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TAD Tubes Premium 5U4G The Big Bulb

5U4G Premium Selected fra Tube Amp Doctor

TAD Tubes Premium 5U4G The Big Bulb
Varenr.: 106999
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 470 inkl. mva. kr 376 eks. mva.
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The Big Bulb
Big bulb vintage rectifier tube, used in high-end audio amplifiers but also in modern recto-type amps, such as the Mesa Boogie Double/Triple Recitifer. It can replace the 5U4GB. Its tone is smoother than that of a solid state rectifier.

Substitute for the 5Z3P / 5Z3P-J or 5C3S rectifier tube like used in LABOGA Mr Hector Head.

Q: When does a tube become a Premium Selected tube?

A: All tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:

  • Plate Current (PC) and Amplification (TC)
  • Low Noise Test
  • Microphonic Test
  • Sonic Tests
  • Shock Tests
  • Listening Tests
  • Shorts & Leakage Tests

Tube Type: 5U4/5C3S/5Z3P/274B
Socket: Octal(8Pin)
Selection: Premium