through your computer’s 1GB Ethernet port, with simultaneous playback of 128 channels.
Add a SoundGrid DSP server and SWI plus Waves MultiRack SoundGrid host application, and now any MADI-compatible live or broadcast console has instant access to real-time low-latency processing.

Does your application demand a higher level of audio quality? A simple configuration change switches the unit over to 96kHz, with 64 channels of recording and 64 channels of simultaneous playback.
And if longer distance optical fiber cable runs are required, simply upgrade either or both of the MGO’s standard dual mode transceivers to optional single mode transceivers.

Main Features

  • Optical MADI-to-SoundGrid Interface
  • LC connectors
  • Up to 128 channels
  • Record to two computers simultaneously
  • Super low-latency: 0.8 milliseconds
  • Connect with one Ethernet cable (Cat 5e/Cat 6)
  • Run hundreds of real-time plugins (SoundGrid DSP Server and 1GB switch sold separately)
  • Optional single-mode transceiver available
  • ASIO & Core Audio compliant

DiGiGrid MGO Control Panel
For controlling and overseeing your DiGiGrid DLI settings and the DLI’s connection with peripheral DigiLink-enabled devices.

  • Clock settings: source, sample rate, type, status
  • SMUX and Hi-Speed modes available for 96/88.2 kHz operation
  • 56/64 channel operation modes
  • Save and load presets of unit settings
  • Save your settings along with your Waves and SoundGrid host application sessions


  • MADI Optical I/O (SFP Optics cartridges)
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
  • 112/128 channel I/O @ 48kHz
  • 56/64 channel I/O @ 96kHz
  • Support for 64chn and 56chn modes
  • Support for double wire (48k frame) and single wire (96k frame) @ 96kHz
  • Clock Synchronisation via (in fallback order): Word Clock input, MADI (port A), SoundGrid (SoE), Internal 1 SoundGrid port (RJ45)
  • Reset switch
  • Support for channel 57 controls – DiGiCo-specific, will be used to connect a DiGiCo stage rack and control it.

Package Contents

  • DiGiGrid MGO unit
  • Universal power adaptor with interchangeable plugs (UK, US, EU, AU) (100-240V)
  • Ethernet cable: Cat 5e (2 meters)
  • Registration card
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