Hotone XTOMP

Bluetooth modellerings effektpedal med over 300 effekter
Boss CP-1X Compressor

Boss CP-1X Compressor

Hotone XTOMP Mini

Hotone XTOMP Mini

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Hver effekt du trenger i en enkelt pedal!
Hotone XTOMP Bluetooth er en modellerings effektpedal som gir deg øyeblikkelig tilgang til en hel verden med forsterkere, kabinetter og effekter som styres med bekvemmligheten av en intuitiv appbasert editor. Her får du tilgang til godt over 300 forskjellige type effekter, og hver modell kan skimte med Hotones dynamiske kretsmodelerings-teknologi (CDCM - Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling), som gir en meget realistisk og autentisk opplevelse. Bare velg den modellen du vil i appen, og overfør den til den robuste og kompakte pedalen med et tastetrykk. En hver gitarist og bassist trenger en "do-it-all" pedal, dessuten til en pris som passer lommeboken til de fleste. 

Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM)
Hotone har perfeksjonert sin modelleringsteknologi over det siste tiåret. Ved å benytte sin egen CDCM teknologi, kan Hotone nøyaktig replikere de dynamiske forandringene som finner sted i en krets, og gjennskape tonen, følelsen og kontrollene til hver enkelt modell. Fra de mest ettertraktede boutiqepedalene til legendariske rørforsterkere, vil du få en opplevelse som kun kan overgås av å faktisk plugge rett inn i det orginale utstyret!

Den virkelige kraften til XTOMP ligger i Hotones XTOMP-app for iOS- og Android-enheter. Åpne appen, og du vil finne et stadig voksende bibliotek med over 300 forsterkere, kabinetter, effekter og kombinasjonsmodeller. Installeres umiddelbart via Bluetooth overføring til XTOMP-pedalen. 

Elegant og robust design
Med sin minimalistiske stil og tynne konstruksjon i børstet zinc, skiller Hotone XTOMP seg definitivt fra de andre pedalene på brettet ditt. Pedalens kompakte størrelse gjør den dessuten lett å plassere på et trangt pedalbrett. De multifargede LED halogenene omkranser kontrollene og bryter for å indikere pedaloperasjonen og selv med all denne teknologien om bord, har XTOMP true-bypass slik at tonen holder seg uforandret når pedalen skrus av. 


  • App-basert modellerings effektpedal
  • Velg fra et biblotek med over 300 effekter og amp modeller (Dette utvides hyppig og er hele tiden i konstant utvikling)
  • Uverfør enkelt modeller til pedalen via Bluetooth
  • USB tilkobling for oppdatering av firmware
  • Robust chassis av metal
  • Multicolor LED
  • Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling gjennskaper eksakt tonen og følelsen av utstyret som bli modelert
  • Kompakt design som vil passe de fleste pedalbrett

Xtomp Detail
First and foremost, behind Hotone Audio there’s a group of people passionate about music. We are a highly experienced international team that combines different specialties with only one goal in mind: Create amazing tools that will allow you to take your Inspiration to the next level.

We are motivated by technological innovation, we see excellence in quality as a competitive strength and we believe in outstanding service as the foundation to provide every musician with a sensational experience.

Hotone’s slogan is “Design Inspiration”, which has a few shades of meaning. One of course is designs based on inspiration: that the products come out of some serious professional brainstorms centered around what is, what isn’t, and what can be made possible. It’s one of Hotone’s core values to challenge the limits of design.

“Design Inspiration” also means that it’s important for us to design and manufacture high quality products that musicians of all kinds can enjoy and be inspired by. Inspired to try something new, inspired to dig deep and put it all out there.

As ideas become designs, the Hotone team buckles down to create products the music world has always wanted but never before imagined possible. Expect from Hotone products for professional and amateur musicians alike: rugged, portable devices that don’t compromise on tone.

What is XTOMP?
XTOMP is an ultrathin effects pedal stompbox that simulates all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals through its growing effects library of over 300 models. XTOMP uses iOS* and Android* app to manage all your effects and transfers them to your stompbox via Bluetooth *.

