Hotone Ampero Gig Bag

Gig Bag for Hotone Ampero laget av kvalitets merket Music Area
Ritter RGP2-U BRD til Ukulele (sopran)

Ritter RGP2-U BRD til Ukulele (sopran)

Gravity BG KS1B

Gravity BG KS1B

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The Ampero Gig Bag is specifically designed for Ampero
Thick, reinforced inner padding cushions your gear, protecting your Ampero from impact damage as you take it from gig to gig. Reinforced wear-resistant fabric and heavy duty metal parts promise long-lasting durability and reliability wherever the music leads you. Ampero Gig Bag has 3 accessory pockets for all your small stuff (power adapter, cables, capos, and picks), and you can even use the straps to attach it to your instrument gig bag as an expanded accessory holder!

Ampero Gig Bag is also the perfect size for other compact multi-effects, mini pedalboards, and recording gear.


  • Compact gig bag designed for Ampero and other compact gear
  • Convenient, easy-to-carry bag with stellar protection
  • High quality interior/exterior materials and durable metal parts
  • Backpack straps for use as an expanded accessory bag ✪ 3 accessory pockets
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