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Radial JD7 Injector

Studioverktøy for gitarister og bassister med 7 kanaler

Radial JD7 Injector
Varenr.: 102050
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 15 160 inkl. mva. kr 12 128 eks. mva.
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Radial JD7 Injector er en distribusjonsenhet for gitar-signaler, som muligjør en rekke kreative rutingmuligheter for studio og scene, - og som ikke minst ivaretar signalet på en fantastisk måte. Huset i et 19" rack-kabinett får du her hele 7 utganger, og en rekke innganger for svært kreative re-ampingsmuligheter. Alle kombinasjoner kan enkelt styres og administreres fra frontpanelet på boksen, og som lydtekniker har du full kontroll. JD7 er også en sann problemløser. Mange gitarister og bassister har instrumenter til flerfoldige ti-tusen lapper, og da bør man også vurdere en investering i et av markedets beste verktøy for gitarister og bassister som jobber mye i studio.

  • 1-in, 7-out signal routing system for guitarists
  • One-touch super intuitive operation of all functions
  • Class-A circuit, Jensen Transformer isolated outputs
  • Natural sound does not introduce artifacts to the signal
  • Drag™ control recreates guitar to amp relationship
  • Balanced I/O - remix new sounds from dry tracks

Radial JD7 Injector is a creative recording tool disguised as a guitar signal distribution amplifier that allows a guitar signal to drive as many as seven amplifiers simultaneously without loss or coloration.

Front panel control makes selecting amplifiers, ground paths and polarity (phase reversal) easy. The JD7 utilizes a newly developed Class-A audio signal path that has been optimized for use with electric guitars and is 100% discreet (no opamps or chips) producing the most accurate and faithful signal at each output. To eliminate such problems as 60 cycle hum caused by ground loops without signal degradation, the world’s finest audio transformers by Jensen® are employed.

The Radial JD7 also features a 600-Ohm balanced direct output to allow the engineer to record a dry guitar track or to use the JD7 as a direct box. A balanced input allows a pre-recorded track to be sent back into the JD7 which can then drive amplifiers, effect pedals and other devices.

A creative tool for making music!
Without a doubt, the most important question when buying a new piece of gear is: “will this assist me in the creative process of making music?’. The Radial JD7 Injector is a creative tool that achieves this goal by allowing the guitar player to maximize the use of his equipment with ‘single button’ control over complex signal routing. The JD7’s simple and intuitive design opens the door to a completely new ‘pallet of sounds’ by allowing any number of amplifiers, effects, and modelers to be used alone or in-tandem without introducing artifacts, noise or hum.

The ultimate goal in developing the JD7 is to present the musician, engineer and producer with a creative tool that will not get in the way of making music. With the Radial JD7, getting ‘the right sound’ has never been easier!

Be prepared to be shaken and stirred!
The Radial JD7 is a high-impedance ‘unity-gain’ guitar signal ‘distribution amplifier’ with dual selectable high-impedance inputs and 7 high-impedance outputs. Any one or all of the outputs may be selected at one time. There are separate effect loops on outputs 5 and 6 that may be inserted at the touch of a button.

The JD7 is also equipped with a balanced output and a balanced input to allow dry recording and wet remixing of guitar signals. Finally, the guitarist can also be the producer!

It all starts with great sound...
The Radial JD7 was designed from the ground-up to sound right. We begin with a high, 1-meg Ohm input circuit impedance to emulate a classic vintage amplifier. This reduces pick-up loading while achieving maximum bandwidth. A FET driven, Class-A input circuit (no op-amps) is combined with the world’s finest Jensen Transformers to distribute the original signal at unity gain to all seven outputs without artifact. Class-A circuits are the preferred choice by audiophiles due to their ability to recreate sound without artifact.

We do not believe it is our place to start changing the sound of a ‘57 Strat or ’62 Les Paul. The JD7 produces clean, natural sound with virtually zero harmonic, phase and inter-modulation distortion. In other words you get out exactly what you put in: nothing altered, nothing changed.

You can brag about our Drag!
Sometimes being too perfect is a problem. This is why we invented Drag control.

When a guitar is connected to an amplifier, the amplifier’s input circuit reacts with the pick-up by naturally creating a load that we take for granted. This is what makes a particular amp and guitar combination sound the way it does. For instance a low-output single-coil pick-up will react differently than a high-output humbucker on the same amp. Even the length and type of cable will make a subtle difference.

