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Meinl FX10 Pedal Stompbox

Trampepedal med 10 innebygde lyder

Meinl FX10 Pedal Stompbox
Varenr.: 108885
Lagerstatus: På lager
kr 2 045 inkl. mva. kr 1 636 eks. mva.
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Trampeboks med 10 forskjellige lyder innbygd.
The MEINL FX Pedal features 10 different sound options that you can add to your beat. Cycle through the effects with a touch of the toe button. It’s a whole percussion kit in a box!


  • Microprocessor controls
  • 10 different sound options
  • Sound select button
  • Stereo/Mono output
  • Made by Shadow


Oak (Quercus (robur) pedunculata) and steel box

Hook and loop fastener with spikes
International power converter

Sound FX
0 - Kick Bass
1 - Cyber Kick
2 - Tribal Bass
3 - Straight Tambourine
4 - Double Tambourine
5 - Clave
6 - Hand Clap
7 - Dry Cowbell
8 - Straight Cabasa
9 - Double Cabasa

The Meinl FX Pedal is an electronic accessory that allows players to choose from 10 different percussion samples that can be added to any music, especially with acoustic cajon or percussion set ups

10 different sound options: Kick Bass, Cyber Kick, Tribal Bass, Straight Tambourine, Double Tambourine, Clave, Hand Clap, Dry Cowbell, Straight Cabasa, Double Cabasa

The pedal board features microprocessor controls, stereo/mono output, and sound select button
Ideal for acoustic use especially with a cajon, you can effortlessly add an array of sounds to your playing while keeping your hands free to play different patterns

Guitarists and singer/songwriters will also find the Meinl FX pedal useful in adding a touch of percussion to their playing

Cycle through the effects with a touch of the toe button while keeping time, and give your playing some fun and interesting accents!