Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console

128 kanals Live/broadcast mikser i beste kvalitet med opptil 300 input
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LD Systems ZONE 622

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Roland M5000 O.H.R.C.A. gir deg en utrolig fleksibel, skalerbar og avansert mikseflate, perfekt for avanserte live-show, teatre og andre behov. 128 kanaler til disposisjon - alle med 24bit, 96kHz oppløsning - og støtte for REAC, Dante, Madi og WSG. Fullstendig konfigurerbar arkitektur gjør M5000 fremtidsrettet og tilpasningsdyktig. I summeringskretsen jobbes det med 72bits linjær utregning, slik at dynamikk og headroom aldri blir noen utfordring. Inntil 300 kanaler i miks.


  • Digital mixing console for live sound, recording, and broadcast
  • Supports up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs at 96kHz, up to 460 x 456 at 48kHz
  • Each input and output has dedicated DSP for a 4-band EQ, two dynamics processors, and delay
  • Total of 32 freely-assignable 31-band graphic EQs
  • Eight multi-effects processors based on classic Roland and BOSS effects
  • 28 channel faders in four banks
  • Mix-Minus function makes it easy to create mix-minus bus sends for recording and broadcast
  • 24 DCAs with DCA spill
  • Eight mute groups
  • Exceptional sound quality thanks to 72-bit linear summing circuit
  • Built-in 16 x 16 USB audio interface for recording an playback
  • Dual expansion ports to add MADI, Dante, SoundGrid, or more REAC connectivity, sold separately
  • Use the REAC connections to add Roland stage boxes, personal monitoring systems, and recording devices
  • Can serve as a master or slave to other Roland REAC consoles like the M-480, M-300, and others
  • Three separate talkback locations makes it easy to communicate throughout larger systems
  • Add additional control surfaces via RS-232C, MIDI, GP I/O, and LAN
  • Control your mix remotely via laptop or iPad
  • Main output supports 5.1 surround, LCR, and LR, with built-in surround panning and stereo downmix

Infinitely Configurable Digital Mix Console
Run any live show with ease and confidence with the Roland M-5000 digital mixing console. The M-5000 is the first digital mixer to feature Roland's O.H.R.C.A. technology, which stands for Open High Resolution Configurable Architecture. You can configure up to 128 audio paths which can be any combination of input channels, aux sends, submixes, matrices, all at outstanding 24-bit/96kHz sound quality. Sound engineers instantly recognized the incredible potential of the Roland M-5000 digital mixing console for live sound, monitor mixing, and broadcast settings.

Configure 128 audio paths to be input channels, mix busses, and more
No matter what type of mixing application you're in, you'll find the M-5000 digital console to be amazingly configurable. It's a powerful solution for front of house, monitor mixing, and even broadcast applications. Instead of a fixed number of input channels, aux sends, mix busses, and so on, the M-5000 gives you 128 configurable audio paths at 24-bit/96kHz sound quality. These audio paths can be assigned as input channels, matrices, outputs, Mix-minus busses, and more. Whether you mainly need lots of inputs, lots of outputs, or many of both, the M-5000 has you covered.

Powerful processing for outstanding sonic control
Every one of the M-5000's 128 audio paths has DSP for a 4-band EQ, two dynamics processors, and an adjustable delay. You can adjust the delay in milliseconds, by units of distance, or even video frame rates, making it incredibly easy to make sure your audio is all lined up in any application. On top of this powerful input and output processing, the M-5000 includes eight stereo or dual-mono multi-effects processors based on classic Roland and BOSS effects. To round out the toolbox, the M-5000 gives you a total of 32, 31-band graphic equalizers that can also be switched to an 8-band parametric mode. While it's still relatively easy to connect a rack full of compressors, EQs, and effects to the M-5000, its built-in processing means you probably won't even want to.

Up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs at 96kHz, even more at 48kHz
The architecture of the Roland M-5000 supports up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs at 96kHz, and 460 x 456 at 48kHz. Any input can be patched to any or multiple outputs, without having to be patched through a mixing channel. And how you configure your mixing channels is up to you. You'll have incredibly efficient and precise control over high channel counts, even across a wide range of protocols and formats.

Built-in I/O for small-format mixing, REAC for larger shows
The M-5000 is ready for small-format applications with 16 analog inputs and outputs on balanced XLR connections, plus digital I/O via AES/EBU. There's even a built-in 16 x 16 USB audio interface for computer recording and playback. When you need more connectivity, you'll tap into the convenience of Roland's REAC protocol. Connect Roland's REAC-ready stage boxes, personal monitoring systems, and even recording systems directly to the M-5000 via simple Ethernet cable.

Two expansion ports for Dante, MADI, SoundGrid, and more
You can expand your connectivity options greatly with the Roland M-5000's dual expansion ports. Add connectivity for Dante, MADI, and SoundGrid digital audio formats, or add more REAC connections to support more of Roland's REAC devices. These versatile expansion options give you the connectivity you need to integrate the M-5000 into any live sound, recording, or broadcast environment.

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