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Miktek PMD5

Mikrofonsett 4+1 med holdere og aluminiumskoffert.

Miktek PMD5
Varenr.: 103794
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 12 095 inkl. mva. kr 9 676 eks. mva.
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Miktek PMD5 består av 4stk. Miktek PM10 skarptromme-/ tammikrofon og 1 stk. PM11 stortrommemikrofon. 
Mikrofonene er pakket i aluminiumskoffert og mikrofonholdere følger med.

Miktek PM10 - super skarptromme-/tammikrofon
Studioteknikere og produsenter i Nashville (hvor Miktek produseres), har snakket om den nye, superkardioide, dynamiske PM10 i månedsvis - en fantastisk mikrofon til skarptromme. Vi kan i tillegg informere om at den fungerer glimmrende på tammer også. Med PM-serien har Miktek brukt teknologi fra de annerkjennte studiomikrofonene sine og produsert noen feiende flotte mikrofoner som også er bygget for turné. PM10 låter stramt og "punchy" og fungerer på flere instrumenter med høy SPL. Hvis du er på leting etter en solid bygget, høykvalitets dynamisk mikrofon - da trenger du ikke lete lenger: Miktek PM10

Miktek PM10 egenskaper:

  • Optimalisert for skarptromme og tam
  • Dynamisk
  • Sypernyre
  • Neodymium element for lydtrykkets skyld
  • Kraftig konstruksjon som tåler bruk, ikke bare i studio, men også på veien

Miktek PM11 - solid stortrommemikrofon

De fleste mikrofoner som er bygget for strortrommer kommer med en EQ-kurve etter produsentens ideal. Dette gjør at trommelyden i stor grad kommer fra mikrofonen, mer enn fra trommen. Derfor vil trommelyden låte veldig likt uansett hvilken tromme den fanger. Miktek PM11 har valgt en annerledes tilnærming. Riktignok er PM11  bygget for formålet basstrommer/ bassinstrumenter, men med et mye mindre fabrikkformet "sound". Med masse mat og tyngde, punch og dynamikk, er PM11 en strålende mikrofon for de som ønsker en levende mikrofon som gjengir kvaliteten i instrumentet. Du kan selv forme kvaliteten og den fungerer glimmrende på basskabinetter og andre lydkilder der de lave frekvensene er viktig. 

Miktek PM11 egenskaper:

  • Dynamisk
  • Mye punch og feit bunn
  • En jevn og lite farget lyd
  • Solid bygget

Great Drum Mic Bundle
The house lights go out. The crowd is roaring while you step behind your kit. You’re ready to give the energetic performance you painfully rehearsed and prepared weeks for. You took a lot of care when you put together your kit. How will your drums sound to the audience? Will you drums cut through the monitor mix? - No worries. 

Experience Miktek PMD5 Performance Series Drum Microphones. You put a lot of time and money into selecting shells, hardware, cymbals and tuning your kit just right. The hard work and sweat you put into every rehearsal enables you to give a better than average performance, so you demand better than average microphones to reproduce the sound of your drum set. Miktek Performance Series drum microphones offer way above average sound and build quality that will impress the most discriminating engineers and drummers alike. Featuring cutting edge capsule design perfectly matched to Miktek’s proprietary output transformers; the Performance Series Microphones produce a modern, yet truly classic sound you not only hear, but you feel, too.

The Miktek PMD5 drum mic kit brings the sound of two great microphones together for drummers, on the stage and in the studio. Featuring three PM10 snare/tom mics, three LRM100 rim mount clips, along with the PM11 kick drum mic all packed in a sturdy road case, the PMD5 is a perfect foundation for miking any kit. The PM10 and PM11 are super cardioid, dynamic microphones featuring custom designed, neodymium capsule elements offering extremely clear and articulate sound reproduction. The capsules are then matched with a proprietary boutique transformer made in the US by AMI, and finally, the microphones are assembled and tested in Nashville TN USA. Simply put, we use better components to achieve a higher level of sound quality.

The PM10’s frequency response is full and robust and has been contoured to snare and tom-toms. Plus, the capsule’s unique labyrinth design provides ultimate rear rejection and maximum gain before feedback, so your snare and toms cut though the PA. The PM10 is an excellent choice for conga, timbale, hand-drums and other percussion as well. With high SPL capabilities the PM10 can easily accommodate the loudest drummers and can even be used to mic up loud guitar amps and brass instruments. The PM10 can be set upon a traditional mic stand, or use the included LRM100 Lever Rim Mount clip to quickly attached the microphone to your snare or tom rim.

The PM11’s frequency response is full and robust and is perfect for reinforcing bass drums in live sound applications. The P11’s capsule features a unique labyrinth design provides ultimate rear rejection and maximum gain before feedback, so your kick, or kicks, cut though the PA with clarity and distinction. The deep and honest response makes the PM11 kick drum mic ideal for studio applications. With high SPL capabilities the PM11 can easily accommodate the loudest drummers and can even be used to mic up loud bass guitar amps.

The PM10 and PM11’s steel grilles and die cast bodies ensure durability and reliability night after night. Their ultra sleek, silver finish with stainless steel and black appointments make the PM10 and PM11 attractive complements to any drum kit. The Miktek PMD5 drum microphone kit will reproduce the sound of your bass drum faithfully, delivering a solid foundation to any live or studio performance.


  • Dynamic Drum Microphone Set
  • Incudes 1 PM11 Kick Drum mic and 4 PM10 
 Snare/Tom Mics
  • Lever lock Rim Mount Tom Clips and Standard Mic Clips

  • Packaged with in a rugged aluminum carrying case
  • Three year warranty