Taylor Hygro-Thermometer,Big Digit

Hygro-Thermometer som viser deg riktig luftfuktighet i rommet
Taylor Fretboard Conditioner

Taylor Fretboard Conditioner

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Taylor Hygro-Thermometer som viser deg riktig luftfuktighet  i rommet der du har dine gitarer. Det anbefales for gitarer at det er fra 40-60% fuktighet. Er det under dette så kan treverket tørke inn og skade gitaren. En fint viktig verktøy fra Taylor. Viser temperaturen i fahrenheit og celsius.

Keep the Room Comfortable for Your Guitar
Keep your guitars happy and healthy with the Taylor Hygro-Thermometer. This handy device monitors the humidity and temperature of your room so you can keep it optimized for your valuable instruments. Guitars like humidity levels of around 45-55%, and by maintaining proper levels you'll keep your guitar safe from cracking, swelling, checking, and more. You can mount the unit on the wall or use the built-in tilt stand to set it on a shelf or desk. We know that keeping your guitar properly humidified is extremely important, and we're positive the Taylor Hygro-Thermometer can help you achieve that goal. The large LCD display is easy to read and displays both temperature and humidity levels simultaneously. Protect your instruments by keeping humidity levels in check with the Taylor Hygro-Thermometer.


  • Keep your guitars safe by knowing and controlling the humidity of your room
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Includes wall-mount bracket and built-in tilt stand