Focal Alpha 80

8" aktiv nærfeltsmonitor i Focal kvalitet (pris pr. stk)
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To-veis aktiv studiomonitor med 8" Polyglass woofer og 1" aluminum inverted tweeter
Musikkproduksjon finner sted i mange ulike miljøer og omgivelser, og ofte på steder som ikke er optimale akustisk sett. Alpha-serien er utviklet for å kunne forbedre og og gi bedre kontroll over lydspekteret ved å bl.a. levere nøytralitet, dynamikk og høy SPL. Alpha-studiomonitorer er utstyrt med to klasse A/B high-current forsterkere med full kontroll over dynamikken, og som gir deg muligheten til å lytte på høyt volum uten vreng.

Alpha 80 egner seg spesielt bra til musikk med mye bass eller som krever høy ytelse. Denne modellen har en  8 "(21cm) woofer / midrange Polyglass-høyttaler og en 1” (25mm) inverted dome tweeter av aluminium. Den har en 40W klasse AB-forsterker til diskant og en 100W klasse AB-forsterker til wooferen, med frekvensområde fra 35 Hz til 22 kHz (+/- 3dB).


  • Utgangseffekt 140 Watt (Bi-amp LF 100W class AB + 40W class AB HF)
  • Frekvensområde 35Hz - 22kHz
  • Maximum SPL 109dB
  • Innganger: balansert XLR 10 kOhm og ubalansert RCA 10 kOhm
  • Automatisk standby etter 30 minutter uten signal, og automatisk aktivering ved registrert signal
  • Justerbar følsomhet på 0 eller +6dB
  • LF shelving potentiometer (0 - 300Hz) justerbar +/-6dB for tilpasning til romkarakteristikk og høyttalerplassering
  • HF shelving potentiometer (4.5 - 22 kHz) justerbar +/-3dB
  • Kabinett laget av 15 mm MDF
  • Dimensjoner 397 x 287 x 348mm
  • Vekt 12.8 kg

Top-shelf Focal Performance for Project Studios
Focal is one of the most celebrated names in studio monitors, but for many project studios they’ve seemed out of reach. Not anymore! The Alpha 80 offers top-shelf Focal performance at a real-world price. This bi-amped powered studio monitor boasts many of Focal’s acclaimed innovations, such as a Polyglass cone woofer and inverted-dome tweeter. The result is a super-linear frequency response, laser-precise midrange definition, and deep, luxurious soundstage. The Alpha 80 offers a 35Hz to 22kHz frequency response, which is enough to tackle any project your studio takes on, and impressively low directivity. There’s plenty of customization onboard, thanks to low and high shelving controls, plus XLR and RCA inputs to accommodate pro- and consumer-level gear. You also get a Sensitivity switch to adapt to extra-quiet sound sources. An energy-saving auto-standby mode rounds out the Focal Alpha 80’s generous feature set.

Focal-exclusive design delivers exceptional damping and neutral, distortion-free sound
The Alpha 80 includes Focal’s Polyglass cone woofer. This Focal-exclusive technology consists of molten glass micro balls on a cellulose pulp core. This ultra-rigid design exceeds single-skin Kevlar and is nearly ten times superior to polypropylene. And what does rigidity mean for you? A super-linear frequency response curve for starters, plus laser-precise midrange definition. The Alpha 80 also contains Focal’s acclaimed inverted-dome tweeter, which offers rapid impulse response and a very short settlement time, along with exceptional damping. The result is a detailed, near-analytical sound with a deep soundstage, neutral frequency response curve, and distortion-free audio reproduction. The Alpha 80 boasts a 35Hz to 22kHz frequency response — enough to tackle your most ambitious projects. And its low directivity maintains the same sound throughout your room.

Low and high shelving controls provide a neutral sound in any room
Customizing the Focal Alpha 80 to your room is a breeze, thanks to its low and high shelving controls. Aimed at frequencies under 300Hz, the low shelving control enables you to tailor your monitoring system’s all-important low-end frequencies. If your room naturally attenuates bass, set the LF Shelving knob to +2dB. If your room is neutral, set it to 0. And if you’re placing the speaker near a wall, set it to -2dB, -4dB, or -6dB. Aimed at frequencies above 4.5kHz, the high shelving control enables you to adjust for a bright- or matte-sounding space. Set the HF Shelving knob to +2dB in a naturally soft environment, to 0 in a neutral space, and to -2dB or -3dB in a harsh-sounding room. The engineers appreciate the customizability of the Alpha 80 — you can use this studio monitor anywhere and achieve a top-shelf, neutral sound.

A bevy of useful features to make your studio life easier
Integrating the Focal Alpha 80 into your studio is easy, thanks to its constantly active XLR and RCA inputs. The balanced XLR input boasts a +4dBu sensitivity — the standard level for pro-level studio gear. Need to connect to unbalanced gear? No problem. The Alpha 80’s RCA input is tailor-made for your consumer-level gear. Best of all, you can use both inputs simultaneously! The Alpha 80 also includes a Sensitivity switch. Under most circumstances, you’d leave this switch at 0dB. But in situations where you need more SPL, move it to the +6dB position. You also get an Auto-standby mode that engages after 30 minutes of inactivity and reengages when an audio signal is present. This energy-saving feature takes the Alpha 80’s power consumption down to less than 0.5 watts!


  • 100W/40W bi-amped powered studio monitor
  • Polyglass cone woofer yields a linear frequency response and laser-precise midrange definition
  • Focal’s acclaimed inverted-dome tweeter exhibits a detailed sound with a deep soundstage
  • 35Hz to 22kHz frequency response — enough to tackle your most ambitious projects
  • Low directivity maintains the same sound throughout your room
  • Low and high shelving controls make room customization a breeze
  • Constantly active XLR and RCA inputs accommodate pro- and consumer-level gear
  • Sensitivity switch adapts to extra-quiet sound sources
  • Auto-standby mode offers tremendous energy saving

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