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Steinberg Dorico Pro 3

Markedets beste notasjons program

Steinberg Dorico Pro 3
Varenr.: 111355
Lagerstatus: 4-7 dager
kr 6 149 inkl. mva. kr 4 919 eks. mva.
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Your Digital Scoring Assistant
Steinberg's Dorico redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Its musical intelligence is like having an expert assistant by your side, while its intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation. Dorico's output equals the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg's award-winning audio engine.


  • Next-generation scoring software, designed by musicians for musicians
  • Beautiful engraved output with unrivalled attention to detail
  • Flexible note input and powerful editing, including ability to insert and change duration of existing notes
  • Streamlined, single window interface puts every tool at your fingertips
  • Powerful score management features to handle multiple independent pieces of music within the same project
  • Unlimited number of staves and movements, sections, or pieces within the same project
  • Easily create layouts for full scores, conductor scores, and instrumental parts with independent page size, staff size, and system layout
  • Use your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to input music quickly and efficiently
  • Superior note spacing with optical kerning of adjacent elements, with tighter default spacing and no rhythmic distortion
  • Import and export in MusicXML, MIDI, and graphics formats
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz and flexible routing for virtual instrument and effect playback
  • Compatible with VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors
  • Outstanding virtual instruments with more than 1500 sounds, including HALion Sonic SE workstation and complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library
  • Suite of high-end VST effect processors, including channel strip modules (compressor, EQ, limiter) and convolution reverb

The new standard in scoring software
Dorico is the next-generation scoring application from Steinberg, with a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Dorico’s output is the equal of the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine.

What is Dorico
Dorico redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Built from the ground up with today’s multi-core 64-bit CPUs in mind, Dorico will take advantage of all of your system’s horsepower while the intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation. The beauty and balance of Dorico's output is unrivaled, with hundreds of options to control every aspect of your music's appearance. And with Steinberg's award-winning audio engine at its heart, Dorico allows you to use your VST instruments and effects to produce great-sounding playback too.

Streamlined workflow
Dorico has a simple, uncluttered interface that is intended to disappear and allow you to focus on the music. Designed to be comfortable and efficient on a laptop computer with a single display, but expanding effortlessly into the studio with multiple large displays, Dorico’s single-window design puts all of the application’s power within easy reach.

Powerful project management
Dorico handles multi-movement works — such as sonatas, symphonies, songbooks, musicals and operas — so easily and simply, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it until now. Each project file can contain as many independent pieces of music as necessary, called flows.

Dorico’s five modes
Dorico’s workflows are divided into five distinct modes — Setup, Write, Engrave, Play and Print — that are all one mouse tap away from the toolbar, and can be freely changed at any time. Collapsible panels to the left, right and bottom of the window provide instant access to each mode’s features, and can be hidden with a single click or key command to show as much music as possible on your display.

Efficient window management
Open as many windows onto the same project as you like: keep one in Write mode to allow continued input and editing, and another in Play mode to allow easy tweaking of playback, or switch back and forth within the same window with a single click. Switch between tabs for the conductor’s score and instrumental parts, or split the window horizontally or vertically to allow you to work on both at the same time. Dorico provides the environment to allow you to do your best work, and then gets out of your way.

Notation and layout
Produce beautifully balanced pages that look as good as the finest traditional music engraving faster and with less effort than ever before.

Effortless score and part preparation
Naturally, Dorico allows you to originate both the conductor’s score and parts for individual players from the flows of music in your project as individual layouts. Changes made to the music in one layout are automatically reflected in any others in which that music appears, while allowing complete independence in terms of page and system appearance between every layout.

Flexible input and editing
Inputting music in Dorico is fast and easy. Use your keyboard or mouse to input notes, and learn easy to remember key commands, or define your own, allowing you to fly through note input faster than ever before. Dorico has the flexibility to notate every note according to the changing musical context using its sophisticated understanding of the rules of meter, ensuring that the rhythm is always clearly communicated, even as notes are lengthened, shortened, inserted or removed.

Graphical excellence
Developed in consultation with experienced engravers working with some of the world’s most demanding music publishers, the automatic engraving engine at the heart of Dorico produces the most elegant, beautiful results of any scoring application. Attention has been lavished on every detail of the appearance of the music, from the meticulous design of every symbol in the Bravura font, to the precise placement rules for every notated element.

Powerful page layout
Dorico makes it easy to produce a consistent and attractive layout for every project, thanks to its unique page layout features. Switch to Engrave mode, and its power is instantly revealed to you: frames for music, text and graphics can be laid out in any arrangement for any kind of project.

Beautiful spacing
Dorico’s unique approach to rhythmic spacing allows music to be spaced more tightly than other scoring programs, without sacrificing clarity and legibility. Items are automatically tucked or kerned against each other to avoid the rhythmic distortion that disturbs the flow of the music. Dorico produces spacing of beautiful consistency and balance every time.

Playback and audio
Incorporating Steinberg's world-class audio engine and flexible virtual instruments, Dorico opens the door to producing high-quality playback and audio files.