This powerful pedal lets you get creative by giving you access to both modern, cutting edge units and rare, out of production pedals of lore. At any given time, it is always that “one” pedal you need:

  • Your secret weapon
  • The effect that comes to mind in a jam setting or on the fly
  • That pedal you could never afford or track down
  • Your ticket to experimenting with different tones
  • The classic tool for your home studio
  • And you can have it NOW, with no cables or computers

Main Features

  • Ultrathin design
  • Relay based true bypass footswitch with halo LED
  • 6 Knobs with halo LED
  • Stereo I/O: L – Relay True Bypass, R – Buffered Bypass (analog)
  • Free iOS* and Android* app for loading effects
  • Growing effects library for downloading algorithms via iOS* and Android* app
  • 9V DC power supply

Why should it be considered among the top products?
Hotone’s new Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM) system technology, which processes various incoming signals dynamically, is unlike current modeling systems which use the same modeling circuit regardless of the signal. CDCM allows for larger and more complex modeling algorithms, which equals more realistic and natural tone. There has never been anything like this in tone modeling before!

Have you ever wanted to get a classic effects pedal but just couldn’t afford it? Or searched the depths of eBay but couldn’t find that vintage pedal you’re after? Are those sounds only available in your classic record collection, never to be enjoyed by your own guitar? Isn’t there any way to access those righteous effects?

The Tech Story
As early as 2001, the Hotone team was brainstorming on how to model those old classic pedal and amp tones. The brainstorming turned into a complex and drawn out research based technological pursuit. Even as other companies were developing tone modeling, Hotone was set on answering the question of how to get tones just like those original products.

The majority of mainstream modeling methodology is based on certain circuit theory analysis modeling algorithms. These algorithms can successfully model a circuit’s characteristics in static state, creating tones close to the original sound. But the catch here is the “static state.” The characteristics of static circuitry hardly ever reflect a circuit’s dynamic performance, and thus only ever come “close” to the modeled sound; they are never indistinguishable.

Hotone spent the last ten years realizing a modeling approach based on dynamic featured circuitry. In 2003, the core Hotone team began work on effects pedal model modeling and produced an amp modeling multi-effects unit based on the earliest circuit modeling technology later that year. In 2004, the team began deeper research into amp modeling and developed technology for products for other brands. In 2007, Hotone produced a digital stompbox with upgraded circuit modeling technology and in 2010 came out with another, based on next generation circuit modeling technology. Now in 2016, Hotone is showing off the new era XTOMP, the fruit of a decade of circuit modeling research and development, which employs our very own Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling (CDCM) system. CDCM has constructed an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry. That is to say, as XTOMP is operating, the models at work within it are constantly changing rather than remaining fixed. This matrix will adjust its own modeling parameters and even framework based on the instrument input signal range, signal frequency, knob position, the instrument’s own impedance, and other variable parameters, all to achieve the closest possible characteristics of actual circuitry.

In order to capture the most meaningful tones, Hotone spent most of its resources in obtaining those classic effects which have long since disappeared from the market. Even as most of the original casings are but a shadow of their former glory, with their circuitry intact, the tones they produce have only become more coveted with time. And here we’d like to thank everyone who lent their vintage effects to our modeling research. Each tone found in XTOMP was meticulously tested, measured, and compared by the Hotone team to guarantee it’s likeness to the original.

XTOMP is a breakthrough product and represents the accumulation of Hotone’s technological strengths. As such, the team paid a great deal of attention to its visual and structural design. Having undergone several design revisions, Hotone decided on its central features: an extremely thin zinc alloy casing, a silver sand blasted finish, futuristic streamlined edging, a sci-tech logo, multicolor LED halo-surrounded metal knobs, wide brass alloy kick switch (also with LED halo), and stereo I/O jacks (L: Relay True Bypass, R: Buffer Bypass).

XTOMP is an ultrathin effects pedal stompbox that simulates all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals through its growing effects library of over 300 models. Users can update and even contribute to the library. XTOMP uses an iOS* or Android* app to manage all your effects and transfers them to your stompbox via Bluetooth*. A USB port allows for firmware updates and future XTOMP function upgrades. Guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, singers, DJs, and producers will all find the XTOMP an invaluable tool.

