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Fender Bassman 810 NEO

1000 watt kabinett, 8x10" Eminence U.S.A. neodymium høyttaler og horn

Fender Bassman 810 NEO
Varenr.: 108557
Lagerstatus: 4-7 dager
kr 18 649 inkl. mva. kr 14 919 eks. mva.
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Høyttalerkabinett til bass på 1000 watt med 8x10" Eminence U.S.A. neodymium høyttaler og horn.


  • 1000 watt kontinuerlig og 2000 watt peak
  • 8 stk. 10" Special design Eminence Neodymium høyttalere
  • Kompresjonshorn
  • 121.9 x 66 x 41.3 cm

Tight, Punchy 810 Bassman Cab
The FENDER® Bassman® 810 Neo bass cabinet serves up the punchy, gargantuan bass you expect from a 8x10" enclosure, but there's a bonus - you get snazzy vintage Fender "Blackface" visuals that match perfectly with Fender's 100T and Super Bassman heads. Thanks to the Bassman 810 Neo's efficient Neodymium speakers, this cab is remarkably lightweight. A compression driver horn tweeter (with attenuator) is also included to give you crisp contemporary bass tones. You also get top- and bottom-mounted steel handles and fixed casters to keep the roadies happy. If you're a Bassman®, you need a Bassman cab - Fender's Bassman 810 Neo.

Rock with a Fender backline
The Fender Bassman 810 Neo bass cabinet's vintage Blackface™ visuals look oh-so-smart sitting under Fender's new Bassman heads. But it's not, of course, all about looks. Fender bass cabs give you tight and punchy, state-of-the-art sonics, in roadworthy, lightweight enclosures. When you're rocking with a Fender backline, you're in the big time.

Efficient Neodymium speakers
Fender's Bassman 810 Neo bass cab is loaded with Fender Special Design Eminence Neodymium 10" speakers. Neodymium drivers are extremely efficient and give you significant weight savings. Combined with a Compression Driver Horn Tweeter, this cab's Neodymium speakers cover the tonal gamut, from warm, classic Fender bass sounds - to more aggressive, modern bass tones.

Compression Driver Horn Tweeter

The Fender Bassman 810 Neo bass cabinet sports a compression driver horn tweeter, which you can dial-in to taste. This arrangement gives you total control over your sound - from warm and fat, vintage bass tone, all the way to hellish overdrive. Whether you play roots rock, jazz fusion, death metal - or anything else - Fender Bassman enclosures will deliver your musical message to your adoring fans.


  • A lightweight (under 115 lbs) bass cab with vintage Fender Blackface styling
  • 8 Fender Special Design Eminence Neodymium 10" speakers
  • Compression Driver Horn Tweeter (with attenuation)
  • Top, rear-mounted steel bar handles & bottom-mounted steel flip handles
  • Fixed casters for hand-truck operation
  • 1/4" and Speakon connectors

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