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Alctron VB860

Refleksjonsfilter for stativ. Solid festemekanisme.

Alctron VB860
Varenr.: 113119
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 1 995 inkl. mva. kr 1 596 eks. mva.
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Alctron VB860 refleksjonsfilter med solid feste for stativ.
VB860 reduserer tidlige refleksjoner og bidrar til et mer kontrollert opptak.


  • Refleksjonsfilter
  • Bryter og demper refleksjoner
  • Solid festemekanisme for stativ
  • Sort og rødt
  • 440x400mm

Sound Reflection Filter - Vocal Recording Booth Screen
The VB860 reflection filter is a stylish portable vocal booth system that can be used to isolate a microphone when recording, to reduce room ambiance, reflected sound and external noise. It is perfect for home studios and location recordings where a room may not have acoustic treatment. The booth can be mounted on any standard mic stand with a tripod base.

"Must Have" for Vocal Recording
A reflection filter will help create a "dry" vocal recording when using sensitive condenser microphones in a home studio where sound reflections and room noise are apparent. This a good idea for small rooms with hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment. A dry vocal signal is much easier to work on in post production. Using a reflection filter maintains higher frequencies, and tightens low end frequencies.

Quality Workmanship
Made from strong aluminium framing and bracketing, and polyster covering the interior, this filter is light yet is sturdy and effective in all recording situations. It is extremely portable, and easy to set the height as required, as well as the microphone position.


  • Box contains: reflection filter, and bracketing for stand and microphone
  • Adjustable extension bar for the microphone
  • Threaded thumbscrew for stands and mic extension adjustment
  • Made from aluminium and polyester
  • Dimensions: 300 x 440 x 400mm

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