Musicians of all kinds love simple-to-operate gear. It lets them focus on the fun of making music. With that in mind, Hotone developed a smart but simple user interface: all you have to do is go in, find the pedal model you want, and put it in the XTOMP with the touch of a button. Adjust the XTOMP knobs to your liking, and you’re ready to rock.


  • Controls: 6 knobs, 1 On/Off footswitch
  • Audio Jacks: Left in (mono), Right in, Left out (mono), Right out
  • Bypass Mode: Left channel – Relay True Bypass & Analog Buffer
  • Bypass, Right channel – Analog Buffer Bypass
  • Input Impedance: 1M ohms
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Audio Frequency Response: 5Hz~21kHz
  • S/N Ratio: 114dB
  • Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
  • Current Consumption: Max.200mA
  • Dimensions: 126mm(D) x 73mm(W) x 35mm(H)
  • Weight: 472g


  • Engle 4x12 - ENGL® Pro E412VSB* cabinet                         
  • Marshell 4x12 - Marshall® 4x12* cabinet
  • Marshell 2x12 - Marshall® 2x12* cabinet
  • Black 1x12 - Fender®* Blackface 1x12” cabinet
  • Bad Kitty 1x12 - Bad Cat®* 1x12” cabinet
  • Jim 30 2x12 - JMI™ AC30* 2x12” cabinet
  • Voxy 4x12 - vintage VOX® 4x12” cabinet
  • Jazz 2x12 - Classic 1970’s solid-state jazz-amp cabinet
  • Worker 4x10 - SWR® Workingman’s 4x10T*
  • Big Bang 1x18 - SWR® Big Ben 1x18* bass cabinet
  • Mark 2x10 - Markbass® Standard 102HF* bass cabinet
  • Freedom 2x12 - Fryette® FatBottom 212* cabinet        
  • Soloist 4x12 - Soldano®* 4x12 Slant* closed-back cabinet
  • Rector 4x12 - 2x12 Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier®*           
  • Eddie 2x12 - Peavey® 6505™* 2x12 cabinet                           
  • Eddie 4x12 - Peavey® 5150®* 4x12 cabinet                
  • Tweed Chap 1x8 - Fender® Tweed Champ®* 1x8 combo       
  • Black Twin 2x12 - Fender® ’65 Twin Reverb®* 2x12 combo
  • Black Dual 2x15 - Fender® Blackface Dual Showman®* 2x15 cabinet
  • Black Prince 1x10 - Fender® ’65 Princeton®* 1x10 combo
  • Silver Twin 2x12 - Fender® Silverface Twin Reverb®* 2x12 combo
  • Baseman 2x12 - Fender® ’63 Blonde Bassman®* 2x12 cabinet
  • Vibra 1x12 - Fender® Vibrolux®* 1x12 combo
  • Ampage 8x10 - Ampeg® SVT-810E* 8x10 bass cabinet
  • Highway 4x12 - Hiwatt® SE4123C* 4x12 closed-back cabinet
  • Adam 4x10 - Eden® D410XLT* 4x10 bass cabinet
  • Adam 1x15 - Eden® EX115* 1x15 bass cabinet
  • Boger 4x12 - Bogner® 412SL* cabinet
  • Glacian 1x12 - Bogner® Shiva* combo cabinet
  • HK 4x12 - Hughes & Kettner® CC412A* cabinet
  • Dizzle 4x12 - Diezel® 4x12 cabinet
  • Hacker 4x12 - Hartke®* 4x12 guitar cabinet
  • Marshell 800 - Marshall® JCM800* amp head
  • Marshell 900 - Marshall® JCM900 (model 4100, CH B) * amp head
  • Baseman - Fender® Bassman®* amp
  • Voxy 30 -  VOX® AC-30*      
  • Voxy 30TB - VOX®* AC-30 Top Boost* combo
  • Voxy Bass - VOX®* AC-100* amp head
  • Tweed Lux - Fender® Tweed Deluxe* amp
  • Marshell 45 - Marshall® JTM 45* amp head  
  • Marshell SLP - Marshall® Super Lead 1959* amp head  
  • Soloist 100 - Soldano® SLO100* amp head
  • Emperor - Chieftain 212 combo*
  • Glacian Clean - Bogner ® Shiva* combo
  • Jazz Clean - “JC clean” 2x12 solid-state jazz-amp combo.
  • Hot Kitty Drive - Bad Cat® Hot Cat 30* amp
  • Black Twin - Fender® ’65 Twin Reverb®* amp
  • Tangerine A30 - Orange® AD30* amp head
  • Tangerine R100 - Orange® Rockerverb 100™* amp head
  • Highway 103 - Hiwatt® DR103* amp head
  • Eddie 51 - Peavey® 5150®
  • Legato Lead - Carvin® Legacy VL100* amp head
  • Legato Clean - Carvin® Legacy VL100* amp head
  • Fryman HB - Friedman® BE100* amp head
  • Formula Clean - Mesa/Boogie® F-100™ combo
  • Formula Drive - Mesa/Boogie® F-100™ combo (CH 2, contour off)
  • Messe IIC+ - Mesa/Boogie® Mark II C+™ amp head
  • Messe IV - Mesa/Boogie® Mark IV™ amp head
  • Rector Dual - Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® amp head
  • Superb Dual - Supro® Dual-Tone 1624T* combo
  • Engle Saga - ENGL® Savage 120 E610* amp head
  • Powerengle Clean - ENGL® Powerball II E645/2* amp head
  • Powerengle Crunch - ENGL® Powerball II E645/2* amp head
  • Powerengle Lead - ENGL® Powerball II E645/2* amp head
  • Dizzle VH - Diezel® VH4* amp head
  • Doctor 38 - Dr. Z® Maz 38 Sr.* combo
  • Pendragon Drive - Grindrod® Pendragon PG20C* combo
  • Ampage Classic - Ampeg® SVT* bass amp head
  • Ampage Flip - Ampeg® B-15* bass amp head
  • Alchemy Pre - Alembic™ F-2B* rack-mount bass preamp
  • Pendragon Clean - Grindrod® Pendragon PG20C* combo
  • Rector 2x12 - 2x12 Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier®* horizonal cabinet


