Presonus Central Station Plus

Styringsenhet m/fjernkontroll, for fleksibel switching mellom flere lydkilder
Presonus Monitor Station V2

Presonus Monitor Station V2

Audient Nero

Audient Nero

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Styringsenhet m/fjernkontroll, for fleksibel switching mellom flere lydkilder.
Som oftest bruker man nærfeltsmonitorer ved miksing av lyd, men innimellom kan det være greit å switche til et sett større høyttalere med litt mere bunn, eller at man vil switche mellom to nærfeltsvarianter. Kanskje du også gjerne vil høre hvordan mixen låter med og uten subwoofer? Møt din nye følgesvenn, Central Station PLUS.

Med Central Station PLUS kan du ved hjelp av separate level kontrollere, enkelt switche mellom tre sett med analoge stereo kilder. Du har også to stereo S/PDIF som kobles via en coax og en optisk Toslink port. I tillegg har du stereo ut, et sett med line-level cue utganger hvor du kan fòre en hodetelefonpreamp og du har to separate innebygde hi-gain hodetelefonpreamper med induviduelle volumkontrollere.

Montèr din Central Station i rack og styr enheten via den medfølgende fjernkontrollen. Genialt!

Take Command of Your Monitor Speakers
You mostly monitor on near-fields, but occasionally switch to big, honking Main speakers or a second set of near-fields. You want to hear what your mix sounds like with and without subwoofer bass. And you want to be able to monitor straight from digital sources as well as analog. Meet the Central Station PLUS.

It's one of our most popular products for professional studios because it provides the perfect combination of stereo inputs, outputs, and recording-communication functions, allowing you to easily manage multiple sources and monitor speakers.

With Central Station, you can easily switch between three sets of stereo, analog input sources with individual level controls. Two stereo S/PDIF digital sources connect via one coax and one Toslink optical port. You can audition these sources with up to three pairs of speakers, with individual trim pots for each speaker—recessed to avoid accidents. You also get a pair of line-level main outputs, a pair of line-level cue outputs to feed a headphone-distributions system (such as our HP60 or HP4), and two screaming-loud headphone amplifiers with individual level controls.

Finally, with the included Control Station Remote (CSR-1), you can remote-control the Central Station's main volume, input select, output select, talkback, mute, dim, and mono functions from your desktop. The CSR-1 wires to the Central Station via a DE15 connector, enabling you to keep the Central Station in your rack and control it from your work surface, providing maximum convenience with minimum wiring.

The Professional's Choice
The pros know that for critical listening, a monitor-control system must be as sonically transparent as possible. That's why we gave the Central Station an audiophile-quality, passive signal path, with no op-amps or ICs, and equipped the S/PDIF inputs with high-definition, 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters that deliver 115 dBu of dynamic range.

To enable you to watch your levels, the Central Station sports dual 30-segment, tri-colored, fast-acting, peak-hold LED meters, which can display dBu and dBfs. You can calibrate these meters to match your DAW or other audio device, and a handy switch lets you clear the peak-hold.

Speak to the musicians over the headphone and cue buses using the onboard talkback microphone or connect a mic to the XLR talkback input. The cue signal is automatically dimmed when you use the talkback mic, and a jack admits a footswitch for hands-free talkback operation. Finally, with the optional CSR-1, you can remote-control the Central Station's main volume, input select, output select, talkback, mute, dim, and mono functions.

With pristine audio quality; the ability to switch between multiple analog and digital sources and three sets of speakers; fast, accurate metering; and all of the extras that make your studio work easier and more efficient, it's obvious why the Central Station is the professional engineer's choice for monitor control.


  • sets of stereo analog inputs let you switch between sources
  • 2 sets of S/PDIF digital inputs (coax and optical)
  • 3 sets of stereo speaker outputs with:
    • Speaker Select switches
    • Recessed trim pot for each speaker output
  • Cue section with:
    • Input-select switch
    • Output-level control
  • Main section with:
    • Input-select switch
    • Aux-input level control
    • Output-level control
    • Mute, Dim (-20 dB), and Mono switches
  • 2 headphone outputs, each with:
    • Dual-function volume controls
    • Main-Cue input switches
  • Passive audio path: no op amps or IC's in main audio path
  • Onboard talkback microphone
  • Talkback microphone input w/level control (feeds headphone and cue outputs)
  • Dual 30-segment, fast-acting, peak-hold LED metering (dBu and dBfs) with:
    • Clear Peak switch
    • Calibrate to match DAW or other audio device
  • Footswitch jack for hands-free talkback operation
  • Included Control Station Remote (CSR-1) provides remote control of:
    • Main Volume
    • Input select
    • Output select
    • Talkback
    • Mute
    • Dim
    • Mono
  • Input/Output
    • 4 balanced ¼" analog line inputs (2 L/R pairs)
    • 2 unbalanced RCA analog line inputs (L/R pair)
    • 1 stereo S/PDIF optical (TOSLINK) digital input
    • 1 stereo S/PDIF coax (RCA) digital input
    • 1 balanced XLR talkback-microphone input
    • 6 balanced ¼", line-level speaker outputs (3 L/R pairs) w/separate, passive volume controls
    • 2 balanced ¼", line-level Main outputs (1 L/R pair) with source selection
    • 2 balanced ¼", line-level Cue outputs (1 L/R pair) with volume control and source selection
    • 2 stereo ¼" headphone jacks w/dual-function volume controls and Main-Cue input switches
    • 1 DB15 port for optional Control Station Remote (CSR-1)
  • Digitalia
    • S/PDIF coax and optical digital inputs
    • High-definition, 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters (115 dBu dynamic range)
  • Physical
    • 1U 19" rack-mountable, rugged steel chassis
    • External AC power supply
Audio Inputs
TRS1&2 Type ¼" TRS Passive-Balanced
  Input Impedance 2K-5K Ohm (Speaker load and Trim level dependent)
  S/N Ratio Greater than 140dB
  THD+N Less than .0005% (1KHz @ 0dBu)
  Frequency Response Greater than 1MHz
  Type RCA Active-Unbalanced
  Input Impedance 8Kohm
  S/N Ratio Greater than 115dB (1KHz @ 0dBu, Unity gain)
  THD+N Less than .002% (1KHz @ 0dBu, Unity gain)
  Frequency Response 10Hz-50KHz, -.5dB
  Gain Range -90dB to +20dB
  Types RCA 75Ohm-coax and Toslink optical
  Dynamic Range 117dB
  THD+N 0.0025% (1KHz @ -1dBfs)
  Maximum output +18dBu (Active-Balanced)
  Sample Rates 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K
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