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Rycote InVision Broadcast INV5

Oppheng til sigarmikrofoner (diam. 20 + 8 mm)

Rycote InVision Broadcast INV5
Varenr.: 103117
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 455 inkl. mva. kr 364 eks. mva.
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Rycote InVision Broadcast INV5 er et suverent oppheng til sigarmikrofoner a la Beyerdynamic CK930 og Neumann KM100, og tilsvarende mikrofoner. Sjekk mikrofon-guiden under nedlastinger, for å finne din modell.

Felles for alle opphengene er det tilnærmet uslitelige komposittmaterialet, samt den forbedrede støyreduksjonen sammenlignet med tradisjonelle oppheng for denne typen mikrofoner. I enkelte situasjoner kan man forbedre støynivået med inntil 12dB.

NB! Bildene viser ulike modeller i InVision Broadcast-serien.

Part of the larger InVision range of noise-reducing microphone shock-mounts, Rycote's InVision models 1 to 10, also known as InVision Broadcast, are designed for discreet, low-profile on-camera use in broadcast studio environments where windshielding is not required.

The InVision Broadcast mounts feature Rycote's latest Lyre suspension systems to offer broadcast professionals the cleanest possible sound, free from unwanted cable or stand-borne noise. They may be used with microphones mounted on desks, stands or boom poles, or suspended mics.

Microphones are almost as efficient at detecting acceleration as they are at picking up audio, so suspensions
aim to allow a capsule to stay still while the support moves. Obviously, if that happened for extreme low
frequencies or vast movements it would be impossible to swing a mic on a boom, so suspensions only isolate
down to a particular frequency and are optimised for amplitudes in the vibration and minor shock range.

Suspensions all use a springy arrangement that allows the microphone to be displaced, and then exerts a
restoring force to return it to the rest point. It will inevitably overshoot and bounce around, but the system
should be damped to minimise this. Physics tells us that as the frequency drops the displacement wavelength
increases – the suspension has to move further to do as good a job. It also tells us that for any particular mass
of microphone and compliance (wobbliness) of suspension there will be a low frequency point at which
resonance occurs. At this point the suspension amplifies movement rather than suppresses it; not until about
three times the resonant frequency does the system start to isolate properly.

The axis along which a microphone diaphragm moves is the one most sensitive to disturbances. This means
that ideal suspensions are most compliant along this (Z) axis but should give firmer control on the horizontal
(X) and vertical (Y) axes to stop the mic slopping around. Diaphragm and ‘donut’ suspensions can work well, but tend to have acoustically solid structures that affect the microphone’s polar response. Silicone rubber bands, shock-cord cat’s cradles, and metal springs are thinner and more acoustically transparent, but struggle to maintain a low tension (and therefore a low resonant frequency) at the same time as providing good X-Y control and reliable damping. The restraining force also rises very steeply with displacement, which limits LF performance.

Name Clips Diameter InVision / Standard Lyre Bar Length Reducing Sleeve
INV-1 2 x 8 mm InVision Standard Yes
INV-2 20 mm + 8 mm InVision Standard No
INV-3 2 x 20 mm InVision Standard No
INV-4 2 x 8 mm Standard Standard No
INV-5 20 mm + 8 mm Standard Standard No
INV-6 2 x 19 / 25 mm Standard Standard No
INV-7 2 x 19 / 25 mm Standard Large No
INV-8 2 x 30 mm Standard Large No
INV-9 30 mm + 19 / 25 mm Standard Large No
INV-10 2 x 25 mm Standard Large No

Se guiden under nedlastinger, dersom du er usikker på hvilken som passer til din mikrofon.