  • Tweedrive - Inspired by the classic deluxe model tweed style amps
  • Voxy Lady - Inspired by the classic British style Class A amps
  • Golden Lead - Inspired by the classic 1980’s British hi-gain amps
  • Plexi Crunch - Inspired by the classic 1960’s British Plexi amps
  • Screamood - classic overdrive inspired by the evergreen TS-style overdrive
  • Panama Lead - Inspired by the legendary “brown sound” amp
  • Solid Steel - Flexible drive pedal designed for bass
  • SLO Lead - Inspired by a legendary American hi-gain amp
  • Drive Machine - flexible overdrive/distortion
  • Green 9 - Ibanez® TS-9 Tube Screamer®*
  • Green Drive - Ibanez® TS-808 Tube Screamer®*
  • Yellow Drive - Based on pretty much the first overdrive pedal the world ever saw
  • Yellow Drive T - The Yellow Drive T is based on a rare overdrive pedal
  • Super Drive - This Super Drive is based on a classic, widely used overdrive
  • Super Drive+ - The Super Drive+ is based on a rare dual-mode yellow overdrive pedal
  • Zen Garden - Hermida® Zendrive®*
  • Blues Butter - Marshall® Bluesbreaker®*
  • Grand Driver - Marshall® Drive Master* overdrive pedal
  • Swarm Drive - Providence® SOV-2 Stampede OD* pedal
  • Smooth Dist - Based on the famous late-70’s distortion pedal
  • Crunchist - MI Audio® Crunch Box®*
  • Tube Cranker - MI Audio® Tube Zone*
  • Plustortion - MXR® M104 Distortion +*
  • Yellow Preamp - DOD® Overdrive/Preamp 250*
  • Tube Clipper - B. K. Butler ® Tube Driver®*
  • Big Pie - Big Muff Pi®*
  • Purple Plexi - Wampler® Plexitortion* pedal
  • Governor - Marshall® The Guv’Nor* distortion pedal
  • Metaland - Inspired by the world’s most popular heavy metal distortion pedal
  • Spark Drive - Voodoo Lab® Sparkle Drive* overdrive pedal
  • Lemonade - DOD® FX51 Juice Box Overdrive*
  • Monkey Drive - Digitech® Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive* pedal
  • Force - Fulltone® OCD® V3* overdrive pedal
  • Dr. Blues - Based on a widely used blues overdrive
  • Black Tail - ProCo™ RAT2* distortion pedal
  • Beefy Boost - Xotic® BB Preamp* pedal
  • Bass Crusher - Based on the widely used yellow bass driver
  • Direct Touch - Barber® Direct Drive* overdrive pedal
  • Grunger - DOD® FX69 Grunge* pedal
  • Death - DOD® FX86 Death Metal* distortion pedal
  • Rebel - Suhr® Riot Distortion™* pedal
  • Satisdrive - Fulltone® Full-Drive 2® MOSFET* overdrive pedal
  • Affinity Boost - Xotic® AC Booster* pedal
  • Infinity - Majik Box™ Fuzz Universe* overdrive pedal


