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Toontrack Latin Percussion EZX

Ekspansjons pakke til EZdrummer

Toontrack Latin Percussion EZX
Varenr.: 100623
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 559 inkl. mva. kr 447 eks. mva.
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En stor oppsetting slagverks-instrumenter innspillt og produsert for å tilføre det lille ekstra av krydder til hvilken inspilling som helst. Trommeslageren på Latin Percussion EZX, Mikael Emsing, har spillt inn et stort utvalg lyd og MIDI bibliotek som kan høres på en rekke hits verden over.

NB!  Ingen frakt kommer i tilegg på dette produktet hvis du velger "kun serie nummer" i kassen når du velger frakt og betaler med kort. Du får da tilsendt serie nummer og download link på mail.

The Latin Percussion EZX® for EZdrummer® contains the percussion sounds from the revolutionary, award winning pro drum sampler, dfh Superior(legacy product) from Toontrack® Music. The EZX® includes MIDI files that will add that extra groove on top of your steady drumtrack.

Percussionist Mikael Emsing on the recordings:
”I was excited when Toontrack® asked me to collaborate on this product. Most of the work Ive done in the studio and live have not been traditional Latin or African music, but rather Rock, Pop or Jazz-type sessions. Most of the sampling libraries Ive come across however, have been geared more towards traditional Ethnic music. I felt there was a need for a sample library with sounds adapted to these situations.

I´ve spent years studying traditional music, but also spent an equal amount of time trying to get some sort of "signature" sound, a sound that works live as well as in the studio, a sound that has some soul to it and I wanted to be sure that came through on the sampled sounds. Much to my satisfaction the guys from Toontrack shared my vision and from the get-go we planned and recorded everything with this in mind. I also wanted a wide variety of sounds and through the generous help of MEINL Percussion we have been able to provide the vital instruments for making recordings in the aforementioned genres. All the instruments were recorded in different sizes and materials. From large to small, from wood to fiberglass etc. Carrying this DVD around will be a lot easier than lugging all those instruments around (thank god for cartage services by the way...). Time to get the groove going.”

Latin Percussion EZX® - product details

• MEINL Afuche
• LP Afuche

• Rhythm Tech Cans Light Shaker
• MEINL Small Shaker
• MEINL 8 Shake Small
• MEINL Apple Shaker
• MEINL Lemon Shaker
• MEINL Medium2 Shaker
• LP Shake It
• MEINL Pear Shaker
• MEINL StootEgg Shaker
• MEINL SmallEgg Shaker
• MEINL SmallerEgg Shaker
• MEINL Large Shaker
• MEINL Medium Shaker
• MEINL 8 Shake Large
• LP Gold Big

• MEINL Caxixi
• MEINL small Caxixi
• Custom Caxixi

• MEINL plastic maracas
• LP skin maracas
• MEINL/LP mix maracas

Bongo 1:
• MEINL Collection series
• MEINL fibercraft

Bongo 2:
• MEINL Collection series
• MEINL fibercraft

• MEINL small cowbell
• MEINL realplayer cowbell
• MEINL realplayer steel big cowbell
• LP small cowbell
• MEINL mambo cowbell
• LP salsa cowbell

Cymbal 1:
• Emsing custom crash
• 20" PAISTE full crash
• 10" MEINL BYZANCE splash

Cymbal 2:
• 16" MEINL BYZANCE thin crash
• 16" SABIAN medium thin crash
• 6" MEINL BYZANCE splash

• 8" ZILDJIAN A Custom Splash
• 8" MEINL BYZANCE splash

• Cajon

• MEINL Barchimes
• Pelle Hjelmers big chimes
• Mini chimes

Conga 1:
• MEINL woodcraft
• MEINL fibercraft
• MEINL wood professional

Conga 2:
• MEINL woodcraft
• MEINL fibercraft
• MEINL wood professional

• Bells
• Small bells

• Crickets

• MEINL mini guiro
• MEINL large guiro
• LP large guiro

• MEINL timbale high
• MEINL timbale low

• Emsing custom
• MEINL wood - 2 row nickel
• LP classic gold with dimples
• MEINL gold singel row - wood
• MEINL red 2 rows
• MEINL 2 row gold
• MEINL wood - 2 row gold
• MEINL 2 row mounted
• LP classic mounted
• Dadi merry IV
• Pearl PTM10

• MEINL small triangle
• MEINL big triangle
• MEINL medium triangle
• Rhythm Tech triangle


• MEINL Vibraslap
• LP Vibraslap

• MEINL agogo
• MEINL large + small

• MEINL shekere

• Waterfall


Windows XP, PIII/Athlon 1,8GHz with 512 MB of RAM
Mac OS X 10.4, G4 1GHz with 512 MB of RAM

1  GB free hard disc space, DVD drive, A working EZdrummer® or Superior Drummer® 2.0 installation