Great-sounding content
To make your projects sound incredible, Dorico includes the complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library and more than 1,300 production-ready sounds from HALion Sonic SE 2. HSO includes more than 100 patches and combinations, including strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments with dozens of different playing techniques, covering all common articulations and bowings in unrivaled expressiveness and full dynamic range.

World-class audio engine
Dorico includes the same world-class audio engine that powers Cubase and Nuendo, delivering a crystal-clear 32-bit floating-point resolution and 192 kHz sample rate, with a pristine sound quality that is the hallmark of the Cubase music production experience. Dorico supports all VST 3-compatible virtual instruments and effects, and includes the HALion sample engine and channel strip modules, including a top-end compressor and brickwall limiter that can be inserted on each channel.

Print and export
Effortlessly handle final production with Dorico's dedicated Print mode, or export to other software as MusicXML, MIDI or audio.

Printing and exporting graphics
Dorico’s dedicated Print mode makes it fast and easy to print your project to your printer, or to export graphics in a variety of formats that you can either send to somebody else to print for you, or take into page layout software for further pre-press work.

Import and export
Projects often start or finish outside your scoring software. Dorico can import MusicXML and MIDI files from Cubase, other scoring programs and other DAWs. It can also export MusicXML files, allowing you to take projects started in Dorico into other applications.

Features in depth
Dorico has many unique and innovative features not found in any other software, and presents a whole new way of working with music notation, but because it is brand new, it does not yet have every feature necessary for every kind of score. Dorico will receive a number of updates in the coming months that will be free to existing users, adding new functionality. Some of the functionality that is planned to be added in these updates includes*:

  • Chord symbols
  • Repeat ending (1st, 2nd time or volta) lines
  • Fingerings
  • Jazz articulations
  • Rhythm slashes
  • More flexible unpitched percussion notation
  • Improvements to playback and support for third-party virtual instruments

Who is Dorico for

Dorico for composers and arrangers

Whether you are writing for the concert hall, the theater, the church or the scoring stage, Dorico provides professional composers and arrangers with the creative tools your demanding work requires.

Flexibility and freedom
In other scoring software, once you have edited your music it becomes concrete and rigid, difficult to change and adapt. Dorico changes all of that, allowing you to harness the power not only of its superior automatic engraving engine, but also putting tools into your hands that enable you to edit and re-edit your musical material without ever getting in your way. Insert or delete notes, change rhythms and durations, and Dorico will automatically ensure the music is always notated clearly and correctly.

One project, multiple movements
Dorico is the only scoring program with smart score preparation tools to intelligently handle multi-movement works. Each Dorico project can contain multiple flows, which could be separate movements, works, sketches, songs or anything else you need, with shared or independent instrumentation. Bring them together in any combination into layouts for conductor or performer.

Broad musical vocabulary
Dorico allows you to express your musical ideas with greater freedom than other scoring software. With superior support for modern techniques of composition — including complex tuplets, microtonality and more besides — and its unique approach to storing music in streams rather than bars which allows metrical freedom, it will help you to your end result faster, and with fewer workarounds.

Direct playback control
Produce natural-sounding playback with ease, using either the provided HALion Symphonic Orchestra library, or any VST 3-compatible virtual instrument. In Play mode, manipulate MIDI data directly, including continuous controllers, key switches and VST Expression.

Portable and scalable
Today’s composer has to be able to work anywhere at any time, and Dorico is ready to be taken with you wherever you go. Its simple, streamlined user interface fits comfortably on a single display on your laptop, with fast keyboard access to every feature, but also scales up to your studio setup with multiple monitors and other gear.

Always fast and responsive
However small your project starts and however large it ends up — from a simple song to a whole symphony, opera or show — Dorico’s performance will never slow you down. Designed to take advantage of today’s 64-bit multi-core CPUs, Dorico remains responsive even with the largest of projects.

Dorico for engravers, publishers and copyists

Today’s music engravers and publishers demand results that meet their exacting standards but with ever tightening deadlines and a drive for reducing costs. Dorico is the next-generation scoring software designed to provide beautiful results more quickly and efficiently than ever before, enabling you to get your publications finished to the standard you expect on time and on budget. 

No detail too small
Engravers and publishers have an eye for the smallest of details, and know that hundreds of fine points add up to more than the sum of their parts. Dorico is designed to emulate the finest traditions of music engraved by master craftsmen, producing beautifully balanced and proportioned output by default.

Superior spacing
Nothing affects the legibility of printed music more than rhythmic spacing and vertical placement of systems and staves. Superior horizontal and vertical spacing, including comprehensive collision avoidance, and unique kerning capabilities, make it faster to get to a great result.

Control where it counts
Behind Dorico’s automatic behavior is a powerful engine that provides multiple levels of control, from global project notation and engraving settings down to local, situational rules, right down to purely graphical tweaks in its dedicated Engrave mode. Once you have found the perfect combination, apply your settings to every new project, or create dedicated settings for each client or type of publication.

Dorico for teachers and students

As a student working to discover your own voice as a composer through an exploration of existing styles, genres and techniques, you need an adaptable and efficient tool at your fingertips to facilitate your musical development.
As a teacher producing assignments, arrangements for student ensembles or assessing submitted work, you need a tool that has the same sophisticated understanding of music that you do.

