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Nova Elite EL10

10" 2-veis hornmatet line-array høyttaler

Nova Elite EL10
Varenr.: 104170
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 17 695 inkl. mva. kr 14 156 eks. mva.
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EL10 er en to-veis line-array høyttaler i et trapesformet chassis for faste installasjoner og mobilt bruk. Kabinettet er utstyrt med 2 x 1" HF driver (1,75" voice coil), som er montert på en wave guide. Den nominelle dekning er 100° x 10°. MF / LF delen er utstyrt med en 10" høyttaler (3" voice coil), som er hornmatet. 10" elementet er plassert bak HF-wave guiden (koaksial konstruksjon). 

EL10 kan flys i vertikale søyler med opp til 12 enheter per side ved hjelp av EC1 flyramme. Vinkelen mellom hver EL10 kan reguleres fra 0° til 7,5° i trinn på 1,5°. EL10 er kompatibel med alle andre ELITE modeller inkludert ELITE subwoofere . Opptil fire EL10 kan være direkte stacket på E18SUB subwoofer uten adapter eller ekstra ramme. Chassiset er laget av 15 mm kryssfiner (bjørk) og dekket med svart Polycoat© finish. Kabbinettet er utstyrt med 2 gripehåndtak og frontgrill med mørkt gjennomsiktig skum på baksiden. To Speakon kontakter (NL4) er montert på baksiden av kabinettet for signalinngang (input) og signal link. Ytelsen på EL10 er 400 W (RMS), og impedansen er på 8 ohm.

10” 2-way hornloaded, coaxial line-array speaker
The EL10 is a two-way high performance line array speaker in a trapezoidal chassis for fixed installations and mobile use. The cabinet is equipped with two 1" HF drivers (1,75” voice coil), which are mounted onto a wave guide. The nominal coverage is 100° x 10° (H x V). The MF/LF section is equipped with one high-performance 10" speaker (3” voice coil), which is hornloaded. The 10” transducer is contructed behind the wave guide of the high-frequency section (coaxial construction).

The EL10 can be flown in vertical colums with up to 12 units per side by using the EC1 flyframe. The angle between each EL10 can be adjusted from 0° up to 7,5° in steps of 1,5°. The EL10 is compatible with all other ELITE models including ELITE subwoofers. Up to four EL10 can be directly stacked onto the E18SUB subwoofer without any adapter or additional frame. The chassis is constructed from 15 mm plywood (birch) and covered with black PolyCoat© finish. The cabinet is equipped with two grip handles and one front grill with transparent charcoal foam backing. Two speakon connectors (NL4) are mounted at the rear side of the chassis for signal input (input) and signal link (link). The power rating of the EL10 is 400 W (RMS), the impedance is 8 ohms.


  • 2 HF compression drivers (1.75” voice coil / PM4 technology)
  • Physical tuntime-correction (coaxial construction)
  • Hornloaded system for long throw effect
  • Phase-plug for more SPL (mid frequency range)
  • Very high SPL (133 dB SPL max. / 103 dB 1W/1m)
  • 100° x 10° nominal coverage
  • Passive fullrange operation
  • Integrated "QUICK LOCK" flyware
  • Durable NOVA PolyCoat© finish

The EL10 speaker can be driven either by NOVA X or DXP series amplifiers with a digital speaker processor. The speaker can be driven also by other professional amplifiers with a maximum output power of 400 W (RMS) at 8 ohms.

Elite: The "Physically Corrected" System

Since the 90s, line array systems became more and more popular. Since then, the market offers an immense choice of different technologies by different manufacturers. Compared to conventional sound reinforcement systems, line array systems offer clear advantages at large-scaled events. The vertical arrangement of several loudspeakers in a row results in an increase of reach. This offers the possibility of straight sound reinforcement along defined listener´s surfaces. The existing line array technologies offer well horizontal dispersion and a front-to-back coverage. Different technologies are used to avoid interferences and holes in the defined field. But why do many line arrays sound so strange anyhow?

In spite of every effort, many manufacturers simply do not respect important laws of physics like:

  • Identical sound pressure level from 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Precise and equable dispersion from 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • Correct signal-runtime from every component (each single woofer and high driver to each other inside of one line array cabinet)
  • Interferences and trouble-making „beam“ between two woofers inside of one line array cabinet

NOVAs engineering department has respected all this points. Due to the unique combination of innovative technologies ELITE speakers are so-called „physically corrected“. This results in a better functionality of a true line array system.

Ehorn Hornloaded Core-Technology

Line array systems are usually a combination of different technologies. The mid/high frequency range is covered by standard array cabinets. This enables high reach. But subwoofers are mostly based on direct reflecting or similar technologies. This results in different maximum reach and SPL between mid/high and sub/low frequency range. The solution for the same maximum reach along the whole frequency range: The ELITE family is completely based on NOVAs „EHORN“ technology. All models including subwoofers are fully horn-loaded.