  • Squeezer - Fully-functional compressor with lots of tonal flexibility
  • Squeezer B - Fully-functional compressor specially designed for bass 
  • Enhancer - Xotic® EP Booster* pedal
  • Pristine Boost - Xotic® RC Booster* pedal
  • FET Boost - Based on the legendary FET-based belt clip preamp
  • Comprosso - Ross™ Compressor* pedal
  • Comparoma 4 - Keeley® C4 4-knob compressor* pedal
  • Lucky Strike - Diamond® CPR1 Compressor* pedal
  • Blue Sustainer - Based on a legendary 3-knob compressor/sustainer pedal
  • Warden - Fully-functional noise gate with detailed control
  • Noise Destroyer - ISP® Decimator™* noise gate pedal
  • Gated Boost - Designed for modern Djentlemen and metalheads


  • EQ I - 5-band EQ for Guitar
  • EQ II - 5-band EQ for Guitar
  • EQ III - 5-band EQ for Guitar
  • Bass EQ I - 5-band EQ for bass
  • Bass EQ II - 5-band EQ for bass
  • Bass EQ III - 5-band EQ for bass
  • LPF - Low pass filter
  • Toucher - Envelope filter with a wide range of tonal variety
  • Toucher B - Envelope filter designed for bassists
  • Dynamic Basso - Fine-tuned envelope filter for bassists
  • Crier - Controllable band pass filter which delivers a variety of auto-wah effects
  • Crier B - Controllable band pass filter designed for bass players
  • Bit Krusher - Sweet-sounding bitcrusher/sample rate reducer
  • Clean Octa - Polyphonic octaver that creates notes one octave higher and one octave lower
  • Dirty Octa - Monophonic octaver that creates notes one octave lower and two octaves lower
  • AC Sim - All-analog acoustic guitar simulator
  • Bouncy Q - Electro-Harmonix® Bassballs* pedal
  • Prof. Q - Electro-Harmonix® Q-Tron* pedal
  • Q Filter - Electro-Harmonix® Doctor Q* envelope filter pedal
  • Acoustic Refiner - One-knob tool that enhances all that is good in acoustic guitars
  • Telephone Line - Special filter that simulates an old phone
  • Mic Lab - Vintage microphone simulator
  • Creamy - Special tone simulator that simulates Clapton’s legendary “Woman Tone”


