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SlapKlatz Pro Clear

10 stk dempegeleputer til trommeskinn

SlapKlatz Pro Clear
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kr 135 inkl. mva. kr 108 eks. mva.
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10 stk dempegeleputer til trommeskinn: 2x40, 2x30, 6x20
The PRO pack also offers 3 different sizes of gels, making this pack the most versatile and useful drum damper kit available on the market: 6x small gels, 2x medium sized gels as well as 2x large gels.

The PRO pack also offers you a more rugged (and air tight) container, that will survive the touring life of a proffessional drummer - without a sweat!

In the package
You get 6x small (2 cm.), 2x medium (3 cm.) and 2x large (4 cm.) gel pads in this package.

What is SlapKlatz?
SlapKlatz Pro Alien Green and Clear three sizesHave you ever wanted a fast, precise and easy way to dampen your drums and make them sound better? Look no further – SlapKlatz is here.

SlapKlatz damper pads are made from a special formulated gel, that was specifically developed for use on drums and drumheads.

With these cool round shaped damper gels, you get a super easy-to-use drum damper system, which enables you to remove unwanted overtones from your drumheads, without sacrificing the sound and tone of your drum.

These drum damper pads are even sticky enough, to be used on your bottom heads or on the underside of your cymbals.

The stickiest gels combined with the best assortment of sizes, makes SlapKlatz superior in this category of drum tools. Developed by drummers, for drummers.

Approved by…
World renown drummers like Anika Nilles, Benny Greb, John JR Robinson, Gergo Borlai (and many more) use and love our product.

How to use SlapKlatz drum damper gel

Tips and tricks to help you get the best sound from your drums

Using SlapKlatz drum damper gel is easy. However, you should know a few things about how it works, in order to get the best results.

We see many drummers placing their drum dampeners in ways that chokes the drum, and that will make it feel out of balance to play as well. This is a pity, since it’s so easy to do it right.

There are two things to consider:

#1 Stay close to the drum hoop
Don’t place your SlapKlatz damper gels in the middle of your drum head. Even though the dampening effect will get more pronounced the closer you place it to the center, this is not a good way to go. The drum will begin to sound choked, and will also feel more out of balance to play.

Instead, use a bigger gel – or even better – use a second one. Which leads us to the next thing to consider…

#2 Distribute your SlapKlatz damper gels evenly
We see many drummers placing several damper gels around the same area of the drum head (usualy at the top area). This can work – however – there is a better way.

SlapKlatz Placement Guide

If you use one gel, place it at 12 o’clock.
If you use two gels, place them at 12 and 6 o’clock.
If you use three gels, place them at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock.
If you use four gels, place them at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

In other words: Disitribute your SlapKlatz damper gels evenly around your drum head. This gives you the best sound, feel and dampening.

Extra tips & tricks
How to avoid dust
If you worry about your gel dampeners getting all dusty, use the supplied transparent plastic spacer, place it on top (upper side) of the gel. This will prevent the gel from picking up dust during playing and transportation.

How to clean your SlapKlatz
If you find that your SlapKlatz damper gels has become too dusty over time, wash it with soap, rinse it under water and let it air dry. Don’t use a towel or paper to dry it up, as it will leave new dust on the gels.