Mastering music theory
Using Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side, ensuring that your musical ideas are always expressed clearly and unambiguously, even as you make edits big or small to note durations, meter or tonality. Dorico’s rich-music model allows the use of compositional techniques that are outside the reach of other scoring software, putting fewer obstacles between idea and execution.

Perfect portability
Dorico runs beautifully on your laptop, and you can use it to capture a moment of inspiration or complete an assignment wherever you are. Its simple, streamlined user interface fits comfortably on a single display, with fast keyboard access to every feature, and no need for external keypads, MIDI devices or other hardware — ideal for student laptops.

Assignments and teaching materials
Teachers often need to produce assignments or hand-outs for their students, mixing music, text and graphics on the same page. Dorico’s powerful and flexible page layout features in Engrave mode make these complex layouts the work of moments, and easy to reuse and adapt in future projects.

Freedom and flexibility
Students pursuing modern techniques of composition — including open meter, complex tuplets, microtonality and more besides — often find their scoring software stands in the way of the communication of their musical ideas, requiring laborious workarounds. Dorico's rich support for modern notations and techniques provides a more direct route between your musical intention and the printed page than any other scoring application.

Great-sounding playback
Using Dorico’s playback features, teachers can quickly produce rehearsal recordings for student ensembles, and students can produce mock-ups of works in progress to help refine ideas before the music hits the stand. Built upon Steinberg’s high-performance audio engine and world-class virtual instruments, Dorico’s playback is easy to set up and easy to tweak.

Dorico for media musicians

Composers, orchestrators and copyists producing music for film, TV, games and other media are required to handle complex workflows involving multiple people, multiple applications, multiple file formats — and tight deadlines. With Dorico added to your toolbox, you will be able to handle an increasing number of steps in your workflow in a single application. 

Roll with the changes
When a new edit comes down with cuts or insertions, Dorico won’t break a sweat handling the details for you. Insert individual beats or bars, change bar number sequences, delete or insert barlines, rebar music into new meters and more besides. Dorico’s flexibility allows edits big and small to be made in an instant.

Import and export
Dorico can import and export MusicXML and MIDI files, so whether the job starts in the sequencer and ends in scoring software or vice versa, you can move music back and forth between applications with ease. When importing MusicXML, Dorico focuses purely on musical semantics, so there’s less unwanted formatting to undo after import, allowing you to get down to business right away.

Fast part preparation
Producing parts that allow session players to do their best work on the first take is a matter of hard-won experience — but Dorico can help you to produce parts that look exactly as they should in a fraction of the time with its powerful DTP-style page layout features, and extensive sets of options and rules to determine every aspect of the appearance of both score and parts.

MIDI editing and mock-ups
When the director needs to hear a mock-up or temp track, Dorico’s playback tools can take the strain. Handle complex changes of playing technique using VST Expression Maps, and manipulate MIDI events directly using the familiar piano roll editor. With a full set of effects and flexible audio routing, you can even mix directly in Dorico. When the time comes to take your project to the next stage, export MIDI to Cubase with every playing technique exported to its own track for easier mapping onto your existing template.

Use Sibelius? Top 5 reasons to get Dorico
Dorico comes from the original team who built Sibelius. Experience for yourself their vision for a new professional tool for producing beautiful scores.

  • Designed by the original core Sibelius development team, with the benefit of all their years of expertise. Experience their vision of how a next-generation scoring application should work, look and feel
  • No monthly subscription or annual plan required — buy the current version of Dorico and receive maintenance releases at no additional cost. You choose when you want to update to a future version, with simple, one-off upgrade pricing
  • Import in-progress projects into Dorico in MusicXML format, and continue to collaborate with other Sibelius users by exporting MusicXML files
  • Simple, streamlined user interface that fits comfortably on a single display, with fast keyboard access to every feature
  • Flexible input and editing, with superior handling of complex meters and tuplets, makes it quicker and easier to express your musical ideas

Use Finale? Top 5 reasons to get Dorico

Dorico is built from the ground up on a brand-new, solid technological foundation, with no legacy code. Experience for yourself a brand-new way of working with music notation.

  • State-of-the-art 64-bit technology and multi-core performance from brand-new code
  • The power and flexibility you demand, in a friendly, fast, modern and efficient package
  • Import in-progress projects into Dorico via MusicXML, and collaborate with other Finale users by importing and exporting MusicXML files
  • Superior horizontal music and vertical stave/system spacing, including comprehensive collision avoidance and unique kerning capabilities, producing beautiful results by default
  • Experience the high-performance, world-class Cubase audio engine, including support for VST 3 instruments and effects

System requirements and support

  • Mac OS X 10.11, El Capitan or macOS Sierra
  • Windows 64-bit Windows 10
  • Intel or AMD dual core CPU
  • 8 GB RAM recommended (4 GB minimum)
  • 12 GB free storage space
  • DVD-ROM drive for software installation using included optical media. Not needed if download version was purchased.
  • OS-compatible audio hardware
  • Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal product registration. Additional downloads may be required for installation.