Ernie Ball EB-6180 VP JR Volume Pedal

Volumpedal 25K for keyboards og instrumenter med aktiv elektronikk
Vintage V65 Hardtail Tobacco Sunburst

Vintage V65 Hardtail Tobacco Sunburst

Ernie Ball EB-6166  250K Mono Volume Pedal

Ernie Ball EB-6166 250K Mono Volume Pedal

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Perfect Volume Pedal for Active Instruments!
Here's a critical addition to your pedalboard that's often overlooked: a great volume pedal. Plug into Ernie Ball's fantastic (and pedalboard-friendly) VP Jr 25K volume pedal and find out just how expressive your playing can be! Bring pedal steel-style swells to your performances. Keep your guitar at just the right volume for different parts of songs. control feedback. You'll love what this amazingly smooth pedal does for your setup. The VP Jr 25K's sweep is perfect for active instruments. It's tour tough too; the rugged VP Jr 250K is built to perform flawlessly over the long haul.


  • Potentiometer's 25k ohm resistance is perfect for active instruments
  • Smooth operation
  • Rugged construction (stainless steel pivot shaft and springs, Kevlar cable)