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Sabian FRX 17" Crash

17" Crash cymbal med rask respons og shimmer

Sabian FRX 17" Crash
Varenr.: 113369
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 3 656 inkl. mva. kr 2 925 eks. mva.
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17" Crash cymbal med rask respons og shimmer.  Usedvanlig myk touch
Sabian FRX-cymbaler er designet for miljøer hvor andre cymbaler kan være litt i meste laget. Det er ikke dermed sagt at Sabian FRX spiller lavt, men fokuset er heller lagt på å skjære i spesifikke frekvenser, noe som gjør at volumet oppfattes som lavere. Ved å fjerne disse frekvensene sitter man plutselig med en cymbal som alltid sitter perfekt i miksen, uansett hvor hardt du spiller.


  • 17" Crash FRX
  • Stil: Moderne
  • Lyd: Bright
  • Metall: b20
  • Pitch: Mid
  • Finish: Natural

Specially Tuned Pro Crash Cymbal
Extra-thin Sabian FRX Crash cymbals are fully dynamic yet specially tuned to keep from poking through a mix. There's no need to pull punches with the FRX series: micro-perforations near the bell subdue offensive overtones without significantly impacting volume or range. This makes Sabian FRX Crashes solid contenders for smaller stages, houses of worship, pit orchestras, and close-miking applications. Sabian's lightweight B20 construction gives the 17" FRX Crash a quick, shimmering response and exquisitely soft feel that players will enjoy at home, onstage, and at all sound levels.

Frequency limited, not volume reduced
As drummers, we devote a good deal of time and energy to taming our kits: damping toms, muffling kick drums, and trying to mask and subdue cymbals with gels, tapes, and clever miking. The Sabian FRX series works in settings where other cymbals may be too bold, such as intimate gatherings and recording applications. Sabian FRX professional cymbals are not volume reduced — just frequency limited. A series of micro-perforations near the bell reduces unwanted overtones for better seating among an ensemble. This same technology gives FRX cymbals a smooth, defined response that will delight players of discerning tastes.

Lightweight B20 bronze construction
Every cymbal in the Sabian FRX series begins with Sabian's guarded B20 bronze recipe, unmatched for dynamics and musical expression. Dark, rich, and luxurious, the 17" FRX Crash will be a cymbal you keep on your kit in and out of season.


  • Quick, shimmering attack
  • Smooth response
  • Specially tuned to control overtones
  • Rich, dark, expressive B20 bronze construction
  • Fully dynamic, yet frequency controlled
  • This cymbal is not a practice cymbal and is not volume reduced
  • Ideal for smaller stages, houses of worship, pit orchestras, and close-miking applications