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Radial X-Amp

Aktiv re-amping enhet for studiobruk

Radial X-Amp
Varenr.: 102047
Lagerstatus: 2-3 dager
kr 2 629 inkl. mva. kr 2 103 eks. mva.
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Radial Engineering har med X-Amp laget et glimrende verktøy for gitarister som jobber mye i studio. X-Amp boksen tar ditt balanserte signal, og konverterer det til normalt gitar/instrument-signal slik at gitarforsterkeren opplever signalet på samme måte som den opplever det når du kobler gitaren direkte. På denne måten kan et D.I. - signal tatt opp rett i DAW-systemet, re-ampes - med dine beste gitarforsterkere, kabinetter og favorittmikrofoner. Du har med andre ord total kontroll på gitarlyden din, helt til siste miks. I tillegg kan du selvsagt kombinere denne løsningen med bruk av gode plug-in emuleringer av stomp-effekter, fjærklanger, ekko-maskiner, osv.

X-Amp i studioet gjør underverker!!!

A Great New Creative Tool Designed to Simpify Re-amping
The Radial X-Amp is an active re-amping device that lets you use a a pre-recorded track from a line level device to drive two guitar amplifiers or effect pedals simultaneously. This opens the door to explore new musical sounds and spur on the creative process. Re-amping is one of those producer's tricks for bringing new sounds and textures to already recorded tracks, and the X-Amp is designed to to the job well. This active re-amping device features a Class-A signal path, an input level overload indicator, an isolated output to get rid of ground loops, and a variable output level control. Add a new wrinkle to your recordings with the X-Amp!

Active re-amping device
With the X-Amp, you could for instance take a pre-recorded guitar track, and send it through a second distortion pedal and amplifier and then slightly delay the track to add a thick doubling effect. You could also use the X-Amp from a voice track to a distortion pedal to ad some grit to a performance. Another popular use would be to go back and fix a track should an error or glitch somehow appear.

100% Class-A Signal Path
The X-Amp employs a unique Class-A circuit design that has been optimized for use with guitars. Using the X-Amp is easy: One would, for instance, record a dry track using a high quality direct box, then send this track from the recorder to the X-Amp and then to either guitar amps, effect pedals or combinations thereof.

Creative Advantages
Recording using the X-Amp has many benefits: Once the basic track has been recorded, replacing or adding tracks can be done well after the session player has gone home. This eliminates tiresome repetition and assures a fresh vibrant performance on the final recording. Furthermore, by driving two amps at the same time, new sounds and textures can be created allowing the engineer - producer to make artistic decisions as the recording progresses.

Input Control and Noise-free Output
X-Amp features include balanced line level input with LED peak indicator and level control, Class-A circuit topology for optimal reach and frequency response, direct and isolated guitar amplifier outputs, 180-degree polarity reverse to bring both amps into phase, and dual ground lift options for noise-free operation.

Solid Construction:
As with all Radial products, the X-Amp is built like a tank to provide years of trouble-free performance. A welded I-beam internal skeleton provides a separate housing for maximum protection against external forces, which may cause stress on the PC board assembly while the outside bookend cover provides a protective zone for the switches, potentiometer and connectors. A full bottom no-slip pad performs double duty by keeping the X-Amp from sliding around when placed on a vibrating amplifier while also providing electrical and mechanical isolation.


  • 14-Gauge steel welded I-beam construction makes it impossible to torque the PC board.
  • Class-A active circuit for transparency and lowest possible noise.
  • Ground lift switch - recessed to prevent accidental use.
  • Audio Transformer provides 100% isolation to eliminate hum and noise caused by ground loops.
  • Heavy duty connectors and switches - high cycle for reliable performance.
  • Military spec PC board with full surface ground plane to reduce RF noise susceptibility.
  • INPUT - Balanced LINE LEVEL XLR input connector, normally connected to recorder output. A dry guitar track would be a typical source signal.
  • GROUND - INPUT SIDE lifts pin-1 ground at the XLR-in to help eliminate ground loops that can cause buzz and hum in a sound system.
  • POWER - X-Amp comes equipped with a 15VDC 400mA power supply. Optional 100V, 110V, 220V and 240V PSUs are available.
  • Full bottom rubber pad - provides plenty of stay-put wherever you place the X-Amp. Also electrical isolation from amp handles etc.
  • Book-cover design creates a protective zone around switches & connectors - Indestructible 14-gauge steel construction with baked enamel finish.
  • Power LED - lets you know the X-amp is on and ready to use.
  • LEVEL control - adjusts the X-Amp level going to your amp or effects to match that of your guitar; get the exact sound as plugging directly in!
  • CLIP LED - provides visual cue of input signal overload.
  • OUT-1-1/4" DIRECT feed from the X-Amp's Class-A circuit. This output should always be used to ensure proper grounding.
  • POLARITY - 180-degree reverse on the isolated OUT-2 to correct the phase with an amp or device connected on OUT-1.
  • OUT-2 - 1/4" ISOLATED 2nd output to another amp or effect(s). Transformer isolation eliminates the hum and buzz caused by ground loops.
  • Ground Lift switch on output - lifts ground between OUT-2 and OUT-1. Side mounted switch is recessed to prevent accidental use.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Audio circuit type: 100% discrete class-A
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 15kHz (± 1.0dB)
Signal to noise ratio: 88dB below instrument level (-20dBu)
Dynamic range: 119dB
Noise floor: OUT-1 -110dB; OUT-2 -108dBu
Maximum input: +22dBu
Total harmonic distortion: 0.02% @ -15dBu
Inter-modulation distortion: 0.02% @ -20dBu
Input impedance: 600Ω
XLR input: Balanced line-level, AES standard (pin-2 hot)
Ground lift (input): Disconnects pin-1 at the XLR input
Output level: Adjustable
Output type: Out-1 direct, Out-2 isolated
Polarity: 180º polarity reverse on output-2
Power: +15VDC/400mA adapter included
Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
Finish: Durable powder coat
Size: 3.3" x 5.0" x 2" (84 x 127 x 48mm)
Weight: 1.55lb (720g)
Shipping size: 5" x 2.75" x 10.75" (127 x 70 x 273mm)
Shipping weight: 2.6lb (1.18kg)
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable