Dunlop Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle Mini

Fuzz/Distortion Pedal med volum, Tone, og Distortion kontroll
Presonus Studio 1810c

Presonus Studio 1810c

Dunlop Way Huge Smalls Supa Lead

Dunlop Way Huge Smalls Supa Lead

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Reduced-size Russian Fuzz with True Bypass Switching
The Way Huge Smalls Russian-Pickle Fuzz MkIII brings the consummate '90s fuzz sound — smooth, focused, and massively gain-y — to your travel board. Here you'll find the same silicon-fueled fuzz circuit and quick-dialing controls as the full-sized Russian-Pickle, packed into a standard-sized enclosure. Whether you need thick, earth-moving crunch or violin leads, the Russian-Pickle Fuzz MkIII won't disappoint. An added boon is the MkIII's true hard-wire bypass switching, which better preserves the integrity of your signal when disengaged.

Come gazers, grazers, and dreamers
Looking for that elusive "tall font" black Russian fuzz tone? You're in luck. The Russian-Pickle Fuzz MkIII relies on a NOS BC183 silicon transistor to generate its aggressive, sputtery breakup and creamy distortion characteristics. This Pickle appears to have a bit more gain on tap than the '90s classic, and its EQ is slightly more pronounced, but the vibe is 100% intact. It's exactly the kind of pedal you want at your feet when playing grunge, shoegaze, or desert rock. It also sounds monstrous on bass, so feel free to unleash it on your favorite 4-string.

"Everything the big one was, except smaller." — Bob Cedro, Dunlop/Way Huge
Way Huge is as famous for its defiantly chunky enclosures as its genre-bending tonal sugar. The Way Huge Smalls series offers all the charm of its full-sized contemporaries — tone, cheek, and visual impact — in a more board-friendly format. These pedals don't just conserve real estate; they sip current, which means you can run a board full of them with little to no impact on your power supply. The metal enclosures, jumbo knobs, and iconic Way Huge graphics authentically capture the full impact of these reborn classics, with no hit to vibe or ability.


  • All the charm and tone of the full-sized Russian-Pickle — only smaller
  • Better suited to tight pedalboards
  • Evokes a classic "tall font" Russian fuzz pedal
  • Powered by a NOS BC183 silicon transistor
  • Creamy distortion characteristics
  • Aggressive, sputtery breakup
  • Great for rock, shoegaze, and desert rock
  • True hard-wire bypass switching preserves signal integrity
  • Low current draw (1.8mA)
  • 9-volt battery or power supply required; not included
  • Pedal Type: Fuzz
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • Power Source: 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
  • Batteries: 1 x 9V optional
  • Power Usage: 1.8mA