The JD7 provides a ‘perfect’ input for the pick-up and a ‘perfect’ output for the amp. Hence the problem: Since the amp no longer ‘sees’ the guitar, the natural ‘signature’ is lost unless compensated for. This is Drag control. Drag allows you to ‘dial’ in the exact tone of your instrument to simulate the guitar-to-amp relationship. And it is extremely musical. Once you start playing with it you may not leave it alone!

Press here for inspiration...
Plug it ‘all’ in and instantly, with a touch of a button, amazing new textures can be created. Never before heard amplifier and effect combinations are spawned giving the professional guitar player a completely new set of tones. With 7 outputs, the JD7 is ‘surround ready’ for 5.1 and 7.1 film scoring and ultra-thick layering. Now you ‘can’ be inside the wall of sound!

Outputs 1 and 7 (rear panel) are direct while 2 through 6 are Jensen Transformer isolated. Hum is often encountered when connecting different amplifiers together and is most noticeable when combining tube amps with solid-state equipment. Isolation transformers eliminate ground hum and buzz and Jensen’s do it best! These are also equipped with ground lifts to avoid ground loops and 180º polarity reverse switches to realign drivers and for creative effects. Any or all outputs can be selected at one time.

Channels 5 and 6 also feature separate effect loops. These feature individual send and receive jacks on the rear panel and the effect loops can be switched in or out with the touch of a button. This allows ‘instant’ direct to amp (dry) or effect (wet) comparison.

A Balancing Act...
A powerful feature on the JD7 is the balanced input and output section on the rear panel.

The Radial JD7 balanced XLR-M output is typically used to record the dry signal on a separate track. During playback, the track can then be sent back through the JD7’s balanced XLR-F input for remix to all of the amps and effects allowing you to find that perfect sound for track. For the 1st time, the musician becomes can also be the producer!

The XLR-M output features Jensen’s finest JT-DBE transformer for cable runs to 300 feet. The XLR-F input connector features an adjustable input level control for maximum signal to noise control while the input overload is monitored with the front panel clip LED.

Built like a Tank...
The JD7 features 14-gauge steel and welded seams throughout in a standard 19” single space enclosure with a dark enamel finish with for maximum durability and it is backed up with a full 3-year warranty. We’ve even added a lock to make sure the power supply cable does not get unplugged!

With the JD7, You can have it all!
Virtually unlimited sound combinations, no added noise, distortion or artifact, and the true-to-the-source performance that has made Radial the most sought after instrument interfaces on the planet.

Central to the Radial JD7 is the ultra-clean Class-A signal path. The proprietary unity-gain circuit was developed specifically for high-impedance instruments where retaining the natural characteristic of the instrument is critical. In our view, changing the tone of a ’57 Strat is not an option. There are no op-amps or integrated circuits in the audio path. We employ the highest quality discrete components with Jensen® Transformers on the isolated outputs for the lowest possible distortion and optimal sonic performance.

To further enhance the natural feel, the Radial JD7 introduces Drag™, a control that allows one to reintroduce the relationship between the guitar pickup and the amplifier that is invariably lost when amplifying or buffering the signal. Here’s the scoop: When you connect a guitar directly to an amplifier, the guitar pickup and the amplifier for a circuit that plays a unique role in the sound. The JD7 is in fact a signal amplifier that when placed in between the guitar and amplifier alters this relationship. All of a sudden, the pickup sees a perfect load while the amplifier sees a perfect source. The natural relationship is lost. Drag allows you to correct the problem by adjusting the load on the pickups. With a single control, one can ‘dial-in’ whatever amount of Drag sounds right. Best of all, Drag is extremely musical.

1.  Dual Input Switch selects between guitars. Also activates the ballanced input switch on the rear panel.
2.  Drag™ control reintroduces the natural loading that occurs between your amplifier & guitar. 
3.  Clip LED indicator keeps your signal out of the distortion zone! 
4.  -8dB pad on input-2 for high output instruments like keyboards & active basses. 
5.  Output #1 is the primary output and is always connected for primary grounding.
6.  ID strips for easy identification of channels - write on these with a removable marker.
7.  On-off switch with LED indicator on each output for quick visual reference.
8.  Ground lift & polarity reverse switches on outputs 2 to 6 to stop hum and correct phase of amps & effects. 
9.  Effect loop switches for outputs 5 & 6 lets you insert effects and do a/b sound comparisons. 
10.Jensen® transformer equiped outputs for optimum audio fidelity and 100% isolation with no ground loops.

