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Darkglass Super Symmetry

Bass Compressor Pedal with Blend

Darkglass Super Symmetry
Varenr.: 112714
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Før pris: kr 3 420

Nå pris: kr 2 699 inkl. mva. kr 2 159 eks. mva.

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Bass Compressor Pedal with Blend, Input, Compression, Output, Attack, and Release Controls
The Super Symmetry offers all the transparency and precision of a modern compressor with the twist that its inherent envelope effect is reminiscent of old school compressors.


  • Blend
    Like all of our pedals, allows for mixing the compressed and clean signals, ideal for fast compression adjustment (to reduce it you can dial back the blend and avoid having to readjust your Input and Output levels for unity gain).
  • Input
    Adjusts the gain on the compressor. Besides working great for ensuring clean operation, it also allows for adjusting the threshold over which the compressor starts reducing gain. Higher input settings will result in higher levels of compression.
  • Attack
    Sets the time until gain reduction begins (higher settings will translate into faster Attack times).
  • Release
    Sets the time after which the signal goes back to pre gain-reduction levels. Higher release settings will hold the compressed signal for shorter time.
  • Compression
    Sets the amount of compression (Peak Reduction).
  • Output
    Sets the output volume of the compressed signal.

Modern Transparency and Vintage Squish
The Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry bass compressor effects pedal blends the best of modern transparency and an old-school feel. The Super Symmetry's controls for compression, attack, and release precisely dial in your sound, while the onboard blend control reintroduces your unaffected signal. When you need a great compressor for recording, eliminating aggressive transients when slapping, or just evening out your sound, check out the Darkglass Super Symmetry.


  • Bass compression pedal with a mix of old- and new-school sounds
  • Blend control dials in the exact amount of compression
  • Compression, attack, and release shape your tone
  • Sleek-looking LEDs offer visual metering of your compression