Nova Elite EM12

Ultra Hybrid 12" hornloaded coaxial passiv monitor
Rockbag RC 21617 B keyboard case

Rockbag RC 21617 B keyboard case

Audio-technica ES-915H21

Audio-technica ES-915H21

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Ultra Hybrid 12“ hornloaded coaxial Speaker.
The newly invented cabinet design allows the use of the EM12 as a professional stage monitor with two monitor angles (35° and 55°). The EM12 offers high feedback rejection and is ultra compact. The lightweight EM12 (15 kg only) can operate also as superior mid / high speaker in systems by use of the optional EMB12 U-bracket, placed onto a distance rod or speaker stand. Numerous accessories are available for fixed installation, too. Two aerodynamically designed reflex ports and the superb, passive crossover ensure a balanced transmission of the EM12 at a frequency range from 56 Hz up to 20 kHz. Depending on the application, appropriate presets for digital controllers are available to ensure reliable speaker protection and optimization of the component´s transmission.

In the EM12, the hybrid combination of innovative core technologies transforms a high-performance, coaxial speaker into a pure dynamic engine. The EM12 ultra-hybrid loudspeaker delivers a unique sound experience of the highest class.


  • Coaxial arrangement of high-frequency driver/woofer
  • Long throw operation due to fully hornloaded design through the entire frequency range
  • Exceptionally high sound pressure
  • Unmatched dynamic range for increased functionality as a stage monitor
  • Ultra-compact and super lightweight of only 15 kg
  • Extremely high load capacity of 1.200 W (program)
  • Almost unlimited applications
  • Sound experience of the highest class

IMC | Inter modular Pressure Chamber Element.
Unique precision during research and development ensures that the construction of a pressure chamber element, which is located inter modular between the 12" transducer and the high-frequency driver, is functionally guaranteed. The back of this unique element is designed as a phase-plug. Together with the short horn of the woofer, it generates a pressure chamber, which acts direct to the low-frequency loudspeaker. Compared with conventional coaxial systems, the result is a significantly higher sound pressure (up to +4.5 dB in the range of 250 Hz - 2 kHz) and an immense expansion of the dynamic range. The element allows a perfect, very smooth transition of the two sound sources. The 12" membrane is in motion between the outer horn of the woofer and the phase plug of this pressure chamber element. The front of the IMC element additionally operates as horn for the high-frequency driver and produces a 70° axisymmetric directivity output.

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