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Sennheiser e908 D

Kondensator mikrofon for trommer og perkusjon

Sennheiser e908 D
Varenr.: 103175
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 2 510 inkl. mva. kr 2 008 eks. mva.
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Sennheiser e908 D er en instrumentmikrofon spesielt designet for bruk på trommer og perkusjon.

Kondensator instrumentmikrofon, fantastisk på f.eks tammer. Leveres med festeklammeret MZH 900 D som passer perfekt til trommer.

Pakken inneholder:

  • 1 stk e908
  • Mikrofonholder
  • MZA 900 P preamp
  • Etui
  • Brukermanual

A High-quality Drum Mic from Sennheiser!
Miking drums can be tricky, and you often end up with a "forest" of mic stands around the kit, which can be awkward. Here's a clean, easy-to-mount solution! The Sennheiser e 908D delivers a clear, resonant sound, while its integral shock absorber eliminates handling noise. Easily mounted and directed to the sound using a flexible boom and the clip supplied, the e 908D can be positioned optimally at the sound source. The e 908D includes an intelligent preamp with a multi-function LED for cable, phantom power and level check.

Specifically designed for drum miking
The Sennheiser e 908D is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone designed for picking up drum sounds. Try it about one or two inches above the
drumhead, directed towards the center of the head. The fundamental-to-overtones ratio can be adjusted by changing the angle of the microphone. The most balanced
results are obtained at an angle of 30-60°. The e 908D's extended dynamic range and well-balanced frequency response deliver outstanding signal quality with excellent projection and the lowest possible distortion. The e 908D exhibits excellent directivity across the whole frequency range that enables the mic to handle the highest signal levels without feedback.

Minimal handling noise and easy mounting
The e 908D's extensive damping and shock mounting isolate the capsule from extraneous vibrations, impact, and handling noise. The long, flexible gooseneck enable the mic to be optimally positioned on the drum. Due to their phantom powering capability, the e 908D is especially suitable for use with professional mixing consoles. Alternatively, it can be used with any evolution bodypack transmitter for wireless applications.

The e 908D condenser microphone comes with multi-function MZH 908 D drum clamp.

Sennheiser e 908D Condenser Microphone Features:

  • Exceptionally lively, clear sound
  • Frequency response 40Hz-20kHz
  • Maximum SPL 147dB
  • Quick and flexible set-up; comes with suitable mounting clamp
  • Optimal positioning with long-necked, flexible boom
  • Integrated shock absorber eliminates handling noise
  • Intelligent MZA 900 P in-line preamp (cable, phantom power and level check)
  • Phantom power 12-48 volts
  • Each e 908 variant can optionally be used with any Evolution Wireless bodypack transmitter
Transducer principle (Microphone) pre-polarised condenser microphone
Pick-up pattern cardioid
Frequency response 40 ... 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 4 mV/Pa, 0,56mV/Pa (e 908T-ew)
Nominal impedance 100 Ohm (e908B & e908D)
Min. terminating impedance 2000 Ohm (e908B & e908D)
Equivalent noise level e908B-ew = 30 dB(A); e908B & e908D = 35 dB(A), e908T-ew = 39 dB (A)
Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv) 147 dB
Phantom powering 12 - 48 V / 3 mA (e908B & e908D)
Connector e 908 B & D = XLR-3; e908 B ew & T ew = 3,5mm mini jack
Dimensions Ø 47 x 193 mm
Weight ca. 140 g
Polar pattern

Frequency response