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G7th Performance 2 Classical Capo

Kvalitetscapo til nylonstrengsgitarer

G7th Performance 2 Classical Capo
Varenr.: 107224
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 409 inkl. mva. kr 327 eks. mva.
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Kvalitetscapo til gitarer med 6 nylonstrenger 


  • True intonation
  • Slim design that does not hamper playing
  • Fast one-hand installation
  • Can be clipped to the headstock when not used

Capo Designed with the Player in Mind
G7th's Performance 2 Capo for 6-string classical guitars brings a new level of performance to capo playing. Smaller, lighter, and now easier to adjust than ever, G7th reversed their patented clutch mechanism to give you a playing tool that won't compromise your tone. The Performance 2 doesn't 'chomp down' on your precious fingerboard the ways other guitar capos do. Put it in position and give it a gentle squeeze - the smaller rubber surface is gentle to the instrument and won't choke out your guitar's sustain. And when you're done, the G7th Performance 2 6-string guitar capo is small enough to stow away on your headstock.

Why this capo is the one you need
Capos can be a constant source of frustration to guitarists, but the Performance 2 is a capo that becomes a part of your guitar, not just something you put on it. So easy to use you'll never fumble during performances again. Just push the lever to release the arms, find your fret position, and give the capo a gentle squeeze. Your guitar is held securely in tune for as long as you need. When it's time to move on to the next song simply press the lever again to release the capo. All of this can be done with one hand making you look like a pro in front of any audience!

Specifically designed for classical guitars
The G7th Classical Performance Capo was designed expressly to suit the needs of nylon string classical guitar players. It features a longer arm and a flat profile to comfortably fit a classical guitar fingerboard.


  • Reverse wrap spring clutch mechanism makes using a capo easier than ever
  • Smaller size means you can store it on the headstock for whenever you need it
  • Lighter-weight and less rubber means it won't pull on your strings, leaving you always in tune


  • Versions Available 6-String Guitar Capo, Classical Guitar Capo
  • Colours Available Silver
  • Summary Slimmer and lighter than the original Performance Capo, and featuring a smaller, reversed patented clutch mechanism, for a lightning fast squeeze-on, squeeze-off action. Stores behind the nut or on the peghead when not in use. .
  • Adjustable Tension Yes
  • One-Handed Operation Yes
  • Clamps Onto Headstock Yes
  • Weight 53g / 1.9oz

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