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Fender Bassman 500 Head

Rørbestykket forsterkertopp til bass på 500 watt.

Fender Bassman 500 Head
Varenr.: 108540
Lagerstatus: 4-7 dager
kr 10 499 inkl. mva. kr 8 399 eks. mva.
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500W Bass topp med clean og overdrive kanal.
Class D Power Amp, og XLR Line Out

The Bassman 500 combines Fender’s world-standard "blackface" tube preamp with a lightweight 500 watt Class D power amp. Its dual-channel design uses modern technology to maximize classic technology, with classic Fender '60s "blackface" styling and a wealth of innovative features on the front and rear panels. A vintage channel that delivers the full, warm sound of classic Fender amps with passive tone stack and an overdrive channel that delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modern active tone stack (choose between channels with included footswitch). The Bassman 500 mates perfectly with Bassman Pro Series Neo speaker cabinets and Rumble V3 410/115 cabinets.

Great Bass Tone Direct from Fender!
The words FENDER® Blackface™ induce instant awe in musicians around the world. The Fender Bassman® 500 bass amplifier is carrying that tradition forward. The tube front end of the amp is based on that coveted circuit from the 1960s, but with some decidedly modern features built in. Bassists known versatility is key, and along with sweet vintage tone, the Bassman 500 has a footswitchable overdrive channel with a modern tone stack, an XLR line out, and a Class D power amp for keeping the weight down. Get your vintage on with the Fender Bassmann 500 Head.

Classic look and tone with the Blackface design
If you've ever played through a Fender Blackface amplifier you either have or want one in your arsenal. The Bassman 500 Head clears away all your reasons for not yet taking that plunge. Gone is the high price and unreliability of an older amp, and modern features give you more versatility. Through the tube preamp you get that pristine and instantly identifiable Blackface tone. Not to mention the Bassman 500 Head's classic Blackface look will be a killer addition to your backline.

Tube clean and overdrive channels for tonal versatility

Love that Blackface tone but need a bit more control to kick that design screaming into the future? How about an added punchy and touch-sensitive tube overdrive channel with an active tone stack? How about deep and bright switches and a parametric mid control for fine tuning your sound? And if super grinding is not your thing, dial your clean back with the blend knob. That's right, you can now get what you love about a vintage Fender with a tone that will fit your modern bass playing needs.

Class D power amp keeps the weight down

One common complaint about bass amplifiers is that they're quite literally a pain to move around. Some tube bass amps weigh in at darn near 100 lbs.! With the Fender Bassman 500 Head you get all the fabulous tone of the classic old tube Fenders but at a very manageable 16 lbs. and whopping 500 watts! The Class D power amp design has been proving its self in the industry for some time now, and when mixed with Blackface tube preamp it gives you all the touch sensitivity and warmth you expect, but without the added chiropractor bill.


  • Bass amp designed in the Blackface style for vintage tone and looks
  • Added overdrive channel gives you modern versatility
  • A Class D power amp brings the weight down
  • XLR line-out with level control fine tunes your FOH signal
  • Blend control on the drive channel for clarity