Gretsch USA Brooklyn Gray Oyster Shellpack

Shellpack, 10, 12, 16, 22. 6-lags lønn/poppel trommer
Salvador Cortez CC-10 Student 4/4 Natural

Salvador Cortez CC-10 Student 4/4 Natural

Steinberg UR22C

Steinberg UR22C

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Brooklyn, New York and Gretsch Drums share an inseparable legacy that is reflected in the Gretsch Brooklyn Series. Proudly hand-crafted in Gretsch’s Ridgeland, SC, USA factory, Gretsch Brooklyn produces a sound that is immediately recognizable, yet distinctively reinvented. Brooklyn drums feature 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells and are made slightly thicker than Gretsch’s USA Custom Drums and have a 30-degree bearing edge. Shell interiors are finished with classic Gretsch Silver Sealer. Each shell comes with a distinctive Brooklyn internal shell label that identifies the drum shell model number and serial number.

NB! Hardware, skarptromme og cymbaler følger ikke med


  • Gretsch shell set USA Brooklyn
  • 6-ply maple / poplar shell
  • 30° bearing edge
  • Gretsch 'Silver Sealer' inner shell coating
  • Gretsch '302' Hoops, double flanged 3 mm steel hoops
  • Chrome hardware
  • Remo heads
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Non-drilled bass drum


  • 10X7" Tam
  • 12X8" Tam
  • 16X14" Gulvtam
  • 22X18" Basstromme

Brooklyn toms and snares feature the distinctive Gretsch “302” hoop. Its 3mm thick and double-flanged and is reminiscent of hoops used by Gretsch until the mid 1950’s. Brooklyn delivers classic Gretsch tones that are full, punchy and warm. Brooklyn’s innovative specifications created a new Gretsch tonal characteristic that is slightly more open and satisfyingly ambient. There is no denying that Brooklyn drums possess the sound of classic Gretsch drums, but deliver their own sonic personality.

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