Hotone Ampero Switch FS-1 - Dual Foot Switch

Dual footswitch for Hotone Ampero. Passer også til andre
Hotone DCA-10

Hotone DCA-10

Alctron PS-4

Alctron PS-4

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We know you’ve been waiting for it.
Ampero multi-effects processor proved itself to be a game changer for its huge tone, great versatility and tiny size. Since first launched, it quickly become popular among both starters and pro musicians. For the best possible portability, the footswitch amount on Ampero is limited – however for the players who want more flexibility on this unit, that’s not enough…So here it comes the Ampero Switch, Ampero’s best pal!

The best external footswitches for Ampero.
The Ampero Switch is an ultra compact momentary footswitch controller designed not only for Ampero, but also for other devices with momentary footswitch controller support. Featuring the same Aluminum casing and appearance theme design, Ampero Switch definitely matches your Ampero’s vibe perfectly. Carefully selected footswitches and other components ensure comfortable switching and excellent endurance.

How can I use it with my Ampero?
It’s quite simple: connect the TRS jack to Ampero’s EXP 2/FS jack with the attached TRS cable, then enter Global menu, find EXP 2/FS sub menu, set MODE to Dual FS. After this, you can assign any function you need to the footswitches.

What is momentary type footswitch? And what about latch-type?
When we talk about a latch-type footswitch, we’re referring to a kind of footswitch that remains on status once triggered on until you operate on it again. For example, a light on/off switch. Latch-type footswitch does not require continuous compression from players, which is great for switching effect pedals on/off or switching between amp channels.

Momentary footswitch is different: it remains on only as long as it is being compressed (e.g. a lighter with a press button). When you do a single press on a momentary footswitch, it will generate a short on-off “pulse”, which is recognized as a “trigger” on most digital multi-effects for switching presets, tap tempo, toggling effects on/off, etc. So momentary footswitch is mainly for controlling a digital gear.

What else can I use Ampero Switch with?
As aforementioned, the Ampero Switch is designed for not only Ampero, but also for other devices with momentary footswitch controller support. The function you can have will vary according to the device you’re going to control.


  • Ultra-compact, lightweight dual-footswitch controller
  • Your Ampero’s best pal
  • Can be used with other devices with external control jacks
  • Momentary footswitch design – momentary footswitch support needed
  • TRS Cable Included (80cm)
  • Dimensions: 100mm (W) x 40mm (D) x 42mm (H)
  • Weight: 130g
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