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Palmer FAT 50 - Demo

50 watts rørcombo 1x12! med 2 kanaler. ECC83 og 6L6 rør

Palmer FAT 50 - Demo
Varenr.: 105435
Lagerstatus: På lager

Før pris: kr 9 995

Nå pris: kr 4 795 inkl. mva. kr 3 836 eks. mva.

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Tilbudet gjelder til 31.10 eller så lenge lageret rekker

50 watts rørforsterker av ypperste kvalitet!
Forsterkerne i FAT50-serien til Palmer er ment for gitarister som er på jakt etter den distinkte og organiske lyden bare en ekte rørforsterker kan produsere. Hver Palmer forsterker er et imponerende skue med overlegent håndtverk, estetikk, fantastisk lyd og med komponenter av høy kvalitet som oppfyller alle krav. FAT50 fokuserer kompromissløst på klassiske rockelyder!

High gain-kretsen gir en enorm tone som legger grunnlaget for dine uforglemmelige rockeriff og heftige soloer.

I tillegg til deres fremragende lydkvalitet, imponerer FAT50-ampene med pålitelighet som er perfekt egnet for liveopptredener. Rørene som brukes i alle modellene, oppfyller de høyeste kvalitetsstandardene og garanterer ekstrem pålitelighet.


  • 50 watts rørkombo
  • 6L6 og ECC83 rør
  • 2 kanaler med 2 forskjellige modes per kanal
  • Eminence 1x12 Governor element
  • Fotbryter inkludert
  • Reverb
  • Effektsløyfe
  • Klasse A/B
  • 23,6 kg

NB! Demo... Uten eske. Bør helst hentes i butikken

FAT50 owners have to say about their amps:

  • Roger H.
    a really hot amp, my compliments.
  • Marc D.
    Unbelievable! Many many thanks for this crazy device!
  • Constantin S.
    After listening to the Fat50 at the music store for 2 hours, I decided to take it right home.
  • J.R.
    workmanship, operation and sound are just amazing!
  • AxelH
    The fat (FAT) is worthy of its name. A top grade amplifier.
  • Andi aus W.
    The long search finally comes to an end! A real WOW experience.
  • HardyW
    Extremely good value! From the ultra-dry-clean sound to strong fatty gain controlled sound explosions, everything is possible. A great combo!
  • erwinophotodesign
    Super great amp, excellent workmanship and great sound, now the FAT50 Combo is in my practice room and it all just makes everything more FUN. Sincere RESPECT BOYS, for such a great product.
  • Mats Nermark (fuzz magazine Sweden)
    It is great for us guitarists - and for the competitors, a challenge - that Palmer presents the Fat50, a functional and sophisticated whilst affordable amplifier with a powerful sound, which has a lot to
  • offer for a lot of people with very different needs.
  • Deadly dive
    FAT50 rulez!
  • David Wallimann
    If you're looking for a good tube amp, the FAT50 will meet your expectations! I love this amp!
  • Marc van de Graaf –
    I love this amp! The Palmer FAT50 guitar amp delivers exactly what the specs promise. And more! This outstanding piece of technology "Made in Germany" exceeds all expectations. An amplifier, which covers all
  • my musical styles from Country, Country Rock and Southern Rock to Blues, and Blues Rock.
  • Guitarrista magazine (Spain)
    A high quality combo, perfect for those who love classic distortion sounds.
  • Guitar Magazin (Germany)
    The FAT50 outstrips expectations with great dynamics and direct responsiveness, making it possible to shape many a sound. This feel-good amp gets rid of the question of the right guitar, since it works equally well
  • with single coils and Humbuckers, dressing them up in an appropriate outfit. Stylistically versatile and equipped with great extras, the FAT50 may quickly become the love of your life.
  • Magman
    absolute hot amp and yet not even soooo expensive. A really good recommendation!
  • Samuli Federley
    As a studio and live musician, high reliability is tantamount. In my style, I often use 8-string guitars that are known to have their own unique requirements. Both the clean and distorted sounds need clear definition. The
  • amp must reflect the deep tones clearly without compromise - which is especially important in fast passages. The FAT50 meets all these requirements with flying colours, I couldn't be more pleased! My first choice in the studio and on stage.
  • Sergio S.
    The amp had just come out and after (...) a direct comparison with five other (...) I have bought this incredibly insane amp of a brand previously unknown to me, (...). (I think I was one of the first in Germany - which made me a
  • little nervous at that time). The amp is still the best one I know, because it is very flexible and always a pleasure to play.
Product type: Gitarrenverstärker
Technology: Tube
Class: A/B
Power: 50 W
Inputs: 1
Input connectors: 6,3 mm Klinke
Input impedance: 1 M Ohm(s)
Outputs: 2
Output connectors: 6,3 mm Klinke
Output impedance: 16, 8 Ohm(s)
Loudspeaker type: Emi
Loudspeaker type:



Eminence Governor
Loudspeaker diameter (inch): 12 "
Loudspeaker diameter: 305 mm
Channels: 4
Indicators: Drive, Gain, Power

2nd Level, Bass, Clean Volume, Drive, Drive Presence, Drive Volume, Gain, Master, Middle, Netzspannungswahlschalter,

Power, Reverb, Standby, Treble

FX loop: Ja
Preamp tubes: ECC83
Power amp tubes: 6L6
Operating voltage: 230/115 VAC
Power consumption: 150 W
Cabinet material: Sperrholz
Width: 580 mm
Depth: 270 mm
Height: 500 mm
Weight: 23,6 kg
Accessories (included): Fußschalter