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Taylor 322e 12-Fret - V-Class Bracing

Grand Concert med tropical Mahogany/Tasmanian Blackwood og ES2

Taylor 322e 12-Fret - V-Class Bracing
Varenr.: 114690
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 22 999 inkl. mva. kr 18 399 eks. mva.
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Taylor sin 322 12-fret er utstyrt med en litt kortere 24-7/8-tommers skalalengde og en reposisjonert bro som er plassert litt lengere bak på kroppen. Resultatet er en mer lettspilt gitar som gjør det enklere å bende strengene samt å danne akkorder. Tonaltsett produserer gitaren en overraskende fyldig og varm klang med masse sustain, til tross for den noe mindre kroppen. Blackwood i sarg og bunn skaper et sterkt mellomtone fokus med et lite dryss av topp-end, mens mahognany i toppen bidrar til å jevne ut den totale responsen. Andre karakteristiske funksjoner inkluderer en shaded edgeburst topp, en matt finish, diamond inlays, og Taylor ES2 pickupsystem.


  • Grand Concert kroppsform
  • Topp av Tropical Mahogany
  • Kropp av Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Expression System® 2 Electronics
  • Non-cutaway
  • Koffert inkludert
  • V-Class Bracing

På denne gitaren medfølger 2 stk gratis service i løpet av de første 12 mnd. Denne gitaren blir også klargjort og justert av våre gitarteknikere ved levering. Dette har en verdi på ca. kr 1.900,-  !!

Compact 12-fret Taylor with Exotic Tonewoods and V-Class Bracing
A Grand Concert body, short-scale neck, and exotic tonewood pairing give the 322e its signature Taylor playability and unique sound at a reduced size. The 322e’s mahogany top with V-Class bracing and Tasmanian blackwood body deliver a rich, open sound with punch, warmth, and a slow bloom that fingerstylists and delicate strummers are sure to appreciate, while the 24.875" scale length and 12-fret neck join give you effortless playability. The 322e comes loaded with Taylor Expression System 2 electronics to capture all the nuances of your playing when you’re plugged in onstage or tracking in the studio. Get the sweet blend of mahogany and Tasmanian blackwood in a compact and travel-friendly size with the Taylor 322e acoustic-electric guitar.

12-fret Grand Concert body style
For fingerstyle and tracking, guitar gurus favor Taylor’s Grand Concert body style, which gives you clarity and balanced tone that lends itself to layering with other instruments in thicker arrangements where a larger-bodied acoustic would take up too much sonic real estate. The 322e’s 12-fret neck join gives this instrument an easy, relaxed handfeel, while the shifted bridge location dials up midrange assertiveness. This guitar’s smaller Grand Concert body and tapered waist not only make it a great studio and stage guitar, but its short scale and lighter string tension also make it easier to play — perfect for younger players with small hands. It also makes for a more efficient design, in that the smaller body is inherently stronger, which enables it to be more lightly braced, making it easier to set the strings in motion.

A potent tonewood cocktail
In selecting the premium solid tonewoods for the 322e, Taylor went out of their way to bring something special to the party. With its strong midrange focus, Tasmanian blackwood, used for the back and sides, has a tonal profile resembling that of mahogany or koa — clear and dry, yet also warm — with an added splash of high-end shimmer and harmonic richness usually found in rosewood. A mahogany top adds a natural compression that helps produce beautifully balanced articulation across the tonal range. It all adds up to a highly musical tone that suits a variety of musical styles.

V-Class bracing: a sonic revelation
Bracing is the internal framework of an acoustic guitar that helps shape its sound. Although X-bracing has been standard in acoustic guitars for over a century, it creates an innate conflict between two key elements of a guitar’s sound: volume and sustain. The guitar’s top (its soundboard) contributes to both. The flexibility of the top generates volume (projection), while its stiffness generates sustain. And with X-braced guitar tops, here’s where the tradeoff comes in: When something is made stiffer, its flexibility is reduced (and vice versa). V-Class bracing changes all that.

With Taylor’s V-Class bracing, an acoustic guitar top can be both stiff and flexible — for more volume and sustain. V-Class bracing provides stiffness parallel to the strings for more rigidity and, hence, sustain. Flexibility on either side generates the air movement necessary for robust projection. It’s the best of both worlds. This groundbreaking innovation also improves intonation; not only producing notes that are louder and with longer sustain — but also more in tune with each other. V-Class bracing boosts volume evenly across the tonal spectrum, increases sustain, and improves the natural intonation of the instrument by creating a more synergistic response from the soundboard. This fosters a more harmonious relationship between the notes you play, helping chords to ring out in cohesive splendor. Pick up a Taylor with V-Class bracing and experience it for yourself.

Cutting-edge Taylor Expression System 2 electronics
The 322e’s tonewood combo delivers a smooth balance of power, articulation, and sustain — and with Taylor’s onboard Expression System 2 electronics, all that rich tonal character is allowed to bloom without any bottom-end murkiness. The key to this sophisticated system is the 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the saddle. Because of where it’s positioned and how it’s integrated into the guitar’s saddle, the ES2 pickup provides you with remarkably clear and accurate sound. In addition to a master volume control, a pair of tone controls lets you tweak your highs and lows to get the sound you need, and a discreet polarity switch offers vital onboard feedback suppression.


  • Solid tropical mahogany top, solid Tasmanian blackwood back and sides, satin finish
  • V-Class top bracing; black & white binding, 3-ring rosette
  • Tropical mahogany neck, standard profile, satin finish
  • Ebony fingerboard, 15" radius, 18 frets, diamond inlays
  • 24.875" scale length; 1.75" TUSQ nut
  • West African ebony bridge, pins; Micarta saddle
  • Expression System 2 electronics
  • Taylor slotted tuners with satin black buttons
  • Dual-action truss rod, headstock access
  • Quality crafted in the USA