The Radial JD7 is equipped with a tremendous feature set. The input features choice of A or B input select. Input B is equipped with an 8dB pad for high output instruments such as active basses or keyboards. A Clip LED indicator is also provided to ensure the signal stays out of the red. The input select switch is actually a dual function switch. When the ¼” B input is not used, depressing the B input will activate the balanced input on the rear panel.

There are 6 outputs on the front panel and a 7th auxiliary output on the back panel. Output 1 is the main output and is always be used as it provides the primary ground path for the JD7’s floating circuit.

Outputs 2 through 6 are Jensen transformer isolated to eliminate the hum and buzz that is encountered when connecting various tube and transistor amps together. All outputs feature an ON/OFF switch with LED indicator and are set at unity gain whereby what you put in, you get out. Nothing added – nothing lost. These outputs feature a ground lift to eliminate noise and 180º polarity reverse switch to allow you to ‘line-up’ all of the amplifiers and effects ‘in-phase’ for best tone. Channels 5 and 6 also feature switchable effect loops with individual ‘send and return’ jacks on the rear panel. This allows you to compare ‘dry and wet’ signals instantly.

11.  Welded 14-gauge steel frame with baked enamel finish for maximum durability. 
12.  Innovative cable lock for the 15V DC power supply protects from accidental un-pluggings. 
13.  An all discreet Class-A circuit is used for highest signal integrity. There are NO op-amps in the signal path! 
14.  Separate send & return jacks for channels 5 & 6 to insert two independant and switchable effect loops. 
15.  Separate Ground lifts for the XLR balanced Line-In and Line-Out connectors. 
16.  Variable input level control allows precise level setting for playback of previosly recorded tracks.
17.  Balanced XLR input allows recorded dry tracks to be sent through the JD7 to feed several amps or effects.
18.  180º polarity reverse flips Pin-2 and Pin-3 at the XLR output. 
19.  Balanced XLR output is used to send a dry track to a recording device. 
20.  Aux 'Direct' output is always on and is typically used for a guitar tuner.

The rear panel features a 7th guitar level output that is typically used to connect to a rack-mounted tuner. Channel 5 and 6 effect ‘send and return’ loops are also located here. These are transformerless guitar level outputs that are generally used with rack-mounted effect devices.


The Radial JD7 also features a low-impedance XLR balanced output and a balanced input on the back panel. The balanced-out allows the guitar player to simultaneously perform with a complete array of effects and amplifiers while sending a dry track directly to a recording device. Once the dry track has been recorded, the balanced XLR input is then used to feed the dry track from the recorder back into the JD7 and subsequent effects and amps. This allows the guitarist to sit in the engineer’s seat and experiment with new effect and amp combinations further expanding the creative process. The XLR input features an input level control that works in conjunction with the front panel overdrive LED to allow the user to set the JD7 for optimum performance.

Using the JD7

Capturing the creative spark during recording can be magic. Fiddling around with cables, pedals and amplifiers can be tedious and tiresome and can often cause one to lose the creative edge. The goal in developing the JD7 was to present the musician, engineer and producer with a creative tool that would allow instant access to complex signal routings and effect combinations and control them with a simple touch of a button. The Radial JD7 achieves this goal allowing one to focus creative juices on making music and instantly bringing new sounds and textures to life.

The Radial JD7 is ‘unity gain guitar signal distribution amplifier’ with two selectable high impedance inputs and seven high impedance outputs. This means whatever level you put in, the JD7 will put out. Using the JD7 is plug & play easy. Plug in your guitar, your effects and amplifiers and you are good to go! The Radial JD7 is intuitive, easy to manipulate and maintains the original signal without degradation. Simply adjust the Drag control to where it ‘feels right’ and you are ready to enter a creative new world of new sounds. With seven outputs, amazing new textures can be created. The JD7 is ‘surround ready’ for 5.1 and 7.1 film scoring and layering. Now you can enjoy the thrill of actually being ‘inside’ the ethereal wall of sound!

The JD7 is also equipped with a balanced output and a balanced input to allow dry recording and wet remixing of guitar signals. One simply records a dry track and then sends it back into the JD7. The JD7 lets you redistribute the signal to a variety of amplifiers and effect devices further expanding the creative process.


The Radial JD7 is a powerful tool that has been designed to spur on the creative process of making music. Ot is simple to use and without compromise. With the touch of a button, complete new sounds explode from your imagination giving way to a new creative process.