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Earthworks SR314

Superb vokalmikrofon, kondensator.

Earthworks SR314
Varenr.: 114539
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 8 695 inkl. mva. kr 6 956 eks. mva.
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Vokalistens verktøy
SR314 er utviklet for å møte dagens moderne forventninger og krav til lydkvalitet i live-markedet. Presisjonsformet rustfritt stål gir SR314 et stilfult utseende med god balanse og en solid konstruksjon for livet på veien. Earthworks klasse-A forsterkerkrets i kombinasjon med den patenterte studiokapselen gir enestående kvaliteter:  Superkvikk respons uten forvrengning, stort frekvens- og dynamikkoråde, ingen støy, naturlig lyd som minimerer behovet for korrigerende EQ, de-esser og dynamikkprosessering.


  • Rustfritt stål
  • Frekvensområde: 20Hz to 30kHz 
  • Opptaksmønster: Kardioid
  • Lyddemping bak opptaksområde (kardioid): -32 dB !!!
  • Følsomhet: 10mV/Pa (-40dBV/Pa)
  • Strøm: 24 – 48V Phantom, 10mA 
  • Max SPL: 145dB SPL 
  • SNR: 79dB A-weighted
  • Tilkobling: XLR (pin 2+) 
  • Utgangsimpedanse: 65Ω balansert (mellom pin 2 og 3) 
  • Min. utgangsimp.: 600Ω (mellom pin 2 og 3) 
  • Støy: 15dB SPL (A vektet) 
  • Dimensjoner: L x D: 181.1mm x 40.6mm
  • Vekt: 0.68kg
  • Leveres med mikholder og transportbag

Earthworks’ Amazing Handheld Condenser Mic
Earthworks precision-engineered their SR314 handheld condenser microphone to offer a fresh approach to miking live vocals. The SR314’s tight cardioid polar pattern provides consistent frequency response to 90º off-axis, with extreme attenuation of off-axis sound sources beyond 90º and maximum rejection at 180º. It captures natural, open, rich-sounding vocals with minimal proximity effect and delivers articulate low end close up without thinning out with distance. This allows singers to “work the mic” without dramatic changes in sound. The SR314’s 145dB SPL handling and an extended 20Hz–30kHz frequency response further enhance the versatility of this incredible mic, making it as useful for high-fidelity capture of instruments as it is for vocals.

“The Instrument for Vocalists”
Billed as “the instrument for vocalists,” Earthworks designed the SR314 for today’s live performance environment. The beautiful retro-futuristic design incorporates stainless steel artfully sculpted through precision machining to give you a microphone that is inspiring to the eye, balanced in the hand, and robustly engineered to withstand the rigors of the road. Protected within its steel exoskeleton is a studio-grade small-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule coupled with a Class A amplifier circuit that leverages Earthworks patented and proprietary technologies to deliver one of the fastest mics on the planet.

Studio-grade sound quality
The SR314’s extended flat frequency response and excellent time coherence with fast, clean impulse response sets the Earthworks SR314 apart from other handheld vocal mics in its class. Layer by layer, Earthworks systematically eliminated distortion and noise normally added by acoustic and electronic circuit components to give you a microphone that unveils the true voice of the artist. Earthworks may position the SR314 as a live vocal mic, but its outstanding sound and performance have certainly caught the attention of studio engineers.

Revolutionizing the live music experience
The SR314 revolutionizes the live music experience for performers, engineers, and audiences. Faster soundchecks and better monitor mixes let artists focus on what matters most: the performance. Front-of-house engineers are freed from the vicious cycle of corrective EQ, overt compression, de-essing, and perpetual feedback vigilance. Audiences hear nuanced vocals that sit perfectly in the mix, bridging the gap that so often separates the experience of listening to live music versus studio recordings.

Goodbye Feedback
Maximum rejection of sound sources at 180 degrees imbues the SR314 with levels of feedback immunity and isolation from unwanted sound sources not found in other microphones.


  • Small-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule
  • Class A amplifier circuit
  • Captures natural, open, rich-sounding vocals
  • Extended flat frequency response from 20Hz–30kHz
  • Tight cardioid polar pattern with consistent frequency response to 90º off-axis
  • Extreme attenuation of off-axis sound sources beyond 90º; maximum rejection at 180º
  • Consistent, distance-agnostic low-frequency response
  • Articulate low end close up, doesn’t thin out with distance
  • Higher gain before feedback than other mics in its class
  • Maximum SPL: 145dB
  • Power requirements: 24–48 volts phantom, 10mA
  • Includes MC4 microphone clip and storage bag


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 30kHz 
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity: 10mV/Pa (-40dBV/Pa)
  • Power Requirements: 24 – 48V Phantom, 10mA 
  • Max Acoustic Input: 145dB SPL 
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 79dB A-weighted
  • Output: XLR (pin 2+) 
  • Output Impedance: 65Ω balanced (between pins 2 & 3) 
  • Min Output Load: 600Ω between pins 2 & 3 
  • Noise: 15dB SPL equivalent (A weighted) 
  • Dimensions L x D: 7.13 x 1.6 inches (181.1mm x 40.6mm)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)

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