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Floyd Rose FR-52WH

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Tascam TH-02

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Focal Listen Pro er en ny hodetelefon beregnet for miksing og musikkproduksjon. Etterfølgeren til Spirit Professional har en helt ny hodebøyle som er nesten "uknuselig". Disse hodetelefonene er laget for å tåle et profesjonelt bruk - og i tillegg låter de uvanlig nøytralt til å være hodetelefoner. Om du må jobbe med en miks i disse hodetelefonene, vil du kjenne igjen miksen din også på konvensjonelle studiohøyttalere. Disse hodetelefonene er laget for å mikse lyd på, ikke tilføre ting i signalet som ikke er på opptaket. Focal Listen Professional anbefales på det varmeste.

Medfølgende utstyr:

  • Solid bæreveske
  • 5m tvunnet OFC-kabel
  • 1.4m OFC-kabel med kontroll av smart-telefoner og innebygget talemikrofon
  • 3.5mm stereo jack socket to 6.35mm stereo jack plug

Successor to the Focal Spirit Pros
Sleek and stylish, Focal Listen Professional headphones are the long-awaited successors to the Spirit Pros. The new foldable design boasts robust 40mm drivers, passive noise isolation, and universal smartphone compatibility. So whether you're FaceTiming on the train or relaxing at the beach, you can count on Focal Listen Pros to deliver a memorable listening experience. Premium high-density, heat-sensitive memory foam earcups and a head-conforming, silicone-lined headband give these headphones critical comfort for extended listening sessions. A rigid case and two detachable oxygen-free audiophile cables, one with remote and microphone, are included.

Low-distortion 40mm Mylar and titanium drivers
As makers of world-class studio monitors and audiophile playback systems, Focal understands that great sound starts with quality drivers. The Listen Professional headphones prove to be no exception. Each 40mm driver features a Mylar suspension and titanium-coated dome for lower breakup and extended frequency range. Powerful, low-distortion bass and clean high-end articulation are yours to enjoy every time you don your Focal Listen Pros.

All-day comfort and dependability
For serious listeners, comfort is just as important as audio fidelity. And this is another area where the Listen Professionals excel. Memory foam ear cushions with microfiber jackets react to pressure and heat, providing a custom-molded fit for every listener, every time. Furthermore, Focal's silicone-layered headband distributes weight evenly across the head and is proven mechanically reliable across 53 points of strain.

Universal smartphone compatibility
Their low 32-ohm resistance makes the Listen Professionals a solid choice for listeners on the go. One of the two included cables features a universal remote and omnidirectional microphone, allowing you to take calls in privacy without breaking your chill.

Compact and portable
At the end of the day, Focal Listen Professionals fold and tuck neatly into a bag or your hands. You can also stow them in the included rigid case for extended periods of nonuse. For all-day comfort and listening enjoyment, consider the Focal Listen Professional headphones


  • Successor to the acclaimed Spirit Professionals
  • Sleek, stylish folding design
  • Universal smartphone compatibility — includes remote and mic
  • Flat, full-range (15Hz–22kHz) frequency response
  • 40mm Mylar and titanium drivers deliver a memorable listening experience
  • Heat-sensitive earcups provide a custom fit
  • Silicone-layered headband distributes weight evenly across the head
  • Closed-back, circumaural design passively isolates noise
  • 22mm memory foam ear cushions with microfiber lining
  • Low impedance (32 ohms) is perfect for phones, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Includes rigid case, 2 oxygen-free copper audio cables (16' coiled cable and 4.5' straight cable with remote and omnidirectional mic), and 1/8"-1/4" adapter

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