  • Choruium - Based on the legendary 2-knob blue ensemble chorus unit
  • Aquaria - Chorus model that creates a warm, natural, sweet sine wave chorus tone
  • Aquaria + - Chorus that modulates the sound with a triangle waveform
  • Aquaria S - Stereo chorus with a smooth, lush chorus tone
  • Aquaria M - Multi-dimensional chorus model with independent depth controls
  • Chatter - detune model which combines the shifted signal with the original signal
  • Shiver - Vibrato effect
  • Shiver T - Special vibrato effect with dynamic depth control
  • Alert - combines original signal with a delayed signal that is shifted up one octave
  • Jetter - Classic flanging effect
  • Jetter B - Classic flanging effect, for bass players
  • Jetter N - Flanger effect with negative feedback Trem
  • Jet - Classic flanging tone with a normal tremolo effect
  • Twirl - filters by creating peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum
  • Twirl R - Produces a phasing tone with random variation
  • Twirl N - A phaser with 3 notch parameters
  • Twirl P - Special phaser that combines tremolo/pan variations
  • Green Phaser - produces a sharp phase effect with a wide range from slow to fast
  • Minivibe - Delivers a lush rotating effect that simulates 1960s rotary speakers
  • Revolver - Shin-ei® Uni-Vibe®* pedal
  • O-Shaker - Classic, pulsing optical tremolo of American 1960s amps
  • B-Shaker - Vintage bias circuitry style tremolo sound from 50’s British amplifiers
  • Sin Trem - Tremolo model giving a natural, rounded sine wave tremolo tone
  • Tri Trem - Harder triangle wave tremolo tone
  • Square Trem - Square wave tremolo tone with hard, punchy, typewriter-like sound
  • Saw Trem - Unique sawtooth wave tremolo tone with hollow feeling
  • Custom Trem - Tremelo with 4 different waveforms to choose from
  • Bell - Ring modulator which produces interesting inharmonic frequency spectra
  • Bella - Ring modulator which produces interesting inharmonic frequency spectra
  • Choruium B - vintage-voiced chorus model is based on a famous ensemble chorus unit
  • Clonic - Electro-Harmonix® Small Clone* pedal
  • Helicopter - Demeter® TRM-1 Tremulator®* tremolo pedal
  • 90 Phaser - MXR® M101 Phase 90* pedal
  • Liquid Dream - Voodoo Lab® Analog Chorus* pedal
  • Pulser - Super rare all-analog vintage vibrato pedal
  • Liquid C - Legendary 4-button stereo chorus pedal
  • Choruium E - Chorus pedal with wide frequency range and flexible high/low cut filters
  • Choruium S - Clean chorus effect with brilliant highs
  • Baby Blue - DOD® FX60 Stereo Chorus* pedal
  • Grand Choruium - Based on legendary 1970s ensemble chorus / vibrato pedal
  • Choruium + - based on a rare model from one of the first creators of chorus
  • Spatial Ensemble - Maxon® CS-550 Stereo Chorus* pedal
  • Aozora Chorus - Arion® SCH-1 Stereo Chorus* pedal


  • Ekopress 900 - Maxon® AD900 Analog Delay* pedal
  • Ekopress 999 - Maxon® AD999 Analog Delay* pedal
  • Ekopress 80 - Maxon® AD80 Analog Delay* pedal
  • Pure Eko - clean delay sound with time range of 20ms-1000ms.
  • Dual Pure Eko S - stereo dual delay effect with separated L/R channel processing
  • Analog Eko - vintage analog delay machine: warm and natural
  • Dual Analog Eko M - dual delay effect combining two delays in series
  • Phantom - Delay model has a sweep filter affecting the delay repeats
  • Tracker - Delay that responds to dynamics to create versatile delay sounds
  • Trem Eko - delay model with a unique tremolo that affects only the delay repeats
  • Multi Eko - multi tap delay with characteristics of a 4-head echo machine
  • Mag Eko - captures the sound of a solid-state tape echo machine
  • Dual Mag Eko S - Big studio dual tape echo machine
  • Cross Eko - ping-pong stereo delay that bounces between the left and right channels
  • Backmask - Delay model that reverses the original sound
  • Vintage Rack - 1980’s rack-mount delay with slightly sample-reduced feedback
  • Sweetie - Natural analog delay sound
  • Spaceko - Clean delay tone with a nice chorus effect
  • Recaller - Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man® Solid State Echo/Analog Delay Line* pedal
  • Recaller S - Electro-Harmonix® Stereo Memory Man® Stereo Echo/Chorus pedal
  • Room - Reverb model that recreates the spaciousness of a small room
  • Hall - Performance hall reverb Sweet
  • Space - Lush, sweet, spacious reverb effect
  • Twist Verb - Mysterious reverb effect with some twisted flanging textures
  • Plate - synthetic reverberation: one of the first types of artificial reverbs
  • Spring - Spring tank reverb was the original simple and inexpensive reverb
  • Oceandeep - Finely-tuned, musical model that immerses you in a deep reverb
  • Northstar - Shining reverb that keeps the highs under control
  • Izumi - Reverb with liquid-like decays and deep low ends


