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Vovox Mucolink Direct S8 DB25-DB25 2m

2 meter - 8 linjer DB25-DB25 (Tascam) i ultra kvalitet

Vovox Mucolink Direct S8 DB25-DB25 2m
Varenr.: 104545
Lagerstatus: Best. vare
kr 4 995 inkl. mva. kr 3 996 eks. mva.
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Analog multipair cable without shielding for use in high-end recording studios. It combines 8 balanced channels offering uncompromising sound quality and is therefore non-shielded. A small risk of interference must be taken into consideration. In recording studios this risk is limited and in most cases not critical. For live recording the shielded version VOVOX® mucolink protect S8 is recommended.

  • single solid core conductor for signal and ground
  • silver-plated, oxygen-free copper conductors
  • pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers
  • non-shielded

VOVOX® Sonorus Muco combines eight balanced, non-shielded channels to a multi-pair cable in the most uncompromising way. If the result wasn't that convincing, we wouldn't produce this special cable: The assembling is truly intricate and demands a lot of experience. This is an example of excellent Swiss craftsmanship for perfect sound quality in recording and mastering studios.


  • Single solid core conductors for signal and ground
  • Conductors made of the purest available copper
  • Netting of natural fibers around every single conductor wire
  • Pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers

Highest quality conductor materials
The selection of the right conductor material is crucial for the sound. The basis of all VOVOX® Sonorus cables are solid-core conductors made from ultra-pure copper. Each wire is covered by a netting of natural fibers. This prevents from so called triboelectric noise and further enhances sound quality.

Ultra-pure polymers
VOVOX® Sonorus sound conductors are covered with high-tech polymers. Although plastics are not directly involved in the signal transmission, they do have an effect on the sound quality. VOVOX® doesn't use any PVC. Only ultra-pure plastics without plasticizers are used. Even the use of color pigments is almost completely avoided.

Additional conductor for ground
The conductors within a cable must fulfill several functions. The shield has the main function of protecting the signal conductor from interference. In most cables, the shield is also used as the return signal conductor. VOVOX® consequently separates these functions. This may be a more complex construction, yet it results clearly in better sound quality.

Arrangement of conductors
Current induces magnetic fields in any conductor. If the distance between two conductors is too small, interactions and interferences are created. The result is an audible loss of sound quality. As a result, we arrange the conductors in a well-defined, large distance.

Flexibility and durability in spite of solid core conductors
To offer maximum sound quality, VOVOX is strictly using solid core and not stranded wires. In order to keep the cables flexible and durable, they are designed in a unique way. Every conductor is separately coated with a polymer jacketing to form a lead. The various leads are helical stranded and covered by a flexible netting. Due to this construction the wires remain in the neutral axis when flexing the cable. Like this it is possible to prevent the wires from critical compression or tension, they are only smoothly bent.

VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, is lead-free.

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