Electro-Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz

Fuzz pedal med volum og attack kontroll
Boss ES-5: Effects Switching System

Boss ES-5: Effects Switching System

Boss CP-1X Compressor

Boss CP-1X Compressor

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Den klassiske fuzzpedalen er her oppdatert med ”True Bypass”-kretser for optimal signalvei når det trengs.
Den er tro mot den klassiske fuzzen Å tråd med genren skaper denne fuzzpedalen en lyd som beveger seg mellom aggresiv raspethet til full ødeleggelse – alt annet enn subtil helt enkelt.

Aggressive '60s-style Fuzz
It's hard to imagine that electro-harmonix had anything other than Keith Richards' tone in mind when they created the Satisfaction Fuzz electric guitar pedal. It's one of the more tenacious fuzz pedals you'll find. The attack control's range starts with an angry buzz and ends with an epic wall of fuzz. You can easily dial in everything from full-on edgy fuzz to warm, liquid leads just with your guitar's tone knob. With just two simple knobs and a compact form, the electro-harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz is ready to add some serious bite to any effects pedalboard.


  • Edgy, aggressive '60s-style fuzz effect pedal
  • Easy to integrate with your amp and other pedals
  • Simple two-knob design lets you dial in great tones fast
  • Rugged die-cast casing for long-term reliability
  • Powered with 1 x 9V battery or optional AC adapter (sold separately)
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