  • Mag Dist - Combines "Smooth Dist" and "Mag Eko" (Distortion + Delay)
  • Choruium Dist - Combines "Smooth Dist" and "Choruium" (Distortion + Chorus)
  • Mag Hall - Combines "Mag Eko" and "Hall" (Delay + Reverb)
  • Choruium Hall - Combines "Choruium" and "Hall" (Chorus + Reverb)
  • Square Drive - Combines "Square Trem" and "Yellow Drive" (Overdrive + Tremolo)
  • Yellow Jet - Combines "Yellow Drive" and "Jetter" (Overdrive + Flanger)
  • Backroom - Combines "Backmask" and "Room" (Delay + Reverb)
  • Green Governor - Combines "Green Phaser" and "Governor" (Distortion + Phaser)
  • Octa Pie - Combines "Clean Octa" and "Big Pie" (Octave + Fuzz)
  • Lemonplus - Combines "Lemonade" and "Plustortion" (Overdrive + Distortion)
  • Belleko - Combines "Bell" and "Pure Eko" (Ring Mod + Delay)
  • 90 Crunchist - Combines "90 Phaser" and "Crunchist" (Distortion + Phaser)
  • Mad Choruium - Combines "Bass Crusher" & "Choruium B" (Bass Overdrive/Dist + Bass Chorus)
  • Wagging - Combines "Minivibe" and "Black Tail" (Vibe + Distortion)
  • Memoria - Combines "Clonic" and "Direct Touch" (Overdrive + Chorus)
  • Octoucher - Combines “Clean Octa" and “Toucher B" (Octave + Touch Wah)
  • Big C - Combines "Big Pie” and “Liquid C” (Fuzz + Chorus)
  • Pulstar - Combines "Pulser" and "Northstar" (Vibrato + Reverb)
  • Triplet - Combines "Phantom" and "Plate" (Delay + Reverb)
  • Tube Plate - Combines "Tube Clipper" and "Plate" (Overdrive + Reverb)
  • Milky Way - Combines "Path Filter" and "Northstar" (Step Filter + Reverb)
  • Refining - Combines "Alchemy Pre" and "90 Phaser" (Bass Preamp + Phaser)
  • Deep Dive - Combines "Oceandeep" and "Plate" (Reverb + Reverb)
  • Refined Star - Combines "Acoustic Refiner" and "Northstar" (Equalizer + Reverb)
  • Burning Hearts - Combines our "Plustortion" and "Vintage Rack" (Distortion + Delay)
  • Pie Krusher - Combines "Bit Krusher" and "Big Pie" (Bitcrusher + Fuzz)


  • Kingman’s Kitchen - Combines "Big Pie" and "Mag Eko" (Fuzz + Delay)
  • Mafia - distortion with extreme lows and edgy highs
  • Byzantium - Combines overdrive and delay in one
  • Ripples in Time - Combines tremolo and delay in one
  • Buzzsaw Beehive - Combines bass overdrive and phaser in one
  • Solar Skream - Combines distortion and reverb in one


  • Freshly Squeezed - Compverb specially tuned for acoustic players
  • Eterno - Loop station which can record up to 45 seconds of loop phrases
  • Path Filter - 4-step filter machine for creating synth-like sounds
  • Blank - Noise generator that outputs white noise
  • Satisfaction - tape saturation simulator of a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder