EVH 5150III 1X12 50W 6L6 Combo - Ivory

50 watts 1x12 combo med 3 kanaler og DSP reveb
EVH 5150III 1X12 50W 6L6 Combo - Black

EVH 5150III 1X12 50W 6L6 Combo - Black

Fluid Audio Strum Buddy

Fluid Audio Strum Buddy

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EVH 5150 III combo er fullblods rørkombo utstyrt med 1 stk 16-ohms Celestion element (Celestion special design 16-ohm) og 3 kanaler (clean, crunch og lead). Med hele 7 stk 12Ax7 preamprør i styrhuset og 2 stk 6L6 slutrinnsrør i motorrommet, leverer 5150 III brutalitet langt over sin egen vektklasse. Du får tre kanaler som gir deg full kontroll over tonespekteret ditt. Skru inn clean kanalen til moderat rytmespilling, trøkk inn kanal 2 for massiv crunch. Kanal 3 gir deg thight "over the top" highgain perfekt til moderne metal og til dine skrikende soloer.

En av de heftigste high-gain komboene på markedet i dag! 


  • Power: 50W (tube)
  • Valgbar utgangseffekt; fra 50W to 1W
  • Rør: 7 stk 12AX7 (preamp); 2 stk 6L6 (power amp)
  • Tre kanaler: Clean, Crunch, Lead
  • Element: 1x12" Celestion special design
  • Controls: Gain, low, mid high, volume, master presence, rear master resonance, power level, reverb
  • Impedance: 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm (valgbar)
  • FX loop
  • Built-in DSP reverb
  • Four-button footswitch til kanal switching og reverb on/off
  • Headphone out
  • Hjul er inkludert
  • Dimensions: 55cm x 60cm x 30,50cm
  • Vekt: 36,5 kg.

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Epic EVH Tone in a 112 Combo!
The 50-watt EVH 5150 III Combo tube guitar amplifier combines the epic sound of the popular 5150 III Head with a chest-pounding 1 x 12" sealed-chamber cab loaded with a special design Celestion 12" speaker. Three switchable channels provide everything from sparkling cleans to seriously intense leads, and digital reverb lets you add gloss and dimension to your tone. The 5150 III Combo also features variable power scaling, which lets you drop the power as low as one watt. No matter where you rock, your EVH 5150 III Combo will deliver the tone you need.

The epic sound you'd expect from an EVH amp
The EVH 5150 III Combo gives you bone-crunching, arena-filling volume - and that's without an additional extension cabinet. In effect, the 5150 III Combo gives you the raw power and epic tone of a 50W 5150 III Head, plus the sheer stage volume of a matching 1 x 12" sealed cab loaded with the sweet sound of a special design Celestion 12" speaker. With three footswitchable/MIDI switchable channels to choose from, you're set for any venue when you're rocking an EVH 5150 III Combo. We know that guitar players look for tube amps with massive tone and killer dynamics, and the EVH 5150 III 1 x 12" Combo is sure to please. This amp delivers everything from smooth, American clean tones to over-the-top British high-gain tones in a portable and gig-ready combo.

Built-in DSP reverb gives you one more way to tweak your tone
EVH decided to step up their 50-watt 5150 III Combo by outfitting it with a custom DSP reverb section. One knob is all you need to control this reverb, taking it from a glossy shine to a full-on wet sound. Even cooler, the 5150 III Combo sports MIDI input, allowing you to switch channels or bypass the reverb section remotely or with a standard footswitch.

Variable power scaling preserves your tone even at lower, club-friendly volumes
If you aren't rocking a full-scale arena, then the full 50-watt onslaught of the 5150 III Combo may just be a bit too much. Lucky for you, EHV saw fit to equip this guitar amplifier with a variable output control. This lets you scale back the 5150 III Combo's output from anywhere between 50 watts to a single watt - dropping your volume without sacrificing your tone or playing dynamics.


  • 3-channel, 50-watt compact tube guitar combo amp with epic EVH tone
  • Sealed 1 x 12" cab loaded with a single special design Celestion 12" speaker
  • Channels 1 and 2 share EQ, gain, low, mid, and high volume
  • Channel 3 sports gain, low, mid, high, and volume
  • Master presence and resonance controls
  • DSP reverb section lets you add depth and shine to your tone
  • Variable power scaling lets you drop your output from anywhere between 50 watts and 1 watt
  • Selectable output impedance (4, 8, or 16 ohms)
  • Dual parallel speaker output jacks, effects loop, headphone jack, and line-out
  • Included 4-button footswitch has 1/4" input jack; also accommodates MIDI footswitching


Model Name: 5150III® 1x12 50W 6L6 Combo, Ivory, 230V EUR
Model Number: 2255010410
Series: EVH® 5150 III™ Combos
Amplifier Type: Tube
Color: Ivory


Controls: Gain, Low, Mid, High, Volume, Master Presence, Rear Master Resonance, Power Level, Reverb
Effects Loop: 1/4" - (Send/Return)
Inputs: One - 1/4"
Channels: Three - (Clean, Crunch, and Lead)
Voltage: 230V EUR
Wattage: 50 watts


Cabinet Material: Birch/Pine
Handle: Molded Plastic Strap with Black Powder Coated Caps
Control Knobs: Chicken-Head Style Pointer


Pre Amp Tubes: 7 JJ ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Tubes: 2 JJ 6L6


FootSwitch: 4-Button Footswitch Included
Casters: 1


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