ELITE systems offer the same SPL along the whole relevant frequency range from 20 - 20.000 Hz. The result is an equable increase of reach.

Ecox The Physically Runtime-Correction
Typical problems of line array systems are phasing and lost of linear tuning. The most critical range in any music signal is in the mid and high frequencies. Many line arrays sound really strange if the listener walks from the left to the right side in front of the system / direct field. Due to the positioning of the woofers inside a cabinet, line arrays typically induce a so-called „phasing“ effect. Measured in the centre of field, most systems work correctly, because the signal-runtimes of each component (woofers and drivers) are the same. But measured outside of the centre of field, the different signal-runtimes effect in phasing and loss of linear tuning.

NOVAs „ECOX“ technology enables a so-called „physically corrected“ runtime. Due to the very special coaxial construction of all ELITE line array modules and horn-loaded speakers, the signal-runtime between every woofer and high driver is absolutely the same. Both, mid and high signals, arrive the listeners´ ears exactly in the same moment. This results in the so-called „NOVA ZERO-phasing“ and makes sure a linear tuning at any point inside the whole field. If the listener walks from the left to the right side in front of the system / direct field, the audio quality and linearity is equal everywhere.

ELITE systems offer a very accurate dispersion in the whole field along the whole frequency range.

Eplug for Higher Mid-SPL

NOVAs engineers have developed the so-called „EPLUG“ for higher sound pressure at the important frequency range between 500 Hz and 2.000 Hz.
This technology is based on an especially calculated phase plug, which works onto the woofer of the mid frequencies. The EPLUG compresses the air molecules between membran and phase plug. This results in much higher sound pressure. Based on this technology,

ELITE speakers deliver more sound pressure in this important range. It enables the use of even a 15" speaker without lost of the important mid frequencies. The crossover frequency between mid speaker and high driver can be set much higher then usually.

PM 4 Polymer Diaphragm
The new PM 4 diaphragm is a high tech polymer never used in the audio field before. It is the result of research in new materials, confers a superb sonic response, strength, stability and resistance beyond requirements of the professional applications.

The sound performance is more natural compared to plastic materials commonly used, therefore, the subjective feeling of the sound has been improved doing it more attractive, interesting and accurate for all the sound engineers and users that have tested it. The performance that can be obtained is just superb. The PM 4 diaphragms delivers an accurate and natural HF response, easy set-up in terms of EQ and filtering thanks to the frequency response behavior and incomparable reliability of this exclusive product.

ELITE line array modules and mid/high cabinets are equipped with the PM 4 diaphragm and offer:

  • High Power Handling Capabilities (70 W AES each single component)
  • Tonal Accuracy and natural Sound
  • High Sensitivity (109 dB)
  • Linear Frequency response

Ewave for "time-corrected" Wave front
Since the line array has come into vogue, countless designs revolving around to achieve the correct time behavior at high frequencies.

It was mostly about trying a variety of single phasing lines to achieve the desired time response. With the skillful interpretation also leads to the target in relation to time. The most "adventurous" diversions are often the reason for higher distortions. As in our NOVA AT2 line array element (ATLAS series), we go a different way. We make the waveguide as small as possible and prefer to put in yet another driver.

We divide the waveguide of each driver in just two phasing lines. The results are also a real-time behavior but at lower distortion. The positive experiences in the development of our ATLAS systems are fully invested in the ELITE development.

Technical Data

Article number: # 26102
System Type: 10", two-way, horn-loaded, coaxial, line array
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB): 70 Hz - 18 kHz
Coverage Pattern: 100° x 10° nominal
HF Horn: Advanced Waveguide for less distortion
Crossover Modes: Passive
Crossover Frequency: 1.1 kHz
Power Rating Passive: 400 W / 800 W / 1.600 W
(Continuous** / Program / Peak): Bi-Amped LF: n/a (passive)
  Bi-Amped MF: n/a (passive)
  Bi-Amped HF: n/a (passive)
Maximum SPL***: 133 dB SPL peak
System Sensitivity (1w/1m): 103 dB SPL
LF Driver 1 x NOVA 10/400EL, 3” voice coil woofer
LF Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (passive)
MF Driver: n/a
MF Nominal Impedance: n/a
HF Driver: 2 x NOVA TPM4-1750, 1.75 in. voice coil compression driver (PM4 technology)
HF Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (passive)
Active Tunings: n/a (passive)
Enclosure: Fullrange, 15 mm, plywood (multilayer)
Suspension / Mounting: Integrated flyware including pins, aluminium / stainless steel
Transport: 2 x integrated handles
Finish: Black NOVA PolyCoat© finish
Grille: Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
  transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
Input Connectors: 2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4
  1+/1- (2+/2- linked from input to output)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 590 mm x 340 mm x 535 mm
Net Weight: 28 kg
Optional Accessories: EC1: Flying frame (Article number: # 26110)
  ACS2: Set of 4 stand for EC1 (Article number: # 30153)